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Why Your Modular Construction Experience Will Be Better

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Modular Construction vs Traditional Construction

Modular construction is everything you love about stick-built or traditional construction but with better final results for you and your business. The following is an overview of the modular construction process vs the traditional construction process.

What do we mean when we say modular construction?

Modular construction involves offsite building methods that efficiently create prefabricated units called individual modules. 

The process is completed in a secure, environment controlled factory setting. This increases precision, avoids common onsite weather condition hurdles, and speeds up the entire building process. The controlled environment also creates a substantial reduction in construction related wastes. 

Once each part of your building is assembled, it is easily transported to the site, and installed. Modules are stacked, welded together, and finished with your final exterior building requests.

The advantages of modular construction can be leveraged by both people seeking residential and commercial construction services.

For a complete guide to modular construction, you should check out our earlier guide to modular construction.

What do we mean by traditional construction?

Traditional construction, onsite construction, or stick-built construction is the process of assembling a building from its foundation at the location in which it will permanently sit. 

The process requires multiple experts to be hired by contractors, and coordinated to complete their individual responsibilities. A different construction crew handles the foundation, the framing, the electrical, the plumbing, all the way to the finish work of drywall, fixtures, and so on. 

While still producing a beautiful building, traditional construction often experiences delays. These delays are caused by:

  • Inclement weather
  • Technicians from different businesses being stuck working on other projects and unable to prioritize your building or home
  • Unforeseen breaks and miscommunication that require ordering more parts

Offsite Construction Benefits

Offsite Construction Means Better Coordination of people, building materials, and coordination of construction assets.

The biggest benefit of modular builds is that they are “factory built”. This does not mean that they’re bland, all the same, or “cookie-cutter”. It does mean that all the staff, the parts needed, and the system in which modules are built is streamlined.

No more forgetting to call the electrician before the drywallers show up. 

The crews needed to complete each step are positioned to step in when it is their turn. This increases the ease with which modular construction companies can ensure quality control.

Site separation also means that offsite construction can get started simultaneously with the building’s permanent site preparation. In contrast, a traditional build has to wait for the foundation to be completed before any of the necessary crews can begin assembling the project.

How Are Modular Construction and Traditional Construction Similar?

While the process by which your future building is created is different between the two construction methods, it isn’t always a contrast between modular vs traditional construction; the similarities are also very important.

Both Types of Construction Must Meet Building Permit and Code Requirements

As someone interested in a commercial building or in a potential home, it is important to note the similarities of the two construction methods. 

The first is that both types of building go through a rigorous design process by architects and engineers. 

The second is that both types of construction require the appropriate permits be pulled and approvals at the pre-construction stage are met. Both modular construction and traditional construction need to meet THE SAME local, state, and federal permitting requirements.

Part of the building permits process ensures that:

  • Each part of the building is assembled appropriately according to legal code requirements
  • Your building was assembled by licensed professionals with tested credentials and experience

Both construction types can be built to meet the highest environmental efficiency standards, and can be assembled using sustainable materials of your choosing.

In fact, check out our post about how long a modular building can last to see a study cited by the Modular Building Institute that found modular construction superior in severe weather conditions.

But even in these similarities of permits and meeting building code standards, modular construction has an advantage to that of traditional construction.

Site built construction requires a different inspector come to the site after each stage of the building is completed.

In contrast, the factory method of construction allows for inspectors to be located at each stage of the building process. This allows them to catch any immediate changes and issue permits without interrupting construction.

In Summary, Choose Modular Over Traditional Construction

Modular construction reduces waste of materials and reduces the amount of time to complete your construction project. 

It still requires all of the checks and balances associated with quality, skilled engineering and licensed trade technicians, and can be as customized and permanent as you need.

We all know that when your construction industry company can save you time and materials while maintaining quality, this means that they’re also saving you time and money while keeping you and your building guests happy!

  • Cost effective
  • Timeline friendly
  • High quality
  • Customizable
  • Minimal time spent on your campus/site
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Commercial and multi-story capable
  • Portable
  • Relocatable

Check out some of our coolest modular projects.

Try VESTA Modular for your Next Permanent Construction Project.

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