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10 Creative Modular Construction Projects You Have to See to Believe

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Modular construction is the perfect solution to meet the creative demands of your most unique projects. Schools, restaurants and housing for the less fortunate are only a few of the many takes on what can be done with modular. With infinite possibilities, contractors are working together to deliver creative projects utilizing this non-traditional, effective mode of construction.

Read on to discover some one-of-a-kind modular construction projects VESTA Modular has completed that you won’t want to miss.

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1. Homeless Housing at the Hilda L. Solis First Village


VESTA Modular builds Vignes modular homeless shelter


An estimated 553,000 homeless Americans are searching for shelter in this country. Housing those men, women and families has always been a struggle for cities and urban areas. Modular construction has presented some unique solutions to this issue, and one project is leading the way to transform homeless housing.

The Vignes Complex, now named the Hilda L. Solis First Village, is a 232-bed project aiming to make a dent in the housing needs of L.A.’s growing homeless population. The project shows how we can utilize modular construction for urban housing and may transform the way we approach homeless housing in the U.S.

What the Vignes Complex proves is that modular construction can be both fast and cost-effective. Built in five months, the project uses shipping containers paired with traditional construction to provide interim and permanent housing. The Vignes Complex has cut thousands of dollars in costs relative to traditional homeless housing.


affordable housing solution, modular construction


2. Wayne State Athletics Modular Press Box


modular press box design


Some projects are simply made for modular construction. Alongside football fields and soccer pitches around the world are press boxes constructed to house press, coaches and fans. And these press boxes are perfect candidates for modular construction.

VESTA Modular builds modular press boxes to clients’ exact specifications. The team worked with Wayne State University Athletics to build a two-story 2,180 square foot press box including four modular sections. 

The first floor houses a large press room with kitchenette, the president’s suite with a private restroom and kitchenette, and the home radio room. The second floor houses the home and away coaches’ viewing rooms, filming room with rolling coil doors, the athletic director’s suite, a filming area, an accessible restroom, a storage room, and an electrical closet.  

The modules were installed in one day, and the press box was opened one week later following the utility connections and finish work.


3. Domino’s Pizza Modular Quick Serve Restaurant


modular restaurant, creative modular project


When working with a brand as iconic as Domino’s, providing a modular construction solution to franchising came with unique constraints. But VESTA Modular met Domino’s demands for aesthetic consistency, affordability and time efficiency.

The partnership birthed a whole new approach to modular restaurants. With most electrical and plumbing work done at the warehouse, Domino’s modular restaurant adds a new level of convenience to opening a franchise. 


4. Modular Micro Homes with Casata


What is a micro home?


Casata is on a mission to transform how we think about small living. The vision to marry modern housing, vibrant communities and public green spaces revolves around modular construction.

Micro homes built using shipping containers and other modular units are a masterful balance of minimalist living and luxury. Floor plans can cater to single professionals and young families, and you can customize homes to fit your specific needs.

What makes Casata so unique is its approach to community. The team focuses on not only housing like minds but nurturing connections through neighborhood events. The aim is to develop a neighborhood built on ideals of sustainability and community strength. VESTA Modular tackled these demands to create a truly unique living experience.


5. Oil Nut Bay Resort


modular resort construction project


You might not think to utter the words luxury and modular construction in the same breath. But the Oil Nut Bay Resort is the exact kind of project that can change the paradigms surrounding the shipping container construction movement.

Housed in the beautiful Virgin Gorda, the Oil Nut Bay Resort features four extravagant private villas, all built via modular construction. The team at VESTA Modular has plenty of experience working in remote locations like this isolated Caribbean island. The Oil Nut Bay project shows the type of comfort and extravagance modular construction can provide.


6. Alaska Arctic Oilfield Hotel


creative modular design building


It doesn’t get much more isolated than Alaska’s North Slope. Here, you can find one of VESTA Modular’s most exotic projects: the Alaska Oilfield Hotel.

The hotel’s 452 rooms rest inside the Arctic Circle, where temperatures can drop to -39 degrees Fahrenheit. The project presented some interesting challenges. Between the environmental constraints and the extra construction considerations needed to cater to oilfield workers, VESTA Modular provided a custom modular building in the small town of Deadhorse, Alaska.


7. A COVID-19 Isolation Space


temporary dormitory buildings for social distancing


COVID-19 dealt the world a new set of challenges. One issue we had to grapple with was finding space for proper isolation measures. With tight timelines and an ever-changing situation, VESTA Modular provided the University of Richmond the isolation space they needed to get students back to class.

The university wanted more than space; they wanted students to feel as comfortable as they did in their dorms. This meant including single-occupancy spaces with bathrooms, showers, microwaves and mini-fridges. With only 60 days to get the project done, VESTA Modular successfully executed this creative and important task.


8. Modular Workforce Housing on Ocean Cay



modular workforce housing project


MSC Cruises came to VESTA Modular with a unique project — one that was exotic even when compared to VESTA’s diverse portfolio.

MSC has a vision for an exclusive private island populated with luxury modular apartments. Turning the former sand mine into a beautiful beachfront was MSC’s first challenge. The next hurdle was designing and building the luxury accommodations. MSC trusted the VESTA Modular team to execute a daring manufacturing plan for the island’s buildings.

Now, the inviting sands of Ocean Cay feature three apartment buildings with 132 units and multiple executive townhomes. VESTA Modular handled the design, manufacturing, transportation and installation of all the modular buildings on the island.


9. Revitalizing a Historic Atlanta Neighborhood With Modular Housing


affordable housing design, modular construction


Urban developers constantly have to balance affordable housing with modern luxury. Creating homes that both look good and don’t break the bank is especially important in historic revitalization.

Partnering with Invest Atlanta and Place Properties, VESTA Modular developed turnkey modular homes that were both affordable and high-quality. Built and finished in under 30 days, these homes now provide a much-needed cost-effective housing solution for the Westside Neighborhood of Downtown Atlanta.


10. A Modular Elementary School


How modular classrooms solve overcrowding in schools


Modular construction for education certainly isn’t anything new. Modular provides a fast and cost-efficient solution to permanent and temporary school space.

When the Ann Arbor Public School System faced years of exponential growth, finding proper teaching space for all the students became an issue. VESTA Modular met the growing demands by designing and installing over 16,000 square feet of modular space.

The space included room for administration offices, restrooms and new classrooms. In true VESTA Modular style, our team completed the project on time and on budget.


4 Modular Projects the VESTA Team Loves

While not completed by our team, these are four projects that inspire us to continue designing and building innovative modular solutions.


1. New York City Goes Modular


modular apartment building, creative modular construction project

In the summer of 2016, the world’s tallest modular building at 32 stories high was completed at 461 Dean Street in Brooklyn, NY. Once the building’s apartment modules were completed at a factory located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, they were transported to the development site and essentially stacked one on top of another into a high-rise building. 

Excitement about modular construction in New York abounds with new projects under development.


2. Puma’s Flexible Container in the Retail Space


shipping container retail space


24 shipping containers are retrofitted and transformed into a transportable retail building, able to travel around the world.

The building can be fully dismounted and travels on a cargo ship with sail boats; being assembled and disassembled a number of times once it reaches the different international harbors. Conceived as a three level stack of containers, shifted to create internal outdoor spaces, large overhangs and terraces, it is branded with the super-graphic logo of the company.

Puma City takes full advantage of the global shipping network already in place. At 11,000 square feet of space, it is the first container building of its scale to be truly mobile, designed to respond to all of the architectural challenges of a building of its kind, including international building code, dramatic climate changes, plug-in electrical and HVAC systems and ease of assembly and operations.


shipping container apartments

3. Standout Shipping Container Apartments in León, Mexico

The architect sought to create an architecturally adventurous apartment building. To Mario Plasencia, the architect Menduett hired, shipping containers offered a way to keep costs down, to build sustainably with recycled materials, and to use an unexpected construction method. “The containers helped us get noticed,” Plasencia says. “Bringing people out of their comfort zone is a challenge. Everything here is built with the same materials, colors, and shapes.”

Finding the 36 containers needed to complete the eight apartments—a number determined by the number of parking spaces that could fit on the lot—proved difficult. Plasencia scoured many of Mexico’s ports to get them. He repainted each container in its original hue, creating a prismatic exterior. Most of the interior walls were covered with plaster panels for insulation and acoustics—“but it was important to leave one container wall exposed,” Plasencia says, “to preserve that sense of texture.” 


4. Modular World Cup Stadium in Qatar


Qatar world cup stadium, modular construction project


Completed in 2020, the Ras Abu Aboud Stadium has a bold and innovative design concept, never seen in a FIFA World Cup venue before. Built using modular building blocks, it combines tournament experience and legacy planning in a revolutionary way to create a truly unique venue. This will be the first-ever moveable and reusable FIFA World Cup stadium as well.

Challenged with creating a venue that offers world-class atmosphere and fan experience as well as unrivalled legacy benefits, FIFA broke the stadium down into conceptual ‘building blocks’ and created a new design concept never seen at a mega-event before. The modular building blocks Ras Abu Aboud Stadium consists of are modified shipping containers, each containing fundamental stadium elements that can be quickly assembled and disassembled at various locations as required, all in pursuit of the SC’s mission to ensure the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar leaves a lasting legacy for the country, the region and the world. 

Ras Abu Aboud’s modular design also means construction of the venue will require fewer materials, create less waste and reduce the carbon footprint of the building process, all while reducing the time taken to build the stadium to as little as three years. Thanks to this sustainable approach to the stadium’s construction.


Have Your Own Modular Construction Project? Call VESTA Modular

Whatever your project might be, creative construction using modular can offer solutions without stressing timelines or budgets. At VESTA Modular, we provide full-service modular general contracting services to meet any demands.

From building arctic hotels or providing housing solutions for the homeless, we’ve done it all. If you are interested in using modular construction for your next project, reach out online to chat with a team member today.

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