Modular Complex Buildings: From Portable Offices to Hotels

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The Rise in Popularity of Modular Building Complexes

Developers and future commercial building owners have a lot of reasons to begin investing in a modular building complex when it comes to their next large-scale projects. In fact, a report published about the modular construction market has the industry predicted to be worth $157.19 billion by 2023. 

Due to the price fluctuations of steel, the ever increasing costs of traditional construction, and technological advancements in the volumetric construction industry, we will continue to see the growth of modular building investment. Some of the largest companies in the world have begun to focus their investments on high-end modular complexes.

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What is a Modular Complex?

A modular complex can be defined as any complex modular building that is typically self-contained and features multiple rooms. Complexes offered by modular construction companies can come in standard sizes and floorplans or they can be completely customized, featuring unique module specs and multiple stories.

The Modular Construction Industry’s most Common Modular Building Complex Types:

  • Multi-plex modular education buildings
  • Modular office complexes
  • Modular housing complexes
    • Workforce Housing
    • Hotels
    • Apartments
    • Vacation Villas
    • Multi-family housing
    • Townhouses
  • Modular medical facilities
    • Labs
    • Doctors offices
    • Hospitals
  • Modular storefronts

Standard Modular Complexes

Standardized modular complexes allow for flexible investment options. That is to say, they are available for both purchase and to lease.

We, for example, own standardized units across the nation that are available and immediately ready to deploy. The leasing process is made possible due to the standardized layout and furnishing options. Already built structures allow us to conveniently ship the necessary modules to construct and install multiroom complexes. You designate the amount of time you need to lease your building for, and we quickly uninstall your building when you are finished. This is a perfect option for school administrators, construction companies, and business owners looking for classroom or office complexes.


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Customized Modular Complexes

You have probably seen modular complexes before, but you might not have recognized them. Modular developers continue to invest in high quality materials, allowing for building exteriors to mimic existing structural designs and remove the repetitive appearance associated with some standardized volumetric construction buildings.

To see a great example of a customized exterior for modular complex design, check out our luxury resort villas.

Customization also means the ability to adapt to industry demands and local code requirements. Our contractors and sales representatives work closely with local government and housing organizations in all 50 states and outlying countries. And our modular design team has ensured that modular complexes can be wired and retrofitted to accommodate the latest technology needs associated with the medical industry, the security industry, state-of-the art classrooms, and more. 

Modular Complexes are Practical

When it comes down to it, not only are modular buildings beautiful, customizable, and portable, but they reduce initial construction and long-term costs, project timelines, and harm to the environment.

Prefabricated modules allow for offsite design and carpentry to take place in controlled environments. This reduces costs associated with outdoor construction, employee inefficiency, and wasted materials. Once built, transporting your modules is a breeze. We specifically offer remote logistics services that have allowed us to deliver large-scale buildings to remote parts of Alaska and all the way to man-made ocean islands and Virgin Gorda. Once onsite, we can quickly connect the modules and return you and your staff to business as usual.

Check out our modular workforce housing project in the arctic circle.

Request a Quote with VESTA

If you want to see just how convenient we can make your next customized modular building project, give us a call and request a quote. We’d be happy to walk you through the process, save you money with a detailed quote, and deliver an award winning modular complex that you, your employees, and your guests are sure to enjoy.


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