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A Buyer’s Guide to Remote Logistics Housing

remote logistics

Supplying materials to a remote location can be a challenge, especially when you need to adhere to a strict timeline and budget. You need a remote logistics provider who has the expertise to appropriately plan for the challenging landscapes and other unique demands of outlying areas. The provider you choose needs to be capable of overseeing transportation by whatever means necessary, whether that’s by truck, train, barge, or ocean freighter.

VESTA Modular has the expertise that you are looking for. Our traveling work crews have project management experience navigating the obstacles that come with remote locations. Below are some of VESTA’s previous projects that display our ability to deliver your modular building project exactly when and where you need it.

Remote Apartments on a Man-Made Island

When MSC Cruise Lines needed to quickly construct modular apartment buildings on a man-made island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, VESTA Modular was up for the challenge. We were able to use our trusted partners to manufacture the necessary 80 modules in less than 90 days. After manufacturing, VESTA handled transportation of the modules from the factory to the port, and then from the port to Ocean Cay, Bahamas.

Once onsite in the Bahamas, VESTA completed many of the tasks associated with the construction of the 47,000 square feet of apartments, including installation of the modules and completing the finishes onsite such as siding, roofing, decks, and stairs. The entire project was completed in less than 10 months, and passengers aboard the cruise ships were able to utilize these units as a day-stop destination.

Caribbean Refinery Project Required Various Modes of Transportation and Remote Logistics Specialists

Limetree Bay Terminals decided to restart refining operations at its facility in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. They needed a remote logistics company who could relocate approximately 400,000 square feet of remote accommodation facilities from Canada to St. Croix. VESTA completed the task by leveraging trucking, rail, and ocean freight to transport the modular units. In addition to sleeping rooms in the dorm wings, we also delivered over 40,000 square feet of common area space. This space included a lounge, recreation room, gym, laundry facility, administration office, and a full-service commercial kitchen and dining area.

Remote Logistics Project in the Cascade Mountains

Our customer, Rio Tinto, was in desperate need of a quick and cost-effective remote logistics solution to providing modular housing and dining for workers. Rio Tinto needed to quickly deploy labor forces to perform a $200+ million mine cleanup effort to prevent future water and soil contamination at Lake Chelan, Washington. The possible contamination resulted from heavy metal mining efforts that occurred more than 60 years prior.

Rio Tinto already had housing for the labor force, but it was in North Dakota, so they called upon VESTA to handle moving the units to the remote location in Washington. We successfully removed 23 modules from the North Dakota site, transported them to the dock at Lake Chelan, then hauled them by boat to the final location before completing installation on-site. Using our experience and expertise, this remote modular project was completed in only 60 days.

Hotel Built in Arctic Circle

Jacobs Engineering needed to replace its aging dorm facility in the Arctic Circle so they called upon VESTA Modular to manage the project. Due to the remote nature of this location, we made sure to pay special attention to the design of the modules. 

VESTA made sure to provide the utmost comfort for workers using the modular dorms. The modules were designed with premium insulation to be as energy-efficient as possible. We were able to work with their suppliers to provide material savings due to the size of the order, and we designed the size of the modules to reduce pilot car costs during transportation. VESTA was able to successfully deliver the most advanced accommodation facility on Alaska’s North Slope.

Luxury Resort Villages in Virgin Gorda

What do you do when you need to construct luxury villas on a private island only accessible by boat or helicopter? You call the experts at VESTA Modular, of course! After encountering a hurricane and damage of infrastructure across the island of Virgin Gorda, Victor International needed help constructing one of their luxury resorts quickly. VESTA was up to the task.

We handled all aspects of this project, starting with the design, engineering, and manufacturing of the modules. We then transported the modules from the factory to the port and finally to the remote site on the island. After the final installation of the villas was completed, vacationers quickly flocked to one of the most prestigious modular resorts in the world thanks to VESTA’s ability to deliver.

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