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Why You Should Lease Storage Containers for Your Construction Site

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Modular construction is much more than trendy housing and inventive building projects. In fact, before modular buildings became the hottest trend in planning, construction sites were using storage container solutions to solve some common worksite problems. When it comes to construction containers for your job site, it may surprise you to learn about all the amazing benefits that come from the typical 8 ft. x 20 ft. and 8 ft. x 40 ft. ISO containers. Read on to learn more.

Are you looking for flexible and reliable worksite solutions for your construction project? Whether you’re hunting for mobile offices or custom workforce housing, Vesta Modular has the solutions you need to get the job done. Reach out today, at 817-663-8527, to get started.


5 Benefits of Utilizing Construction Site Storage Containers

You can do so much with flexible 8 ft. x 20 ft. or 8 ft. x 40 ft. storage containers and container offices, so it’s a no-brainer to see these solutions pop up on job sites across the globe. A construction site can be a real headache to manage. Be it tools needing protection from the elements, workers needing a place to rest or extra storage space for materials, you can easily turn an efficient site into a mess if you don’t keep up with organization.

So how do construction storage containers and container office solutions solve these problems? What benefits can you expect from using construction containers on your job site?


1. Save Time and Money with Construction Containers

The modular construction industry is expected to catapult to a whopping $108 billion market size in 2025. Driving that growth is modular efficiency, cost-effectiveness and flexibility. For job sites, cutting costs and improving efficiency is the key to keeping the project moving on time and on budget. That’s why if you step on a worksite today, you’ll most likely see storage containers and onground offices in use.

While implementing storage container or container office solutions for your job site has many benefits, one that shines is the savings on freight costs. With modular storage, you can store more materials on-site. More materials on-site means savings on freight and allows for deeper discounts for buying in larger quantities. Additionally, storage containers or container offices can be placed directly on any flat surface at the jobsite, ensuring setup happens in an instant with little to no need for operational downtime.


shipping containers for storage2. Keeping Materials and Tools Safe

Unfortunately, keeping materials and equipment safe during non-working hours is a struggle for any construction company. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) estimates total losses for equipment theft annually to be between $300 million to $1 billion. It’s no surprise that construction theft seems to be one of the biggest job site threats facing contractors.

Having construction storage containers on-site means that workers can easily store tools and materials and only have access during work hours. Afterward, workers can lock up containers for protection overnight and during off-days. With 16-gauge steel walls, thieves would have quite a time trying to break in and get a hold of your equipment.


VESTA Construction Container at Construction Site

3. Staying On-Site with Construction Site Container Offices

No matter what type of job site you have, chances are that you’ll need workspaces for your project managers, conferencing and general areas for meetings so teams can review plans. In these situations, 8 ft. x 20 ft.and 8 ft. x 40 ft. container offices and combination containers or office storage units can offer a lot in terms of usability and flexibility.

Moreover, construction site container offices can match many of your customization needs. Adding built-in desks, plan tables and barred windows for extra security are among some of the options you might find useful when planning your custom worksite solution.


4. Breakroom for Any Job Site

Keeping up with worker morale can be a challenge in certain environments. As much as we’d all like to only work in calm climates and dry areas, that’s just not the case. Having on-site break rooms for workers can help provide the kind of morale boost that jumpstarts motivation and productivity.

Utilizing air conditioned container offices through Vesta Modular means you can offer your workers more amenities like climate-controlled break rooms to get out of the heat. At the end of the day, your workforce is your most valuable asset, so why not prioritize them?


inside a shipping container office5. Flexible Options that Change with Your Project

Even the best-laid plans can unravel when it comes time to get things done. One of the most attractive parts of utilizing storage containers and container office units on your job site is how easily you can relocate them as your projects progress.

Are you looking for more storage? Well, it might be time to rent more construction containers. Adding to your management team and need extra offices? Well, not only can construction site container office solutions solve your space issues, but the construction container and modular building delivery process is painless and easy. Working with an experienced name in modular construction, like the team at Vesta Modular, means you’ve got access to extra container solutions when you need them most.


Who Should Use Construction Containers?

As you can imagine, many different trades can benefit from modular buildings and construction both on-site and off. If you need to keep materials and equipment safe from theft and the elements, construction containers can provide the exact solution you need. You can even store heavy equipment like generators and compressors safely and securely in construction container storage. Here are a few trades that can benefit from modular buildings:

  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Masonry
  • Electrical

As long as you’ve got heavy tools and materials that need a place to call home, modular buildings can help. Moving heavy equipment like forklifts to and from the job site can be a significant drain on your resources. Each trip wastes time, money and fuel. So if this is part of your daily operations, you can benefit from construction containers. It’s a simple solution that cuts costs and provides a lot of convenience to your worksite. 


Looking for Construction Container Solutions for Your Site?

Construction containers can serve many purposes. From offices to storage, the versatility of construction containers means you can get exactly what you need quickly and without breaking the bank.

If you’re on the hunt for construction container rentals or more customized modular construction solutions, Vesta Modular can provide the products and services you need to get your worksite organized and safe. Contact us today to get help with your next modular building project.

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