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A Buyer’s Guide To Custom Storage Solutions

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Storage spaces are key to running a smooth business operation: not only does the space house your goods, but it also allows for efficient inventory management. 

As the nature of each business varies, so do their storage needs—and every organization requires a highly specialized and customized space to meet their requirements.

Custom warehouses—especially modular—are becoming increasingly popular solutions for the complex and extensive storage needs of growing businesses. With custom spaces, you can tailor the floor plans and choose the walls, floor, roof and accessories, such as doors, windows, ceiling panels, and the like to meet your needs. 

In short, modular construction allows businesses to easily adapt, convert, expand or relocate their storage as needed. Here’s a complete buyer’s guide to custom storage solutions. 

Choose the Building Material

Nobody knows your business needs and specifications better than you, and the choice of material can be heavily dependent on these factors.

For example, if you’re deciding whether to create a steel or Quonset hut warehouse, understand the benefits and drawbacks of each material before investing in it.

While steel buildings will allow simple bolt construction that saves time and leaves room for future expansion, they come with higher upfront costs. Despite their metal framework, these also require concrete foundation and piers which can be costly.

Quonset warehouses are not only cheaper, but they’re also quicker to build than steel buildings. However, designs that involve this material are more sensitive to harsh weather conditions, and can only be built with sloped walls, which greatly reduce the area and make future expansion difficult. 

Wall Systems for Greater Flexibility

With a custom storage space, businesses can also choose their required wall system.

For this, it’s important to consider the upfront costs and evaluate the long-term benefits. In simple terms, your wall system should provide structural integrity to your enclosure, while also allowing future alterations.

Going with a modular wall system makes your building attractive, easy to wire and assemble, and convenient to relocate.

Check For Warranty

Regardless of how reliable your builder is and the durability of your material, it’s important to consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Before you select a provider, check the types of warranty they offer and how long it covers your warehouse building and accessories.

Specifically, ask them if they provide:

  • Paint warranty
  • Roof warranty
  • Structural warranty

Additional Costs

Some companies may charge you additional costs aside from what goes into building your warehouse. These can be an unnecessary drain on your finances. Before you sign the contract, it’s a good idea to comb through the services that are included by the manufacturer without additional costs. Try to avoid paying extra for things like material transportation or the services of a project coordinator. 

VESTA Modular is one of the pioneers in modular manufacturing and offers comprehensive prefabricated solutions. With us, you don’t need to worry about structural integrity or the quality of your storage space.  

Meeting consumer needs is our first priority and to achieve this, we offer flexible financing options and a quality assurance system. 

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