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VESTA was formed in 2014 with a goal of providing customers a single point of contact for all their modular building needs. Since its inception, VESTA has been named one of the fastest growing companies in America and become the go-to modular building provider for many of the nation’s largest corporations.

At VESTA, we rent thousands of modular buildings from our nationwide fleet to customers across North America in a wide variety of sectors (education, construction, institutional, medical, disaster response, storage, energy, remote housing, and many more). In addition to leasing space, VESTA is an industry leader in providing design, manufacturing, and delivering a turnkey modular construction product in some of the most challenging places on the globe.

Our team has years of experience in both manufacturing and site completion which allows us to truly understand the full modular building process. VESTA brings a professional approach and unique perspective to its projects utilizing a greener, faster, and smarter way of building. THINKING BEYOND THE BOX is the motto we live by – see how VESTA can complete your project faster than you ever thought possible.

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