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Modular Locker Rooms

Modular locker rooms

If you’re in need of a high-quality, flexible, and affordable locker room that can be ready on a short timeline, VESTA Modular has what you need. Our buildings have every amenity to ensure that your staff or customers will feel clean, comfortable, and secure.

Modular Locker Room Buildings

The highly flexible and customizable nature of our buildings makes them a great fit for a variety of industries. Our modular locker rooms include quality finish materials such as ceramic tile that are durable, moisture resistant, and easy to sanitize. Our buildings are ADA-compliant with the option to add additional accessibility features. We also work hard to ensure that our modular buildings are made in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

While our modular buildings come in a wide range of sizes, not all of that space needs to be used for locker rooms. Our buildings can include showers, restrooms, a break area, a meeting space, or even an office. They can have spaces for both men and women, along with storage space for janitorial supplies.

Permanent Locker Rooms

Our permanent locker rooms are popular with schools, gyms, parks, and athletic complexes. The exteriors of new buildings can be customized to match neighboring buildings and their interiors can also include school or brand logos. Permanent structures can be standalone, or they can be built into existing structures to expand their space. 

Manufacturers often use our modular locker rooms as break areas for their employees to store their belongings and recharge. They are also popular with fire and police departments, as well as emergency medical responders.

If you’re planning to use your modular building for at least five years, purchasing is likely the most cost-effective option.

Temporary Locker Rooms

Are your regular facilities undergoing construction or renovation? Our temporary locker rooms provide a convenient, on-location space for your staff or customers. They are popular at school athletic facilities, construction job sites, and entertainment venues.

Temporary locker rooms are also used in the wake of disasters such as fires or floods. They can be used to give cleanup and construction crews a place to rest and recharge when other facilities may be unavailable.

VESTA also offers a wide range of leasing options to ensure that the temporary use of a locker room won’t break your budget.

Portable Locker Rooms

When you need a locker room trailer that you can pack up and move to a new site, our portable options are a great choice. Mobile locker rooms are popular with construction companies who need to move their facilities between sites with minimal effort and disruption. Portable locker rooms are also great for touring entertainment venues such as concerts, festivals, and carnivals. 

The Benefits of Modular Locker Rooms


Modular buildings are more cost effective than traditional buildings because of their efficient building practices and use of materials. Many municipalities, school districts, and businesses prefer to use modular buildings because of the savings. Find out how much money your organization can save by requesting a free quote.


Not only are modular buildings less expensive than traditional buildings but they can also be delivered and used more quickly. Depending on the circumstances, your modular locker rooms may be ready within a matter of weeks. 

Do you need locker rooms on a Caribbean Island, how about somewhere north of the Arctic Circle? We’ve delivered buildings to both places and plenty in between. Our staff members are experts at safely and securely delivering and installing modular buildings just about anywhere.


One of our trademarks at VESTA is ensuring that our buildings can fill a broad range of customer needs. When you order a new locker room from VESTA, you’ll have the opportunity to choose customization options for both the interior and exterior of your building. We have a variety of exterior materials and colors to choose from to ensure that you can match your locker room to neighboring facilities.

Our interior options, which can include the design and layout of your building, can be expanded to include furnishings and services. 

If you decide to rent a locker room from VESTA, we have thousands of buildings in our fleet. Our staff will be happy to look through our inventory and find the best option available to fit your needs.

VESTA’s Beyond the Box leasing options offer hand sanitizers, beverage solutions, cleaning and trash services, and a range of other furnishings.

Who Uses Modular Locker Rooms?

  • Schools
  • Police Departments
  • Firefighters
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities
  • Disaster Response Teams
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Athletic Complexes
  • Parks
  • Gyms
  • Hospitals
  • Military Bases

Additional Modular Facilities

While our locker rooms have the option to include features such as showers, restrooms, and offices, larger facilities may need more than one building. In those cases, locker rooms are often part of larger facilities, and VESTA has the buildings to ensure that organizations have everything they need for a full-featured facility.

In addition to locker rooms, we offer showering and restroom facilities. If you’re placing your locker rooms in an athletic complex, our buildings also make great concession stands. 

Modular Locker Room Projects

Factory Renovation

When Fabcon Precast purchased a concrete plant in order to renovate it into a new factory, they needed a new locker room in place to help facilitate the work. Our staff were able to expedite the delivery of a new modular building and have it ready within six weeks. The 24’ x 60’ locker and its 75 double-tier lockers were able to provide a convenient and comfortable space for their employees to start and finish their shifts.

Locker Room and Office Combination

One of VESTA’s clients needed a more modern shower, break area, and locker room for their staff. They also needed a small office area with the ability to securely store files. While they expected to use a site-built facility when they started researching the project, they found that it would not meet their timeline or budget constraints. We were able to design and build a facility that met all of their needs within 120 days. It included locker space for men and women, complete with ceramic tile, full-size lockers, and high-end fixtures.

Start Customizing Your Modular Locker Room

Reach out to our friendly staff today to find out how a modular locker room can fit your needs and save money. 

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