Beyond the Box: Modular Furniture, Accessories & More

Interior Office

VESTA Modular is known for supplying incredible modular buildings to a variety of industries. We’re proud to take our customer service a step further by providing all of the modular furnishings and accessories your company could need. 

When you rent or purchase a modular building from VESTA, you get access to our full catalog of turnkey furniture solutions for all of your temporary or permanent space needs, including:

  • Furniture and accessories
  • Accessibility features
  • Technology upgrades
  • Sanitation assistance 
  • Concierge services

By bundling your building with furnishings and accessories, you can save time and money that would be spent on researching and shopping at numerous other vendors, allowing you to get to work as soon as your building is installed. Our team of experts will help you professionally design a building plan to meet your needs, giving you a space that is functional and stylish from the inside out.


Office Furniture & Accessories

Get down to business immediately by bundling your new modular office building or classroom with any and all necessary furniture and accessories. We offer a variety of high-quality office products to choose from. You can get a fully furnished modular office for lease or purchase by choosing from one of our:

Office Desks

Arguably the most important aspect of an office: the desk. You’ll be spending a lot of time here, but you don’t have to spend a lot of time finding the perfect desk for your space—we’ve done it for you. 

Whether stationary or sit to stand fits your work style best, our beautiful high-pressure laminate desk lines will give you both optimal functionality and style, elevating your work environment.

Office Workstations

Is your company rapidly growing, requiring you to maximize your space? We’re here to help. Allow our professional space planners to design an open plan featuring workstations or hoteling/touchdown spaces, optimizing the number of employees able to comfortably work in your modular building.

Office Conference Solutions

Rectangular, circular, boardroom-sized, mobile, or folding, our line of matching office tables are great for conferences, training, break rooms, and more. We have sizes and styles to suit your needs and budget. We also provide other conference room accessories, such as whiteboards and TV monitors.

Office Seating

An ergonomic chair is critical to a successful and productive workday. Give your team a comfortable place to settle in and buckle down with our variety of office chairs. They come in different heights and materials, ensuring you do not have to compromise on any of your must-haves. From leather to mesh back to task chairs to guest seating, we have it all.

Office Movable Walls

Need some dedicated space rather than relying on a noisy open-concept floorpan? VESTA Modular offers office cubicles as well as movable walls. Decide on the layout that works best for you and your team.

Office Storage & Filing

A reliable and aesthetic storage system is key to keeping an office tidy, organized, and welcoming, both for staff and customers. We offer complete storage options that come in a range of sizes, including file cabinets, bookcases, lockers, and industrial shelving, ensuring your office is ready to go from the moment it is placed on your property.

Miscellaneous Office Products

VESTA offers a full line of office products, accessories, appliances, and unique services, including:

  • Refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • Coffee and water equipment
  • Folding tables
  • Stackable chairs
  • Room dividers
  • Branded signage

Running a business is complicated, and we know you have a lot of decisions to make. We want to make setting up your space even easier. From your physical building to the daily amenities you will enjoy, let us take care of every detail for you. 

School & Classroom Furniture

Furnish your new modular classroom with high-quality desks, chairs, and more.

Student & Teacher Desks

Customize your classroom space with student desks that fit your class’s age demographic. Whether you want attached cubbies or easy cord management, we have the right desks for your class. Invest in the best for teachers by giving them a large, functional teaching desk with plenty of storage.

Student & Teacher Chairs

It’s hard to study if you’re uncomfortable. Luckily, VESTA’s student and teacher chairs provide just enough comfort to help students focus on their work, not unnecessary aches and pains. We also offer office chairs for teachers, allowing them to grade papers and keep the class in line from a comfortable seat.

Classroom Storage

Need extra shelving for books, backpacks, or craft supplies? VESTA Modular offers storage, lockers and filing cabinets for educators.

Workforce Housing Furniture


Furnish your dormitory or workforce housing by purchasing beds in bulk from VESTA Modular. We provide quality beds at a fair price for your new modular dorm or multi-unit housing.

Home Furnishings

It takes a lot to make a living space feel cozy and welcoming. From curtains to lamps to kitchen tables to sofas to nightstands, VESTA Modular can help you furnish your modular dormitory or multi-unit housing so it truly feels like home.

Construction Trailer Furniture


Want to make your temporary jobsite trailer more functional? Add a refrigerator, microwave, or other appliances to your construction trailer with VESTA.


Focus on the job at hand by outfitting your construction trailer with built-in WiFi, TV monitors, and other electronics necessary to help see the big picture.

Accessibility for Your Modular Building

It is incredibly easy to make modular buildings of all kinds more accessible and visible with our modular add-ons. We provide a few different kinds of outdoor accessories to customize your space:

  • Stairs, ramps, and decks: Make it easier for people of all abilities to be easily welcomed into your space with our aluminum stairs and ADA modular ramps. Ask us about custom options—we can create custom wood stairs, ramps, and decks for your project.
  • Canopies and Signage:: Add some extra pizazz to your project with an eye-catching sign or a colorful, protective canopy. We have a wide range of options for both awnings and custom signage options that can proudly feature your company logo.

Technology Upgrades

Revolutionize your office space with modular electrical accessories and technology upgrades. 

  • Premium security: Need additional security devices or protection like cameras, keypads, screens, or high-security locks? Ask us about our premium security services.

Sanitation Assistance

Provide a safe, healthy work environment for employees and consumers with VESTA’s sanitation services, such as:

  • Holding tanks: Keep your modular building up to code with quality holding tanks.
  • Water/waste: VESTA Modular can help ensure you take care of your water/waste needs safely and effectively.
  • Automatic hand sanitizer stations: Encourage a healthier work environment with automatic hand sanitizer dispensers. Protect both employees and customers with this free, easy method of community sanitation.

Concierge Service

Live a life of luxury with our concierge services, with top-of-the-line products such as:

  • Coffee service: Provide coffee and water amenities for your staff. Enjoy regular deliveries of delicious coffee products, ensuring your team stays alert and on task.
  • Mats: Whether you need an entry mat to knock snow off your boots or a chair mat to roll with ease, we have mats for your every need. Plus, you can even get mats with your company logo on them.
  • Air filtration system (VESTA Air): Cleaner air keeps building inhabitants healthier. Provide more peace of mind to your staff, students, congregation, or clients with our modular building air filtration system, which removes 99% of airborne viruses by purifying the air several times an hour.
  • Cleaning service: From high-touch-area disinfecting to restroom cleaning and sanitization to general cleaning, we offer top-of-the-line cleaning services to ensure your environment remains safe and healthy.
    • Janitorial office cleaning supplies: Provide the necessary cleaning products for routine maintenance with our janitorial office cleaning supplies.
  • Trash removal: Never worry about taking the trash and recycling out again with our convenient trash removal service.
  • Maintenance: Let VESTA worry about routine maintenance and the occasional quick fix.
  • Sound masking: Positive acoustical design can benefit everyone by increasing workspace efficiency while reducing the most common complaint in our modern workspaces: distractions.

Who Needs Modular Furniture & Related Accessories?

Our turkey furniture and accessories are applicable for all of the industries we serve. 

Modular School Accessories

Our modular school buildings can come fully stocked with everything your staff and students need to thrive. From easily accessible exterior stairs, ramps, and awnings to state-of-the-art classroom furniture, desks, and visual boards, we provide all the accessories so you can focus less on stocking and shopping and more on your lesson plans. 

Modular Office Furniture & Add-on Products

Customize your modular office to fit your company. We can add stairs, ADA-compliant ramps, all of your office furniture, sound masking to prevent distractions, COVID protection, mat rentals and cleaning services, water & coffee equipment rentals and supplies—you name it, we can add it. 

Modular Healthcare Accessories

By utilizing our turnkey furniture solutions, your modular healthcare facility can be completed upon arrival, making you one step closer to welcoming patients and providing services. 

Explore our office furnishings for administrative buildings, medical bedding, stairs and ramps, sound masking, COVID protection, and water & coffee equipment rentals and supplies (if anyone needs lots of coffee, it’s healthcare workers). We are happy to help you help others. 

Modular Church Add-on Products

A custom modular church is a cost-efficient space solution that will provide a place for your congregation to gather for years and years to come. Take the next step toward your dream place of worship with our add-on products, including office furnishings, stairs and ramps, sound masking, COVID protection, and water & coffee equipment rentals and supplies.

Modular Construction Accessories

The construction business is busy and full of decisions making. Save your energy for your own projects, and let us take care of your modular construction office. Choose between a variety of stairs, ramps, office furniture, security measures like window bars, sound masking to create a more calming environment, COVID protection, mat rentals and cleaning services, and water & coffee equipment rentals and supplies.

Add-on Products for Disaster Relief & Response

In times of disaster response, you do not want to be worrying about not having the proper equipment to provide aid. Free yourself up for relief projects by pre-filling your disaster relief modular buildings with our help. We can provide office and residential furnishings, medical bedding, stairs and ramps, sound masking, COVID protection, and more.

Modular Government & Military Add-on Products

You have a lot on your hands, and we can help by providing not only a durable government use modular building, but also all the necessary furnishings. Choose from many kinds of office and residential furnishings, stairs and ramps, sound masking, and COVID protection. Whatever you need can be achieved—reach out today to learn more.

Why VESTA Modular?

You have a specialty, whether it is running a construction business, healthcare clinic, or managing a classroom. VESTA provides comprehensive space solutions, saving you time and money so you can do more of what you do best. 

We can utilize our national relationships and buying power to offer discounted products and services you need, all under one simple bill. Save yourself the hassle that comes with accumulating accessories, and explore our vast array of furnishing options today.

Get a Free Quote

Whether you’re purchasing a new school building or leasing a temporary office space, you will need reliable, attractive furnishing to complete your project. Simplify the process by allowing us to provide it all. 

Send us a message today to receive a free estimate on your project or to learn more about our turnkey furnishings and modular building accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do These Products Cost?

All of our turnkey furnishings and accessories come at different costs, but our team can certainly customize a solution to meet your requirements and budget.

Can I Lease Modular Furniture & Related Accessories?

Yes—our modular furniture does not need to be purchased and is available for lease.

Are These Modular Furniture Products & Accessories Available New or Used?

We offer both. Furniture and accessories available for rental have been slightly used, while our furnishings and accessories for sale can come new or be refurbished.

Are These Products Available in a Bundle or Package?

Yes! We offer bundling and products a la carte to suit your needs.

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