Modular Buildings Provider BD Modular Solutions Joins VESTA Modular in New Acquisition

In June of 2021, VESTA Modular completed its acquisition of BD Modular Solutions. An emerging and quickly growing modular market leader in the Southwest, BD Modular is based in Dallas, Texas, and was founded in 2016.

With the acquisition of BD sales, employees and inventory, Southfield, Michigan-based VESTA Modular aims to bolster its expansion into western states and better serve its customers. All BD Modular employees will join VESTA, and existing BD customers will enjoy a seamless transition as VESTA Modular completes the latest phase of its expansion.

Working under the VESTA banner, the two companies will continue to sell and lease government, industrial, emergency, educational and commercial modular buildings.

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The Best in Government, Educational and Commercial Modular Buildings

Shortly after VESTA Modular was founded in 2014, it began competing with BD Modular Solutions to be the leading provider of modular solutions of all kinds, from government and educational buildings to commercial modular buildings. Both companies emerged as leaders in the industry, with BD sales dominating regions west of the Mississippi River and VESTA dominating more eastern regions.

Acquiring one of our most impressive competitors means that regional competition no longer needs to exist — now, VESTA can serve customers in every region by providing world-class modular buildings, construction and logistics.

More Modular Buildings for Sale and Lease

The acquisition of BD Modular Solutions allowed VESTA Modular to add around 350 modular units to its existing fleet of more than 4,000 institutional and commercial modular buildings. With this added leasing capacity and a newfound ability to supplement its Dallas branch, VESTA is looking forward to providing modular buildings for sale across many industries throughout the Southwest and West.

Modular Classrooms for Sale

Adding new units to VESTA’s fleet allows the company to better serve clients in the education sector. As schools reopen from pandemic closures and school overcrowding becomes an increasingly difficult issue to resolve, VESTA believes that its modular classrooms for sale provide an excellent solution for elementary, middle and high schools, as well as colleges and universities.

Portable Office Buildings for Sale

The United States workforce is constantly in flux, and many companies need the flexibility and cost-effectiveness that modular buildings provide in order to stay competitive. VESTA Modular aims to meet that need with its portable office buildings for sale. Capitalizing on the newfound strength in our for-lease fleet and a better ability to serve customers farther west, we expect sustained growth in the commercial office space portion of our modular offerings.

Temporary Buildings for Sale

While educational and commercial modular buildings make up a significant portion of the industries we serve, VESTA is in a better position than ever to serve customers in almost any industry that could benefit from modular temporary buildings for sale. The construction, retail, government, military, industrial and medical industries can all benefit from modular solutions, and we are here to provide those solutions.

VESTA and BD Modular: A Win for Customers

The acquisition of BD Modular Solutions was a strategic step in VESTA’s long-term plan to expand and bring modular buildings further into the mainstream. With the benefit of BD sales, inventory and infrastructure, VESTA can now better support customers as they seek modular building solutions.

For the teams at VESTA and BD, this all means an adjustment period and an upcoming phase of exciting growth. For customers of both companies, this means better service and wider inventory. We’re looking forward to more growth ahead.

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