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Choosing Modular Classrooms for Private School Buildings

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Many private, charter, and religion-based schools are celebrating an increase in enrollments over the past few years. Studies show that private schools have grown since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, as many families began looking for additional choices in their children’s education. Many private schools will need affordable and flexible building solutions as they look toward potential expansions.

Expanding Private School Buildings for New Students

One of the biggest challenges currently facing all school districts is the unpredictability of their enrollment numbers. Educators are still sifting through the data and trying to determine whether the trends that began during the pandemic will continue and what the new normal for enrollment data will look like.

It can make major decisions around facility expansion even more difficult for many districts. Should private schools take the leap and start constructing a new building, or will their numbers take a dip that would render the construction a waste of money? Fortunately, an affordable solution exists for schools who need temporary or permanent education space.

Why Choose Modular School Buildings?


VESTA Modular’s classrooms and private school facilities are more affordable than traditionally-built schools. They also have a range of purchasing, leasing, and financing options. Whether you need a customized building or a standard building, VESTA has options that include lease or purchase from our inventory from our fleet of thousands of modular buildings. Contact our staff to find an option that works with your budget.


One of the best aspects of modular school buildings is their flexibility. VESTA offers portable classrooms and office units with flexible leasing options so you don’t have to be locked into a lengthy contract if you’re not sure how long you’ll need to use the building. Districts also like to use our permanent modular school buildings to expand their existing facilities. Gain extra space by attaching one of our buildings to your current classrooms, dining halls, or offices. 


VESTA Modular’s new buildings can be customized inside and out to fit the needs of private school facilities. Educators can select the color and materials of the outside of their modular units to match the aesthetic of their existing private school buildings. The interiors can be outfitted with a range of materials and the layouts can be altered to include bathrooms, kitchens, offices, break rooms, and other features.


Private school construction can last for months and disrupt your classroom activities. A modular private school building can be delivered much faster depending on the availability. Our modular classrooms and school facilities can include a full turnkey installation as well as options to have the project come fully furnished to get started on day one. 

Modular School Buildings from VESTA

Every modular building VESTA offers comes with heating and cooling units along with other basic amenities to allow schools to quickly start using them. All of our modular classrooms include marker boards and tack boards and can be furnished with a range of different desks, chairs, and tables for students and teachers.

Single and Double Classrooms

A great choice for private schools looking to gain a bit of extra space at a low cost, our single classroom buildings can fit between 25–30 students and can come with or without a single-use restroom. VESTA’s double classroom options include two full-size classrooms.  

Custom School Buildings

VESTA offers more than our standard classroom options for additional space. New buildings can be customized for different class types including choir and band, chemistry, gym, and computers. In addition to our popular single and double classroom sizes, we also have a range of other options, such as multi-classroom options with a central corridor serving anywhere from 4–12 classrooms, with or without restrooms.

In addition to classroom buildings, we also have modular solutions for a range of other private school buildings.

Flexible Options for Private School Facilities


We offer portable classrooms for sale and lease that can serve as an ideal swing space for private schools dealing with the unpredictable fluctuations of enrollment. VESTA offers short-term or long-term terms to help you choose the time frame that works best for your school.


If you know that you will use your modular school buildings for at least five years, purchasing is likely the most cost-effective option. It also gives schools access to our full suite of internal and external customization options.


VESTA Modular has a fleet of thousands of pre-owned modular buildings that are available to lease. Our staff will be happy to look through our expansive inventory to find the modular school building that will best match your needs.

Examples of VESTA Modular Private School Buildings

International Montessori Academy

When the Atlanta location of the International Montessori Academy needed additional space due to increasing enrollment, they turned to VESTA Modular. They only had 90 days before the school year started, so they needed a solution fast. We designed a new private school building for them and installed it with time to spare. The students at Montessori now have a beautiful new learning environment that fits in seamlessly with the rest of their campus.

The Holderness School

A shortage of available space had some students of The Holderness School in New Hampshire living with their Head of School. They needed a dormitory that could match the surrounding environment without interfering with the dormitory next door. VESTA created a floor plan that could suit their needs and designed an exterior that fit with the aesthetics of the wooded area. Our architects added a gable roof with an 8/12 pitch that could handle the heavy New Hampshire snowfall. We also furnished the building with everything it needed to create a turnkey solution that allowed the students to move in as soon as possible.

Learn How VESTA Modular Can Supply Your Private School Buildings

VESTA Modular has high-quality modular classrooms for sale and lease that will fit the needs of private school facilities. Reach out to our team today for a free quote.

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