December 20, 2021 /

Is it Possible to Remodel Commercial Modular Offices?

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Renovating a traditional office space is a huge undertaking; however, this is not the case when it comes to commercial modular offices. Traditional office building renovations mean that months of planning and designing will take place, resulting in arrangements having to be made for any displaced workers.

When it comes to the initial building process, modular construction is typically more efficient and faster than traditional types of construction, providing businesses a much better return on their investment. However, you may wonder if this is true for remodeling, as well.

More Flexibility when Remodeling

All buildings are subject to wear and tear as years pass; this is no different for modular buildings. After several years of experiencing steady traffic, a permanent modular building is going to likely need some revitalization. Additionally, most businesses will expand as years pass, which means they will need to make renovations in order to accommodate this new growth.

When considering a permanent modular building, renovation and reconfiguration is simple. It is easy to make a number of changes, including:

  • Removing or adding on prefabricated modules.
  • Reconfiguring floor plans in order to accommodate the changing business needs.
  • Implementing new elements such as skirting or ramps on the building’s exterior.

In many cases, renovation to a modular building can be completed in just a few weeks with very minimal disruption to the site. Additionally, workers can be easily relocated into a temporary office space while the primary building is being remodeled.

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