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Commercial Construction to get your Customers in the Door Faster

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Let’s talk about VESTA Modular, the commercial construction company. While a good portion of our webpages and our blog posts have focused on our on-demand, mobile buildings, a significant amount of the work we do is in large-scale building construction for private companies.

So let’s take a look at what we mean when we say that we do commercial construction. And then let’s discuss what that means for us in terms of our specified industry, aka modular construction.


What is Commercial Construction?

Simply put, commercial construction is the process of designing and building spaces to be either sold or leased within the private sector. Commercially constructed buildings often include spaces such as offices, hospitals, some lodging facilities, athletic structures, and restaurants.

As you can imagine, this involves construction projects at all scales. From small-scale construction projects that often involve giving an existing building a bit of a facelift and tidying, to large-scale, custom office buildings or retail shops, to shopping malls, factory buildings, or multi-story skyscrapers.


Medium-Scale and Large-Scale Commercial Construction Projects

When it comes to modular construction, most of our projects are considered either medium-scale or large-scale projects. 


Medium-Scale Construction

Medium-scale construction sometimes refers to the upgrading and adding on to already existing buildings. For example, our design-build construction team might assemble an additional 8 or 12 room wing for an office or school building. 

This is still quite an extensive scale project, but the existing building gives us general guidelines in terms of size, exterior materials to be used, and amenities to be included in our building or assembly phase of construction.


Large-Scale Construction

Large-scale construction projects are most often what we take on. For a project on this scale, we’re often starting with a blank canvas or we’ll adapt to a certain style associated with other buildings in your area or on your campus.

This involves a team that is experienced, highly organized with a specialty in logistics management, and a significant amount of communication with all parties who are invested in the project. That means assembling the contractors at exactly the time that they’re necessary, bringing the appropriate modules and arranging for the cranes to lift them into place, and making sure the real estate developer and business owners are all in the loop.


Examples of Large-Scale Construction buildings include:

  • High Rise Office Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Condos
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Warehouses
  • Energy Sector Buildings


The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Construction

We technically work within both residential and commercial construction but with an asterisk next to the residential side. Residential construction is the assembly of buildings that are meant to be lived in by individuals or families, while commercial construction is, as stated above, the construction of buildings meant for private businesses to utilize.

The asterisk is that while we do assemble large-scale residential or lodging projects, we’re not the company to contact if you’d like a single modular home. We do execute residential construction projects such as workforce housing, island vacation villas, and affordable housing projects.

Resort room with a balconyOcean view resort


Public Works Construction vs Commercial Construction

Call us ambitious, but we also participate in public works projects. This means that we often work with schools to build entirely new school buildings, individual classrooms, or wings onto school buildings. Additionally, we work with multiple government agencies and the military to build their office complexes or barracks as well.


Commercial Modular Construction



Animation of construction on a building


So now you’re probably wondering what commercial modular construction means in terms of a building process and how it differs from site-built commercial construction.

In the grand scheme of things, commercial modular construction follows the same major steps involved in construction.

  • Collaboration and Development
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Installation/Finish
  • Start Utilizing Your New Building


Development Stage

In the development state, a commercial construction company like ours will work with you to establish what the scope of the project really is. We do this by working directly with you to better understand your business needs, potential obstacles, make recommendations for the customer or worker experience as well as identify cost and energy savings. This will give us a good indication of what your building needs to have and the general cost of your commercial construction project.


Design Work

After this our team can go to work designing all your new buildings. This includes drawings, 3D renderings, and any other necessary visualizations to help every party involved better understand and execute the construction of your building.



At this point you will start to see the difference when it comes to modular construction vs site-built construction. Where your traditional construction project will need to prepare the construction site, and then begin assembling your building, modular construction allows for both processes to start at the same time.

Modular construction utilizes an off-site building process in which we construct your customized commercial building in individual components or modules. These components are built in a factory-like setting for efficiency, and to control for environmental quality. Since the building is being built elsewhere, we can simultaneously complete the necessary site preparation.



Once all the modules are completed, our logistics team will transport them to the site where we can begin installing and welding all the modular units together. 

The units in place are then finished with your requested roofing style and materials, siding, decking, utility connections are made, furniture is brought in, and we hand over the keys.


Start Utilizing Your New Building

One of the biggest assets to investing in commercial construction with a modular building company like ours, is that modular construction is often completed quicker than site built construction. In some cases, we see timelines cut by as much as 50% depending on the scope of the project. 

What this means for our clients, their employees, and their customers is that you can begin utilizing and making money on your space more quickly.


Why Businesses Choose Modular for Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial construction is about quality, speed, and customization. Three things that we can deliver on.


Quality Control On Your Commercial Buildings

Utilizing a modular building process requires the same permitting and approval process as site-built commercial construction. It also means abiding by the same local regulations and zoning requirements. 

Our buildings are built to last a lifetime or more if they’re maintained like any other building. Oftentimes a modular unit is constructed of more materials than that of a site-built one, adding to the stability.

Additionally, since the buildings are assembled in a controlled environment, you can rest assured that there won’t be weather damaged materials, or humidity issues from trapped moisture during the construction process.


To learn more about the entire modular process, check out our detailed post about modular construction.


Faster Build Time

We won’t cover it in too much detail as we touched on it above, but the process allows for us to assemble and install your building much quicker than a traditional, site-built construction company. While modular construction may or may not be more affordable, getting your return on your investment quicker makes modular commercial construction much more attractive to most of our clients.


Custom Commercial Construction

Our buildings can be just as customized as that of any other construction type. While we attempt to build as efficiently as possible within the modular format, your building can have any of the amenities, shapes, roof styles, window types, colors, and siding materials that you like.

Building a commercial building with modular does not mean that you’re sacrificing style or creativity.


Have a Commercial Building Project that You Would Like to Talk To Us About?

If you have questions about our commercial construction offerings and want to learn more, contact us, today or select “request a quote” and one of our experts will contact you soon!

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