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Shipping Container Rentals: Should You Be Leasing or Buying?

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Shipping containers are used for all sorts of applications. From storage to office spaces, there are a variety of reasons why you may want to consider getting a container. However, what if you only need a container for a short-term purpose? Renting a shipping container is a great way to get the storage you need without shelling out big bucks. Read on to learn whether you should buy or lease a storage container.

For more information on purchasing or leasing a shipping container, contact Vesta Modular directly at (817)-MODULAR.


Leasing vs. Buying a Storage Container

The easiest way to figure out whether or not you should buy a storage container is to nail down how long you need it and where it is going. 

  • If you need a shipping container in a permanent location, then you may want to consider purchasing it. Situations like these occur with permanent modular construction projects, such as shipping container apartment buildings or storage container offices.
  • On the other hand, if you need a storage container temporarily or for one particular event, job site, etc., renting may be the right choice.

To lease a shipping container, you’ll sign a typical agreement that secures your right of use, storage container delivery and customized features. Buying works a little differently, but does have some perks. 

One of the best parts about buying a shipping container is that, when you are ready to get a new one, you can simply sell the old one and get an upgrade. You don’t have to worry about waiting until your lease is over and you can recover some of the initial purchase price in a sale. You may also be able to receive tax benefits through equipment depreciation if you buy a container rather than leasing a container. 


When to Lease a Storage Container

While owning a storage container has its benefits, so does leasing one. One of the advantages to leasing a storage container is that you don’t have to worry about a large initial investment. When it comes to buying versus leasing storage containers, the up-front cost varies a lot. You may not have the capital or the desire to invest in a permanent storage container. 

Storage container leases are best for short-term use. Keep in mind that if you plan to rent for over 30 months, you may want to consider buying instead. In this amount of time, you will have exceeded the cost of a shipping container purchase. 

Shipping container rentals are also great for unknown timelines, at least in the beginning. In general, it’s best to seriously assess what your short and possible long-term needs are for the container and to make a decision based on that. 


New vs. Used Shipping Containers

Your first thought may be to purchase a brand new shipping container, but there are also plenty of high-quality used shipping containers available. You can save lots of money when you purchase or lease a used shipping container. With the right shipping container company, you can find a storage container online, pick the specs/size/features and get a lease drafted in very little time. If the company has online storage container listings, you can even browse specific units that are within your price range and have what you need.

VESTA Modular has everything available for lease from modular buildings to shipping containers and more. See for yourself and explore our modular inventory.


How Much Does a Shipping Container Cost?

The cost of a storage container is determined by a few factors including size, style, features, delivery and location. A large storage container will cost quite a bit more than a small storage container. Be sure to scope out exactly what you need so that it fits both your project needs and your budget.

As expected, the cost also depends on whether you want to own a storage container or rent a shipping container. Storage containers for sale will cost between $3,000 and $6,000, on average. On the other hand, storage containers for rent could save you money if you do not plan on using it for a long period of time. A rented storage container could be as little as a few hundred dollars a month, depending on the size of the unit.

To find out an estimate of what you might pay for a shipping container, request a quote here.


Shipping Container Delivery

Whether you buy or rent, shipping container delivery may be costly, so pay attention to that added fee. Some companies actually won’t transport a shipping container to your location. Obviously this would be a huge challenge, assuming you don’t have the infrastructure to do it yourself. Double-check that your shipping container can be delivered to the right spot and confirm what any setup or installation may cost as well. 


Types of Shipping Containers Available

There are many different kinds of shipping containers for lease or sale. 

Here are a few that we offer at VESTA Modular:

Each of these containers have their own specifications and features that make them perfect for practically any application. Not sure what size shipping container you need? If you can’t find enough insight on our website, give us a call. 

One of the most common types of shipping containers for rent is either the 20’ or 40’. In construction, education, retail and other contexts, these are often used as modular office buildings.


On-Ground Container Offices

For companies that need a small, temporary office, an on-ground container office fits the bill pretty well. Container offices are available in both 8’ x 40’ and 8’ x 20’ sizes. 

Here are some features of shipping container offices:

  • Climate controlled
  • Well-lit
  • Easy to relocate
  • Wired for data connectivity

If you purchase or lease a container office from our team at VESTA Modular, you can also request customization. If you’ve never been in one, you should know that container offices don’t feel like working in a capsule. They have windows, AC, sleek finishes, and can be outfitted with all of the amenities of a regular office at a fraction of the cost. For temporary or permanent space to do work while on-site for a project, these are a great option. 


container office, VESTA Modular

Custom Guard Shack provided by VESTA Modular for Marie H. Katzenbach School for the Deaf


Shipping Container Specifications

Shipping containers and modular buildings cost less than traditional buildings. They are portable, customizable and energy-efficient. Even so, they aren’t all manufactured equally. If you’re looking for a cheap shipping container or a cheaper modular building option, you should still pay attention to the quality. Be on the lookout for described features like these:

  • Corrugated steel for the walls and ceiling
  • Marine plywood for the floors
  • Wind and water-tight to protect against environmental conditions

While one set of double doors at the end of the container are normal, you can also request windows and other sorts of modifications. 


Common Uses for Shipping Containers

Clearly, shipping containers have many uses beyond moving and shipping. In some ways, the sky’s the limit. If you are looking to rent a shipping container or buy a shipping container, the product you get can be used for all sorts of things, including:

  • Retail storage
  • Office space
  • Housing
  • Construction and equipment storage
  • Restaurant storage
  • Agricultural and farm storage
  • Garage, barn and shed

Curious to see other ways shipping containers are being used today? Check out Shipping Container Buildings for Commercial and Public Works Projects and learn why developers are increasingly interested in them.


Purchase or Rent Storage Containers from VESTA Modular Rental

Ready to rent or buy a storage container? Our team at VESTA Modular has got you covered. We offer all sizes and models of quality shipping containers and give you room to customize, or make it your own. If we don’t have the size that you are looking for, let us know. We are happy to track it down for you so that you can get the exact shipping container you need. 

Give us a call at (817)-MODULAR or contact us via email for more information about leasing vs. buying a shipping container. Ready to get started? Request a quote below.

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