Beyond the Box Modular Furniture, Accessories & More

VESTA Modular is known for supplying incredible modular buildings to a variety of industries. We’re proud to take our customer service a step further by providing all of the modular furnishings and accessories your company could need. 

By bundling your building with furnishings and accessories, you can save time and money that would be spent on researching and shopping at numerous other vendors, allowing you to get to work as soon as your building is installed. Our team of experts will help you professionally design a building plan to meet your needs, giving you a space that is functional and stylish from the inside out.


VESTA's - Beyond The Box

Products and Services allow you to be ready on Day 1.
Focus on what you do best and let us do the rest.


Furniture &

Desks & Workstations


Storage & Filing

Appliances & Electronics


Modular Steps & Stairs

Prefab Buildings Ramps

Prefab Decks

Prefabricated Canopy Systems

Technology &

Premium Security




Waste Holding Tanks

Water Holding Tanks

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers


Beverage Solutions

Air Filtration Systems

Office Cleaning Service

Why VESTA Modular?

You have a specialty, whether it is running a construction business, healthcare clinic, or managing a classroom. VESTA provides comprehensive space solutions, saving you time and money so you can do more of what you do best. 

We can utilize our national relationships and buying power to offer discounted products and services you need, all under one simple bill. Save yourself the hassle that comes with accumulating accessories, and explore our vast array of furnishing options today.

Frequenty Asked Questions

All of our turnkey furnishings and accessories come at different costs, but our team can certainly customize a solution to meet your requirements and budget.

Yes—our modular furniture does not need to be purchased and is available for lease.

We offer both. Furniture and accessories available for rental have been slightly used, while our furnishings and accessories for sale can come new or be refurbished.

Yes! We offer bundling and products a la carte to suit your needs.

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