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VESTA Modular’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Featured on FOX 2 Detroit and 760 WJR News and Talk Radio

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DETROIT, March 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – VESTA Modular (the nation’s fastest growing provider of temporary and permanent modular buildings), was recently featured by two Detroit media outlets. The coverage focused on VESTA’s modular emergency response capabilities and efforts as hospitals become overwhelmed due to COVID-19.  VESTA Modular has modular buildings currently being considered for quarantine beds, clinics, or office/administrative space.  These units are ready to go, quickly transported, set up on site and easily disassembled and removed from site once the need is over.

VESTA Modular’s work was featured in Fox 2 Detroit on March 24, 2020 highlighting the temporary solution of their 3,000 modular units and how they can help in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Modular buildings are a practical solution that can be retrofitted or customized to help solve increased and changing space needs during times like this.  From temporary isolation facilities and hospital beds to administrative offices and quarantine units, VESTA Modular says they can provide what is necessary at any location to help respond to the virus.

“The advantage of the modular buildings is that it’s a temporary solution, so we are hoping to get through it quickly and we are here to help,” said VESTA Modular COO Billy Hall.

As guests on 760 WJR’s Frank Beckmann show on March 25, 2020, VESTA Modular CEO Daniel McMurtrie and COO Billy Hall spoke about the company’s long history of supporting disaster response with modular space.

“We usually specialize in circumstances where speed is an issue, and so disaster responses are often … where that is important. We will mobilize our existing buildings that are sitting vacant across the country, and take them to the site of disaster to try and house or provide space for people who are affected,” said McMurtrie.

Built to be assembled like LEGOs, easily transported by road travel, and assembled within a day’s notice, modular units can be used to create whatever size space is needed on incredibly tight timeframes. With this unique ability, VESTA Modular’s employees are embracing their opportunity to step in and support communities during this time.

“At times like this, we feel like we are in a good position to help others who aren’t as fortunate,” said Hall.

For more information about VESTA Modular’s emergency response capabilities, please visit the VESTA Modular website.

About VESTA Modular

VESTA Modular (VESTA) is a leader in modular building sales and leasing – offering turnkey permanent and temporary modular buildings for sale or lease across North America. The company was named the fastest growing Construction Company in America by INC. 500.  VESTA brings a professional approach and unique perspective to its projects utilizing a greener, faster, and smarter way of building. The company leases modular buildings nationwide to customers needing additional space in the educational, hospitality, multi-family, assisted living, institutional, Government, healthcare, workforce housing, office, disaster recovery and storage industries. The company also performs turnkey permanent modular construction projects everywhere from major metropolitan centers to some of the most remote places on earth. Consider VESTA for your future space needs and learn how we are always THINKING BEYOND THE BOX. For more information about VESTA Modular, please visit our modular building homepage.

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