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Advantages of Using Modular Buildings for Jobsite Trailers


Although they’re a common sight in the construction industry, jobsite trailers are an ideal, economical solution for adding space in any number of industries. From childcare to environmental sciences and emergency management, using a mobile office trailer allows businesses of all types to thrive and grow in a compact space.

Whether you’re considering leasing or outright purchasing a jobsite trailer, here are some of the advantages of using these modular options for your business.

Make On-Site Work Easier with Modular Buildings

If you’re looking for a more affordable, accessible alternative to building a permanent structure from scratch, modular jobsite trailers can be a great way to create a space for your employees to get their work done.

Our modular office building options can be built to meet virtually any of your organization’s needs, with plenty of room for customization options to make it easier for you to get more work done and grow your bottom line.

Benefits of Modular Buildings as Jobsite Trailers

There’s a reason why so many businesses and organizations trust VESTA with providing their jobsite trailers for everything from on-site construction offices to temporary organizational spaces for shows and events.


Contrary to some misconceptions, modular buildings are just as durable as stick-built structures—sometimes more so. This is because we build our modular jobsite trailers within a strict series of industry standards to make sure anyone using our buildings can do so safely.


Compared to traditionally built jobsite trailers, modular office buildings are considerably less expensive per square foot. For example, while it will cost approximately $125 per sf to purchase a jobsite office trailer excluding delivery or installation costs, the same type of office as a stick-built construction will cost roughly $490 per square foot.

For those on a tight budget, VESTA Modular also offers trailers made of repurposed shipping containers.


When most people think of jobsite trailers, they might only think of the place where a construction project manager sits at a desk all day, answering phone calls and filling out change orders. However, a jobsite trailer can be so much more than just that.

Jobsite trailers are a great place to hold stakeholder and trustee meetings and allow decision-makers to see exactly what’s happening with the projects they’re involved in. Since they can be outfitted with HVAC and plumbing features, they also make excellent break rooms and bathrooms for outdoor workers.


With the right modular construction partner, it’s easy to move your jobsite trailer to virtually anywhere you might need it. Our team of experts is based in several regions throughout the continental United States and can supply the logistics and planning to move your mobile office to the most remote areas, such as the North Slope in Alaska.

Need to pack up your jobsite trailer and move across the country? Our team can help you move anywhere within the United States.


At VESTA Modular, we have a huge fleet of jobsite office trailers that you can use as a quick or temporary solution to your next project. Our fleet inventory includes single wide and double wide office trailers in multiple sizes, with and without amenities like pre-installed bathrooms.

Our fleet offers multiple leasing options, ranging from short-term to indefinite, so we’re always ready to deploy a mobile office trailer that meets your team’s needs.


In addition to being sturdy and ready to deploy with little more than a moment’s notice, our jobsite trailers also have multiple uses for both permanent and temporary needs. Whether you’re the project manager on a jobsite that will be complete in a few months or are looking for a permanent solution for your nature reserve’s staff and volunteer coordination, VESTA Modular offers options to suit your jobsite trailer.

Modular Jobsite Trailers: Ideal for All Industries

Jobsite trailers are as versatile as any site-built office or retail space—arguably more so. Beyond the realm of construction, here are some of the ways we’ve seen clients use their mobile offices:

  • Field research: Mobile office trailers can be used for field research in disciplines ranging from anthropological and archaeological research in urban areas to meteorological studies on wind farms and coastal marshlands, all while providing a comfortable place to work and report findings.
  • Emergency services: In the wake of a disaster of any kind, jobsite trailers allow search, rescue, recovery, and rebuilding coordinators to work safely and act as a triage point for the work that needs to be done.
  • Educational buildings: Private and charter schools frequently use single and double wide jobsite trailers as classrooms or staff and administrative offices.
  • Healthcare clinics: Whether they are being used as critical access medical clinics in remote areas, or office space for hospital administration, our jobsite trailers have made excellent modular options for improving accessibility to health services.

These are far from the only ways our jobsite trailers have been used across industries. To see other ways our customers have used their jobsite trailers, view our project portfolio.

Mobile Office Trailers for Sale or Lease from VESTA

At VESTA Modular, we offer multiple different types of mobile office trailers for sale, including several options available for lease from our branch locations across the country.

Single Wide Offices and Trailers

With widths ranging from 8–14 feet and various lengths up to 70 feet, our single wide office trailers are available both as custom-built modular options and pre-owned office buildings.

While both options are potentially cheaper than a traditional site build, our pre-owned modular office buildings are more cost effective. They’re also quick to deploy, meaning you save money by enabling your staff to start work faster.

Double Wide Jobsite Trailers

Need more space than a single wide can offer? Our double wide jobsite trailers provide flexibility for employees and staff, accommodating between 16–20 people in each unit. They also typically come with private offices, restrooms, and additional open space for cubicles or meeting rooms.

Our double wide modular office buildings are ideal for a full range of industries, including everything from construction sites to educational institutions. They’re also available with both temporary and permanent options, as well as new and pre-owned models.

Shipping Container Trailers

While most clients use our shipping container options for additional equipment and materials storage, we’ve also seen their life extend beyond their original usage. Some of our shipping containers have been turned into office spaces by adding doors, windows, HVAC, and additional flooring or carpeting.

Customize Your Modular Jobsite Trailer

In addition to our variety of widths and sizes for jobsite trailers, we also offer Beyond the Box services, which add furniture, accessories, and other pieces that improve accessibility and functionality. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Furnishing: The wrong office furniture can make or break your team. Fortunately, we supply turnkey furniture options—including desks, chairs, and cubicles—that suit every need, both in business and educational settings.
  • Air filtration systems: Clean air is a basic essential for every person who breathes, including your employees. If you’re working in an area with a high risk of airborne illnesses, such as a health center, it pays to invest in the VESTA Pure to remove 99 percent of airborne viruses.
  • Security and accessibility features: In addition to offering steel door bar sets, we also provide sound masking technology to provide a quiet office space for your employees. Furthermore, we know how vital accessibility is for any business. Our modular steps and stairs, ramps, and canopies make it easier for all employees to access your jobsite trailer and work comfortably.
  • Cleaning and sanitation: VESTA’s Beyond the Box service also includes commercial cleaning and sanitation services, in addition to providing supplies. These services include wastewater holding and removal services, hand sanitizer dispensers, and much more.

Find Modular Jobsite Trailers for Your Company

Regardless of how you’ll be using your jobsite trailer, VESTA Modular has numerous new and used mobile offices to suit your needs. Request a quote to start using your jobsite trailer today.

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