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Municipal Modular Fire Station Buildings

modular fire station building

What Is a Modular Fire Station Building?

A modular fire station building is one of many municipal buildings VESTA Modular has the capacity to construct. It is created by constructing each module of the building at the manufacturer. It requires less construction time and is more cost effective than traditional on-site fire station construction. Choosing a modular fire station building is an efficient way to suit the needs of the city while not overspending.

Constructing a Modular Fire Station Building


We can build you a custom modular fire station building that perfectly suits your fire department’s unique needs. Our modular buildings can be constructed with built-in air conditioning, heating, living quarters, bathroom units, and electrical wiring in addition to being built with the layout you desire.  Although traditional modular construction can not be utilized to construct a vehicle bay due to the ceiling height limitations, modular structures can be connected to or installed adjacent to site built or prefabricated steel garages.

Multi-Story Buildings

Modular buildings are not confined to a ground level layout. If your department requires multiple stories, we will work with you to customize a multi-story modular fire station that will help your team protect their community from the dangers of house and forest fires.

Modular Offices

Although working at a fire department is a job that is packed with action, we know administrative work is required as well. Our modular fire stations can be built with individual modular offices to provide a quiet and private place to handle paperwork and conduct meetings.

Temporary Fire Station Buildings

During times of disaster relief, keeping citizens safe with fire department services is more important than ever. What happens when your town’s fire station building is flooded or destroyed due to an earthquake or tornado? VESTA can provide your department with a temporary modular fire station building from our standard fleet to lease while your town works on rebuilding infrastructure and making repairs. Additionally, if your city is growing and requires an additional fire station or to remodel and existing one, temporary modular fire station space is available through VESTA. Growing cities often require additional municipal building space. Click here to read a bit about growing cities relating to fire station location analysis.

Permanent Fire Station Buildings

Our modular buildings can serve as permanent fire stations just as well as any standard building. All of VESTAs modular buildings adhere to IBC standards but are built in a climate-controlled environment for better sustainability. This means your modular fire station is equipped to be around for many years. We can create a fire station construction project large enough to accommodate your team of firefighters and give them areas for rest and relaxation. This can include things such as sleeping quarters, full kitchens, and showers.

Modular Fire Station Case Study

The modular fire station building project we completed in Gainesville, Florida, is a testament to our success in the construction of municipal buildings. To accommodate the town’s rapidly growing population, we constructed a 42’ x 60’ fire station, complete with a handicap-accessible ramp, an area for uniform storage, and a staff kitchen area.

Why Modular Fire Stations?

Choosing a modular fire station comes with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Faster timelines: To adhere to safety codes, a certain amount of fire department stations must exist for a certain number of residents. Otherwise, there isn’t enough staff to cover emergencies. Rapidly growing populations like Gainesville need a fire station building that can be rapidly constructed to keep their communities safe. A new modular building can be designed, built, and delivered in as little as 90 days.
  • Greater savings: Fire stations are an integral part of any thriving community. Lower fire station construction costs mean more money can be allocated to helping members of your community. There are a variety of cost-effective choices when it comes to designing your perfect modular fire station.
  • Greener technology: Modular building construction uses less waste than traditional fire station construction. The innovative temperature-regulating materials we use also require less fuel burned for heating and air conditioning.
  • Customizable: We can work with you to create a custom modular fire station building designed to your liking. This includes floor plan as well as interior and exterior building finishes.
  • Controlled environment: Our modular building construction projects are built to be strong and secure. The foundations we use with our modular buildings are durable and can withstand extreme weather. VESTA works with the manufacturer to ensure all specific codes are met. For example, a high wind zone needs a modular building with the properly rated windows.

Our Process

1. Project Inquiry

Reach out to us and inquire about a modular building construction project you are interested in. Our team at VESTA can assist you in determining whether a new or used building is best for you.

2. Design & Permitting Modular Building Construction

Once you have decided on the type of fire station you would like, we will design the new building or locate existing modules, then assist you in obtaining the necessary permits for modular building construction.

3. Fabrication

The building will go into production at the manufacturer. Through this process, we will provide you with a detailed schedule and keep you updated on the progress of your building. Because the production takes place indoors, factors such as bad weather are not to be worried about. Additionally, the materials and staff are ready at hand. Time is saved and you are one step closer to receiving your modular fire station building.  

4. Transportation & Installation

Finally, we transport your finished building modules to the site and assemble your building. Our workers use a crane or rolling vehicles to place modules onto the foundation. Final construction consists of seaming, final caulking and sealing, interior finishes, the addition of stairs or elevators, and moving in any appliances or furniture.

Modular Fire Station Construction Costs


Leasing a modular fire station is a great option when your fire department team needs a temporary space to work while your new fire station is being constructed. You are free to lease your fire station building for as long as you want, but in some situations, it makes more sense to buy a permanent installation.


Buying one of our modular fire station buildings means it’s yours to keep. Purchasing is a sensible option when your fire department intends to use the building for a long time.

Cost of Building a New Fire Station

Because we don’t have many used fire station buildings available in our inventory, a new building will likely need to be constructed. Typically, new buildings cost more than used ones, but we are here to help you stay within your budget. Additionally, building a new modular fire station means you can design it exactly the way you want.

Other Cost Factors

Other factors will impact the cost of a modular fire station, including:

  • Building size: The greater the size of the building, the greater the cost of building a new fire station.
  • Customization: The further our team deviates from the standard models, the more planning is involved. Fire station construction costs more when customizations are involved.
  • Beyond the Box: Your modular fire station building can come with fire station furniture, all from one convenient source. Beyond the Box offers several products and amenities to make your fire station more comfortable and fully furnished.

Modular Building Construction with VESTA

Get started with a modular fire station building project. We’re happy to create a municipal building that will be a center for helping citizens stay safe. Contact us to ask us any questions about modular fire station construction and we’ll turn your vision of a modular fire station building into a reality.

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