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A Buyer’s Guide To Modular Office Buildings

Modular Office Building

From shaping your company culture to creating a brand, your business needs a dedicated office space. However, with the increasing price of commercial land and the cost of construction, most businesses are unable to find a suitable space that’s within their budget. This is where Modular Construction comes into play. While there are various reasons to invest in a modular office building, there are also multiple considerations that determine the overall cost of the project. Below, find your buyer’s guide to modular office buildings. 

Why Invest In A Modular Office Building?

Whether you’re a newly-funded startup looking to save cash, or an established organization that needs to expand – modular construction has many benefits. You should consider a modular office building if: 

You Need An Office – ASAP!

Do you need to accommodate new team members within a tight deadline? Or maybe you need to assemble a workspace as quickly as possible?  Unaffected by weather conditions, the shorter construction timeline of modular buildings will ensure that you have an office in roughly half the time.

You’re On A Tight Budget

The cost of a conventional office building can reach up to $150 per square foot. For businesses that are unable or unwilling to invest so much capital, the cost can certainly be a deterrent. With modular construction, you can buy an office building at a much lower cost, with prices per square foot starting at $35. 

You Require A Temporary Space

Whether you’re remodeling your office or only need an office space for a short period of time, a modular building allows you to proceed with business as usual without any disruptions. With the ability to be removed and transported, you and your team won’t be left without an office or stuck in a lengthy lease agreement.

How Much Will A Modular Office Building Cost?

There are multiple variables to consider when determining the cost of a building project. Here are some of the most important questions to ask yourself: 

How Luxurious Do You Want It To Be?

Typically, modular buildings cost less than their conventional counterparts, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t stylish. However, factors such as extensive HVAC systems, carpeted floors, and expensive materials for construction impact the final cost of the structure.  For high-end modular offices, the cost-per-square-foot can exceed $200.

How Big Do You Need Your Office to Be?

Consider how many employees you have and how much office equipment you want to fit inside your modular office. The size of your office will have a direct impact on its price tag—the bigger you go, the more it will cost you. 

Where Will Your Office Be Located?

When talking about modular buildings, construction is only half the project. An important aspect of the final price is the location of your office. The further away the modular building factory is from the site, the more its transportation is bound to cost you. Additionally, it’s important to factor in the price of the vacant land where the building is going to be placed. Investing in an office building is a big decision, especially for SMBs. Modular construction allows such businesses to move forward with their plans with a cost-effective, safe, and eco-friendly solution in place. 


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