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Portable Offices 101: Benefits, Lease Terms, and More

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What Is a Portable Office? 

Portable offices are non-permanent fixtures that can be easily deployed for temporary use and simply removed upon project completion or whenever your space needs change. VESTA Modular sells and leases temporary modular building offices for many industries. 

Benefits of Portable Offices

There are many reasons to utilize portable offices. Compared to traditionally constructed office structures, portable offices are more:

  • Affordable: A used, portable modular office is substantially more affordable than a new, site-built structure. If your organization is looking to expand, but not keen on the idea of building a brand new office immediately, a portable office can provide as much space as you need, for as long as you need it.
  • Durable: Modular buildings, even portable ones, often exceed the quality of traditionally constructed spaces. This is because they are made in a climate controlled environment, which ensures no materials are compromised as a result of inclement weather. The streamlined, formulaic process of modular construction results in high-quality, reliable spaces your team can utilize for weeks, months, or years. 
  • Easily deployable: Short term job sites can certainly benefit from a portable office. Most projects with limited timelines wouldn’t have time for a standard, site-built office to be erected—enter: portable offices. Whenever your organization requires a portable office building on short notice, VESTA is here to provide for any and all space needs.

Types of Portable Offices

There are various types of portable offices, including:

Who Needs Portable Offices?

There are many industries and situations that can benefit from portable offices.

  • Construction industry: Provide your crew with a sturdy jobsite trailer or field office to lay out plans, take morning meetings, or enjoy a quick coffee break. If your job’s timeline seems to be taking longer than expected, let us know—VESTA can be flexible with leases and is happy to accommodate your needs. 
  • Remote locations: For more remote areas, a portable office is essential to providing supervisors with a place to meet and discuss the day’s work. When the project is finished, portable offices are extremely simple to have removed. 
  • Health care industry: During the pandemic, many hospitals were at capacity and required extra space for both patients and paperwork. Whether your healthcare organization is in need of additional space due to emergency circumstances or because of building construction, VESTA has an extensive array of buildings to accommodate your specificities. 
  • Government & military: For temporary or spontaneous projects, don’t worry about finding space to house your staff. A portable office from VESTA is readily available to be delivered to even the most remote of locations. 
  • Emergency response teams: When a natural disaster (or a pandemic) strikes, teams of helpers are brought in to aid affected communities in a variety of ways. Temporary, portable offices can be utilized as a spot to distribute emergency supplies or medical care and easily removed when the response efforts are no longer needed. 
  • Any temporary jobsite: A portable office from VESTA is ideal for any temporary jobsite. Our high-quality structures provide the functionality of a site-built office for a fraction of the cost. 
  • Offices under renovations: Work doesn’t have to be put on pause during long-awaited renovations. Inquire today about receiving a portable office space from VESTA to keep your team on track—our comprehensive modular offices can be equipped with turnkey furniture solutions to make the process even easier. 

Portable Office Cost

VESTA Modular provides portable offices for sale and lease. 

Mobile Offices for Sale

If your organization is seeking a durable, portable building to use for more than five years, we recommend purchasing an office. This will be more cost effective in the long term.  

Portable Offices for Lease

Do you need a portable office for less than five years? You would benefit from leasing an office space rental.

Leasing Options

We offer multiple forms of leases to cater to every organization’s needs.

  • Short-term: A short-term lease can be considered anywhere from a few months to 1–2 years.
  • Long-term: A long-term lease is typically between 2–5 years. For those who want a building for more than five years, purchasing tends to be more cost effective. However, we do offer long-term leases for as long as needed, even offering indefinite leases for clients.
  • Flexible: If you have a unique situation, we are happy to discuss what leasing terms are right for you. Leases for jobsite trailers, for example, can be customized to match the length of a job, and shortened or lengthened as needed.
  • Financed lease: Cut back on initial costs by leasing to own your modular building.

What’s the Difference Between a Mobile Office, Portable Office, and Office Trailer?

There is no difference between the terms mobile office, portable office, and office trailer—these are all buildings that are not permanently erected on a site. They can also be relocated or removed. 

Find Mobile Offices for Sale or Lease

Ready to make more space for your team? Send us a message today to start the process of acquiring your portable office space—we are happy to provide you with a free quote.

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