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VESTA & Casata: Building Better Communities With Micro Homes

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What may have started as an intriguing subculture has quickly blossomed into a global movement. People are building, buying and converting micro homes all across the United States and even the world. The appeal of a minimalist lifestyle is relevant for everyone from remote-work professionals to young families. As access to micro homes increases, specialty housing and micro home communities are popping up in urban, suburban and rural areas. 


VESTA Micro Homes

VESTA is a modular construction company and modular building provider for all types of products: temporary homes, modular classrooms, shipping container offices, storage containers and specialty buildings. We have successfully leased and sold temporary housing complexes around the world. In partnership with Casata, we are taking this provision to a whole new level – micro home communities. 


Casata Micro Home Communities

Casata is creating new living experiences as it develops advanced micro home communities in cities across the United States. Independent micro homes are the best of both worlds: residents get the solitude of a separate home as well as easy access to like-minded neighbors. When placed in a residential environment, VESTA’s modular housing techniques can become the latest in must-have micro homes.

Casata micro homes

Casata micro homes can very easily be permanent solutions in established neighborhoods. When they are contextualized this way, residents can enjoy all the perks of a thriving neighborhood, the joy of living green and the freedom of a low-cost lifestyle. Many related eco-friendly life choices, such as smart homes/cars, are often supported by micro home communities as well. These include things like: 

  • Car charging stations
  • Convenient locations, close to bus stops
  • A hub for electric bikes and/or bike sharing 
  • State of the art, energy-conscious solutions

Whatever an individual community can offer, these areas often carry the general ethos and philosophy of doing good and living clean.


The Benefits of a Micro Home Community

While micro homes appeal to people of all ages, many are millennials or younger. The more traditional options for people in their twenties have been apartments, townhouses and other rentals. Comparatively, a micro home community can provide some superior features, such as:

  • Cutting edge tech connections
  • Shared work spaces and amenities
  • Recreational areas
  • No shared walls, ceilings or floors
  • Outdoor living
  • A patio and porch 
  • Sleek, professionally designed homes
  • Natural and engineered finishes

Many micro homes will come equipped with smart home technology. This could include app-integrated features like lock, light and thermostat control. 

Micro home communities can also offer unparalleled opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint and make the earth happy. The environmentally conscious micro homes conceived by Casata and delivered/installed by VESTA will be built with all of the best energy star certified products, temperature regulators and physical elements that can reduce carbon consumption and energy use.


Micro Home Community Features: Culture & Vibe

Casata micro living

Many planned micro home neighborhoods are rich in culture, drawing artists, professionals, and creative thinkers together. This can create a fun-filled environment in which to connect, share and enjoy life.

Living close to people you like is a huge way to get in on the micro home vibe. In active micro home developments, residents will get to enjoy all types of unique community events, including things like:

  • Cooking classes
  • Guest lectures
  • Guest artists
  • Training classes for pets
  • Interest groups and clubs
  • Exercise clubs

There may be recreational spaces, open green areas and more ways to connect with other residents whose interests you share.


VESTA’s Modular Housing Projects in Addition to Micro Homes

Modular space solutions are one of our specialties. We strive to create unique spaces that feel warm and comfortable. This is made possible by our highly customizable modular buildings available for purchase or lease. What follows are some illustrations of how VESTA has used modular buildings to make a difference in communities around the world.


Remote Apartments and Townhomes

Working with MSC Cruise Line in Ocean Cay, VESTA helped construct 80 off-site modules. These were used to create three-story apartment buildings and two-story executive townhomes for those working on the manmade island. The team at VESTA designed, engineered, manufactured, transported and installed all of the modulars that resulted in comfortable living spaces. In addition to the logistics, the complete finishes, look and accessories (ramps, decks, steps, siding, roofing) were installed to complete the project.

ocean cay micro living

Learn more about the Ocean Cay project here.


Affordable Housing

In Atlanta, Georgia, VESTA partnered with a developer called Place Properties on the Mason C project. The Atlanta Initiative was launched with the intent to provide affordable housing solutions in an historic neighborhood to the west of downtown Atlanta. Having worked with Urban Infill before, VESTA provided turnkey modular housing. These homes were built and completed within a month to offer affordable housing to residents in the area.

affordable housing, modular construction

Learn more about the Mason C project here.


Modular Workforce Housing Solutions

VESTA frequently provides modular workforce specialty housing for clients. These housing solutions can be customized to suit any type of industry and may either be permanent or temporary. This is an easy and affordable way to create a community on-site. We also provide larger units to accommodate whole families. These homes, or portable dormitories, are prefabricated and can be transported anywhere in the U.S., the Caribbean and in some parts of Canada.

workforce modular housing, micro living

Learn more about the Limetree Bay Village project here.


The Future of Micro Home Living

VESTA is proud to be on the cutting edge of the micro living movement. Tech-savvy, cost-conscious, environmentally minded people recognize the immense value of a home like this. We have developed modular homes for years and are eager to see this vision for building high-value micro homes continue. If you are interested in learning more about micro homes, contact the team at VESTA today.

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