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Modular Office Buildings: Shop Top Features


Why Shop for a Portable Modular Office?

There are many reasons you or your business might have a need for modular office buildings. Listed below are some of the most common reasons we see businesses utilizing modular offices in the United States.

  • A temporary office space requirement for building, construction, education, retail, and farming industries is one of the biggest reasons people shop for modular office buildings. Portable office leasing and rental agreements are often flexible and offices fit any space your job site has available.
  • Companies dealing with a sudden influx of employees or existing building construction often need temporary office solutions or added permanent office buildings. High quality materials and modular construction processes make the turnaround time, comfort, and cost of building new modular offices a great way to handle growing businesses’ needs.
  • The speed and turnaround timeline of a complete modular project as mentioned above is another reason people will look toward modular office buildings to meet their space requirements.  Prefabricated and portable office buildings are typically constructed and installed much quicker than traditionally constructed buildings. The prefabricated building process allows for the majority of construction to happen indoors and out of the elements. Once assembled modules can be snapped together to complete the entire modular complex.  
  • Companies have consistently utilized modular office complexes in order to reduce their costs for office space.  Modular offices  are commonly less expensive than traditional construction methods in both the short and long term.

Modular Office Company Service Offerings

When shopping with a modular office dealer and modular supply company, there are several important features and services that you should take into consideration.  

Remote Logistics and Modular Transport Services 

Choose a modular company that can handle the transportation of the modules to your site. The logistics, communication and organization of delivering a modular office are best left to the experts and off of your plate. 

This is especially true if you are considering adding modular office space in a remote location. Shop around for a modular company that can handle the remote logistics of getting all the material and supplies to that location. A good modular building company will be able to arrange for the delivery of your commercial office space whether it is by boat, train, semi-trailer, or air.

Full Installation and Removal of Modular Units 

To make it easier on yourself, make sure your modular company offers all-in-one features that include full installation of modules to tie the entire project together, ensuring you end up with a turnkey office building.

If you are using a temporary office complex, make sure the modular company will complete the teardown and removal of the buildings. They should leave the site clean and be happy to provide both of these services to you.

Modular Office Exterior Features

The exterior features of a prefabricated office building are the first thing that your customers will see, and they will attribute the quality of your exterior to the value of your brand and business. Exterior features are also essential in making the space usable for your customers and staff.  Consider the following features when buying your next mobile office:


How will people be expected to enter the office building and access the main door?  You should be sure that your modular building will provide any necessary stairs or ramps so that everyone coming into the building can do so easily and safely.  Ramps, door width and threshold height provide for handicap accessibility and ease of bringing in large packages, furniture, and other business-related goods. You’ll want to ensure that the modular building you select adheres to all accessibility laws and regulations for your area.

Modular Office Building Material, Roofing Materials, and Cosmetics

Color is an important factor for most organizations’ buildings.  Ideally, you would be able to select from several different color palettes for the exterior of the building that you choose.  You may even want to have the color match your company’s brand.

Modular office buildings can be finished in brick, vinyl, cement board or other materials of your choosing. You also need to choose the type of roof that fits your environment and climate such as flat rubber, standing seam pitched, or another type that works well for you. Materials should be made available that allow your modular office to blend in with other existing buildings on your company campus or jobsite. 

Interior Features in Modular Office Buildings

The interior of a modular office building is important to the overall functionality and comfort of your office space for customers and employees.  

Standardized and Customized Office Layouts

For the sake of time and price of a modular office, it is wise to consider asking a modular building company if they provide standard layouts or blueprints that are already built and ready for transport. 

For permanent modular offices and industry specific office units be sure they also offer customizable layouts. This should provide for functionality, organization, storage or multi-use offices, and allow for easy modifications to the layout to be made as well.

Furniture and Furnishings 

Furniture and furnishings play an important role in any office space.  You should consider things like whether the furniture is built in or separate and movable.  Some modular office buildings also support multi-use spaces. In addition to traditional office space, you can find buildings that include extra storage, restrooms, and even kitchen areas. 

Modern Conveniences

Your modular office supplier can offer you some of the leading climate and environment enhancing conveniences for the interior of your portable office space. Modular office buildings should come equipped with LED lighting systems to ensure employees can see and that the environment feels like a productive, bright space to work in. Additionally, smart climate control HVAC systems are also becoming more standard. Added air conditioning and heating allows for the office to function well in hot and cold climates, and the climate controlled, well-insulated office space reduces energy waste and cost.

Technology Integration

In today’s world, having your building integrated with the latest technology can give you a competitive advantage in your industry. Modular technology integration in your temporary or permanent office building should include data-wiring, internet, satellite and cable television hookups, projectors and smart board technologies.

Additionally, modular offices can be equipped to handle the most technology-heavy industries. Whether serving a true computer software technology company or a medical lab, all levels of electricity output and modern connectivity should be made available to you.

VESTA Advantage

When taking all of these factors into consideration, it only makes sense to select VESTA Modular as your one stop shop for modular office spaces.  We have the experience and expertise to handle all aspects of your project from design to transportation to final installation.  

VESTA can work with you to include all of the modular features, both internal and external, that are required to meet your needs.  Contact us today to let us get started on the office space that will best serve you, or checkout our modular offices page.

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