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How Are Modular Buildings Delivered?

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While fast and cost-effective, the modular building process has multiple components to it. The units that make up modular buildings are built off-site. That’s the start. Later, they come together during the modular construction phase to form attractive, affordable buildings.

But there’s something between the start and the finish that is absolutely crucial: the delivery of the modular building to the construction site. 

So, how are modular buildings delivered? That’s the question we’ll answer in this post. 

For more information and to secure your own modular building, contact the modular building experts at VESTA Modular.


The Modular Building Delivery Process

Getting the modules that will eventually make up a modular building to the construction site is a logistics challenge. You have to determine how to safely ship modular building materials from the fabrication facility to their final destination, following all the rules and finding the most efficient route in terms of time and money.

Here’s how it works:


Preparing Modules for Transportation

It’s important that each module unit finds its way to the construction site, but it’s just as important that each unit makes it there in one piece. Transportation is a rough process for many products and materials — loading, unloading, bumpy roads, rough seas and harsh weather, all take their toll.

That’s why the modular shipping team at VESTA prepares each module for safe and secure transportation. Modular buildings are tough by nature, able to withstand nearly all weather conditions and the strains of time. But our modular construction experts take safety a step further by wrapping each unit in a sturdy protective cover before it leaves the factory.


Module Delivery by Land or Sea

With the units covered and ready for their journey, it’s time to depart. Getting modular buildings to a construction site will depend on where they are in reference to the site. If they’re a few hundred miles down the interstate, they will probably come by truck. If they’re in China and headed for the United States, they’re going to have to take a cruise.

Here are all the modes of transportation that can deliver modular building materials:

Each mode of transportation presents different logistics challenges, such as licensing, customs, taxes, wide-load escorts and arranging for the truck, train or ship.


Delivering Modular Buildings to Remote Locations

At VESTA, we have delivered modular buildings to our customers in some of the most remote locations imaginable. That’s because modular buildings are well-suited to the challenges of arctic conditions and similarly harsh environments. But, how do you actually transport modular buildings to these places?

The same way you get them anywhere else — by land or sea. But getting a modular hotel to the Arctic Circle or some modular apartments on a man-made island can present unique challenges. This is why the best modular building contractors work with world-class logistics professionals to make sure your building reaches the construction site — and completion — ahead of schedule.


Reception at the Modular Construction Site

Inevitably, the last stage of the delivery journey for modular building materials occurs by truck. And when the truck arrives at the construction site, the site needs to be ready.

That means there needs to be enough vertical and horizontal clearance to allow the truck into the site. You also need to have the proper equipment to unload the modules. Working with a full-service modular construction company can alleviate these concerns — these companies usually take care of reception at the construction site.


Delivering Modules Piece by Piece

Often, modular building delivery is not a one-off process. This is especially true for large modular construction projects. 

There may not be enough room at the construction site to store all of the modules necessary to build the entire building. That means modules may need to be delivered a few times throughout the construction process.


VESTA Modular: From Modular Building Delivery to Construction

VESTA Modular is a proud provider of unmatched modular construction all over the world. With unbeatable service to our customers as our ultimate goal, we handle every aspect of the modular construction process. That includes modular building delivery.

Our modular building logistics experts are here to help when you need us. To speak with a member of the VESTA team, call us at (817) MODULAR or contact us online.

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