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How Much Will a Modular Office Building Cost? A Buyer’s Guide

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Modular buildings have a reputation for affordability. The reduced cost of modular office construction is a draw for many companies from various industries, including construction, manufacturing, education, government, healthcare, and more. Despite knowing about the cost savings, many business owners are curious about exactly how much a modular office building costs. Learn what factors influence a modular office building’s cost and how you can make the right choices when buying a modular building. 

Factors of a Modular Office Building’s Cost

The cost of a modular office building varies by state, but modular office construction from VESTA costs an average of about $125 per square foot (not including delivery, installation, or site work). In comparison to the average commercial building construction cost of $490 per square foot, commercial modular buildings are a spectacular deal. However, this average can vary greatly depending on several factors that should be considered when shopping for a modular office building. 


Many modular construction companies, such as our team at VESTA Modular, will work with customers to offer them customized office buildings. Customers can create a unique floor plan to suit their needs and select their preferences for colors and building materials. Customers forgo most customization options when leasing used modular office buildings, but they pay a lower price. 

Companies can create custom modular office buildings with their choice of private rooms, bathrooms, lounge areas, and amenities. If you know some of your employees require a sound-masked private office to maintain their focus, while others prefer an open workspace to chat and collaborate with coworkers, you can design your floor plan accordingly around those needs and give each employee adequate space for success. 


The size of your modular office building will influence the cost. There are double wide and single wide office trailers and office complexes for sale. Large modular office buildings will result in a higher price. Modular offices can be constructed to be 400 square feet or more, and they can easily be expanded by adding more units. If your company expands or hires more employees, the ability to expand through using modular is a major benefit.

Material Quality

As with traditional construction, the materials used in modular office construction impact the overall price. Some materials are more expensive than others, with wood, steel, and cement being among the most common. Opting for a wood-framed modular office is a cost-effective method of constructing a modular building, but steel is often considered stronger and more durable. Additionally, the types of finishing you select for various parts of your building, such as the floor covering, exterior siding, or door hardware, will affect cost.


The modular construction process isn’t the only thing that will be factored into the price of your modular office. The geographic location of your office will also determine the price. You can place modular buildings on leased or purchased land, and the property taxes you pay each year will vary depending on location.

Buying from a Modular Construction Company

Check Portfolios

It’s important to review a company’s comprehensive portfolio of projects and any case studies they have available. Looking at these projects will show you what their construction team is capable of creating and could inspire ideas to implement in your own customized modular office building. 

Search Reviews 

If you want to find reliable information about the quality of a company, look at their reviews. Impressed customers are the ultimate testament to superb customer service and building techniques. In addition to checking the reviews on their website, check every review platform available, from Yelp to their Google Business Profile. 

Research Prices

After figuring out the type of modular office building they want, customers should look into the costs of a handful of companies to make sure the price estimate is reasonable. Be sure to reach out to companies that offer a free quote. If the price is either too expensive or suspiciously cheap compared to other companies, it should raise some concerns and call for further investigation. Remember, you typically get what you pay for. VESTA offers a free preliminary quote, so you have a good idea of the cost before you commit.

Ask About Warranties

Buying or leasing modular office buildings is a serious commitment. Ask the company you’re interested in if they can protect your purchase with a warranty or similar legal assurance of quality. At VESTA Modular, we have a one-year manufacturer warranty on new office buildings. 

Purchase Your Modular Office Building from VESTA

Our modern modular office buildings for sale are built using today’s innovative construction techniques. Browse our inventory of modular office buildings, or reach out to us for an estimate on the custom office building project you have in mind. Buying a modular office building can be a rather involved process, but we’re here to answer any questions you may have. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Modular Office Buildings Be Built in Different Styles?

Custom modular office buildings can be created in nearly any style you desire. We’ve created modern modular office buildings with chic and upscale designs that blend into cities, as well as minimalist buildings for rural locales. The interior and exterior design of a modular office impact the price, so keep in mind that elaborate design customizations will be reflected in the final cost.

Is the Modular Office Building Market Expected to Grow?

Traditional property values are expected to continue rising in cost, which is why modular construction has played such a pivotal role in commercial building affordability. It’s predicted that the modular construction industry will grow by 7.8% by the year 2030.

What Is the Resale Value of a Modular Office?

Modular office buildings maintain their value for many years, and finding a willing buyer is easy should you decide to resell. For those who are looking to resell their modular office, VESTA Modular can help!

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