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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Modular Office Rental

Modular Office Rental

Is your office undergoing a renovation? Are you expanding your team and in need of additional workspace within a stringent time constraint? Increasing your office space is convenient with temporary office buildings from VESTA Modular.

Renting a modular office building from VESTA provides you with a modern, functional space for your team without the cost or commitment associated with building a new, permanent structure. Modular office rentals are cost-effective, quick to deploy, and can serve as a portable office for those with temporary job sites.

Rent Modular Offices for Your Industry

Modular office rentals are ideal for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Education: If your institution is undergoing construction, and you need to temporarily relocate some of your staff, consider using a temporary modular office as an administrative office, staff lounge, or student center. Thanks to our extensive variety of offices, you can get everything you need for your school, college, or university, including handicap-accessible bathrooms, large storage closets, and unique layouts that suit your working style. Make creating more workspace even simpler with our office furnishing services—get desks, chairs, cubicles, office cleaning supplies, and more.
  • Healthcare: The versatility of VESTA’s temporary modular offices is unmatched. During the pandemic, many healthcare facilities were short on space after hiring more workers on short notice. Our temporary offices supplied clinics with functional space for healthcare workers when files and records began overflowing. VESTA offices also served as pop-up emergency clinics when beds in main buildings were scarce. Temporary offices are also a great solution for when your hospital or practice needs space during building repairs, renovations, or expansions. 
  • Construction: With ever-changing job sites, portable yet durable offices are a must. You’ll find our mobile offices are quiet, clean workspaces to lay out plans, take an afternoon break, or meet with clients. In fact, we can outfit your office with sound masking to help your staff focus in the midst of a noisy construction project. Our temporary modular offices can be transported wherever you need with short notice—no need to push back your timeline while waiting for a workspace.
  • Government: Our office rentals are a cost-effective and timely solution for when your organization needs more space. Utilizing a modular office trailer from VESTA guarantees you both portability and advanced security. Our offices can come equipped with premium security features to protect your employees and sensitive materials. Another added bonus: our talented team of transportation professionals has experience delivering modular offices to remote locations. No matter how far out you are, we are happy to meet you there.

Create Space with a Modular Office Rental

Temporary Office Space During Construction

Whether you’re in the educational sphere, serving patients, or providing the public with your goods and services, you cannot afford to shut down operations in the event your office space is undergoing renovations. Renting a temporary office ensures you’re able to stay open and stay on top of daily tasks, all while enjoying your functional, clean workspace.

Quick Office Space for Growing Staff

Is your organization in the process of adding a new department? With a modular office rental, you’re able to continue adding value to your team by growing your staff. Our temporary offices don’t feel like a throwaway space, either—our complexes can come with spacious entryways, meeting rooms, individual offices, and break rooms. Whatever your team needs to thrive, we can provide on short notice.

Affordable On-Site Office Space 

Are you a startup or a small business that needs a new space for staff but isn’t looking to overspend? Temporary modular offices from VESTA are the most cost-effective solution. Our extensive fleet has many different styles, sizes, and layouts to choose from, so you’ll get exactly what you need while staying within your budget.

Our Variety of Modular Office Rentals

We offer multiple sizes of temporary modular offices, including:

    • Single Wide Offices & Trailers: Our single wide temporary offices can accommodate three to eight people. While all units are equipped with heating and cooling, electrical, doors, and windows, the larger offices (10 sq. ft., 12 sq. ft., and 14 sq. ft.) also come with built-in bathrooms and extra space for storage, furniture, and private offices.
    • Double Wide Offices & Trailers: Our double wide temporary offices feature two separate modules that are connected on-site. Featuring private offices, restrooms, storage closets, meeting rooms, and a spot for a coffee station, these can accommodate 16–20 people.
  • Modular Office Complexes: For a team-wide, comprehensive temporary office solution, check out our modular office complexes. We offer a variety of sizes and layouts. With private offices, cubicles, meeting rooms, and more, you’ll get everything your team needs to feel ready to work.

Rent a Modular Office with VESTA

You can find plenty of modular office buildings for lease with VESTA Modular. We offer flexible short- and long-term rental agreements that work with your needs. For those needing a space for five years or less, leasing is the most cost-effective space solution. For anything over that, we recommend purchasing a modular office space.

Versatility for Unique Scenarios

While our refurbished modular offices are the most affordable and quick to deploy, we do offer custom temporary office builds for customers that have more specific space needs. Is your office in a noisy, high-traffic area? Ask us about our sound masking services to ensure your work environment is as peaceful as possible. Need even more space? We also offer multi-story temporary offices.

Modular Office Turnkey Furnishings

VESTA doesn’t only provide office spaces—we also help our customers get everything they need in their office rental upon arrival. Our Beyond the Box turnkey furniture services save you the time and money it takes to seek out and shop for the tables, desks, chairs, and other necessities, like hand sanitizing stations, office cleaning supplies, air filtration systems, and more.

Previous Modular Office Rentals 

No need to put your project on hold while you construct a new workspace—we provide our clients with modular office buildings that meet their unique needs as quickly as possible.

    • University Of Texas – San Antonio (Temporary Modular Student Success Center): This stunning, 30,000+ sq. ft. temporary office for UTSA administrative staff won the Modular Building Institute Award Of Distinction. Made of 46 modules, we worked with the university to design a welcoming, functional space that would allow students to speak with advisors and discuss their future goals.
  • Phi Aviation (Temporary Modular Office Complex): A tight timeline is no match for our design, construction, and transportation team. Within a few short weeks, this 6-module building (which houses three offices, two restrooms, a reception space, an administrative office, and a large waiting area) was installed at PHI Aviation’s existing location in Houma, Louisiana.
  • Inserv Solutions (Modular Office with Furnishings): When our client needed an office space and one-stop shop for ancillary products for their new pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, we were able to provide exactly what they needed. We also provided a full suite of furniture and furnishings through Beyond the Box.

Modular Offices for Rent Near You

A lack of space doesn’t need to stop you from starting a new project, hiring more staff, or reaching your goals. Send us a message today to learn more about our extensive fleet of temporary modular offices for rent.

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