VESTA Housing Solutions, LLC, a premier provider of temporary and permanent housing, has been awarded a contract for Rio Tinto’s Holden Mine Cleanup Project.  In partnership with ESS Support Services Worldwide (a division of Compass Group) and Aries Building Systems, the facility will be used to house and feed workers in the remote and logistically challenging Holden Village – a former mine on Lake Chelan, Washington.

The Holden Mine Cleanup Project is a $200+ million effort to remediate and address issues with a heavy metal mine that ceased operations during the late 1950s.  The mine cleanup is led by RioTinto and is necessary to prevent future water and soil contamination. “We are extremely excited to be working with RioTinto, one of the world’s largest mining groups, and our partners, ESS Support Services Worldwide, and Aries, in providing a quality and safe facility for the workers” said VESTA COO Billy Hall.

The Holden Mine housing project is unique in that it involved the combination of several companies in order to provide the right solution on an incredibly tight timeframe.  “The temporary housing market is constantly evolving and, with the current economic environment, we are seeing more opportunities to partner with other providers to give customers the best solution for their needs,” said VESTA CEO Dan McMurtrie.  VESTA is currently working on several other similar partnering opportunities nationwide.

“We are very pleased to be able to work in partnership with VESTA Housing Solutions to provide high-quality food service and a healthy lifestyle environment for the Holden Village,” said Michael Hachey, president, ESS Support Services Canada. “By providing all of the amenities needed, we are confident in our ability to create a sense of community for miners who are often a long way from home and rotating in and out of their work environment.”

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