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Buyer’s Guide to Customized Modular Classrooms

Modular classrooms

Schools and universities frequently need to add classroom space. This could be due to a sudden increase in student enrollment, construction, or to enhance the layout of your educational campus. VESTA Modular is ready to provide modular classrooms to meet your needs by providing you with our turnkey services.

Modular classrooms are often a great solution because they provide a flexible and cost-effective solution to space requirements. Not only are they cost effective, but often times, due to our indoor construction warehouse, shipping experience, and easy setup process, modular classrooms are quicker to build  and customize than conventional classroom buildings. Our classrooms are also able to be moved and constructed based on each school’s needs making them an excellent temporary or permanent solution.

Temporary Modular Classrooms

VESTA’s temporary modular classrooms provide additional educational space to students and educators when they need it most. These classrooms are intended for short-term use and can be delivered and set up in a short amount of time for a fraction of the cost. This gives educational administrators the ability to spend their resources appropriately and better utilize their budgets. Vesta Modular provides this service to schools, colleges, universities, and training facilities across the nation.

Permanent Modular Classrooms

VESTA has the experience you are looking for when constructing permanent classroom space as well. We have built over 1 million square feet of classrooms for our customers across North America. Our cutting-edge designs can incorporate green, sustainable, and LEED certified buildings. Our permanent structures are often constructed from different materials than our temporary structures to ensure the quality needed to sustain a long and healthy life for your modular classroom building.

Ann Arbor Public Schools

When Ann Arbor Public Schools began experiencing huge growth, they quickly ran into a problem with classroom space as many of their facilities were maxed out. Their school system added 600 new students for the 2018-2019 school year, and they had to ensure that their facilities could handle this large population change.

VESTA added a total of 16 new floors between two different school sites for the Ann Arbor school district. These additions totaled 16,576 square feet and included modular classrooms, restrooms, offices, janitorial closets, and IT closets. The project was delivered on time and within budget so that the schools were ready to serve their students.

Genesee STEM Academy

Genesee STEM Academy was in a bind when it needed space to accommodate an influx of new students within just a few months. Genesee needed both a temporary and a permanent solution to this problem. The school turned to VESTA Modular for help.

First, VESTA was able to quickly provide the school with a temporary solution from its available fleet. These temporary classrooms met the need during the design, engineering, and manufacturing of the permanent addition of 14 more classrooms.

We also built out the permanent addition at the school, consisting of large classrooms, including science and technology classrooms, and restroom facilities for over 200 students and faculty. VESTA handled the site-built construction of the connecting link that adjoins the existing facility to the new classrooms. The full project was completed in less than one semester.

International Montessori Academy

The International Montessori Academy (IMA) in Atlanta, Georgia had a new cohort of students set to enter the school in May 2018. With only 90 days and not enough classroom space for the new students, VESTA Modular was equipped for the challenge.

VESTA handled the project from start to finish, including the design of the modular classrooms and the installation on-site. The project was finished with time to spare in less than 90 days, and IMA saw no disruption to its students or faculty. IMA trusted VESTA to come through, and that is exactly what we did.

Reborn Christian Academy

Reborn Christian Academy in Kissimmee, Florida needed additional classroom space. The academy originally thought that it needed 10 modular classrooms at 24’ x 36’ each. VESTA Modular was ready to help. VESTA performed a site visit with the pastor and our modular site experts recommended a slightly different configuration.

By utilizing VESTA’s recommendation, the academy was able to increase security and lower its costs. VESTA limited the number of electrical connections, ramps, and entrances to provide a solution that better fit the needs of Reborn Christian Academy and its pastor. In total, the project was more than 10,000 square feet across 13 buildings.

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