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The School Portable Gives Affordable Lease Options to Post COVID-19 School Budgets

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Rent or Buy A School Portable

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The future economic conditions facing our nation’s educational institutions looks precarious and unpredictable. Elementary schools, middle and high schools, as well as public and private universities across the country are all having their budgets threatened by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Earlier this month, the US News reported that:

“School officials from the country’s biggest school districts recently sent a message to Congress: Inject the K-12 system with a serious infusion of cash ahead of what forecasters say is the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, or brace for the catastrophic results of hallowed out school budgets.”

Federal, state, and local government funding is being spread thin in an effort to help those communities most affected. The decisions to allocate money to the many wonderful organizations and businesses will likely result in our schools tightening their belts. 

We think our school portable options can help you and your districts during this time.

School Portables for Rent or Lease For Next School Year

benefits of school portablesIn addition to your school needing to tighten its budget, the timeline for safely returning to physical school buildings is also unknown. Students across the country have missed several months of this past school year, and we cannot say what the next year will look like.

Some reports have also suggested that there might be a second round of the Coronavirus outbreak as we all go back to our normal routines. Estimates suggest that the next peak could be sometime this coming fall.

That’s where our mobile classroom options provide schools with flexible leasing options. Portable classrooms are cost effective spaces that give you more square footage for as long as you need the temporary classroom space. If you’re not using them, and your school facilities need to close down again, we can come accommodate your timelines.

To read about questions other people ask regarding portable classrooms, check out this helpful portable classroom guide.

Portable Classroom Design Tips for Small Spaces

Let’s say you or your school district decides to buy or rent a school portable. If you’ll be in a single classroom unit we recommend some of these creative interior design features. These can improve your staff and students’ moods as well as overall experience in small spaces.

Some common interior design techniques:

  • Get colorful with your walls! Teachers recommend painting, wallpapering, or even using bulletin board paper to give walls a vibrant, stimulating color.
  • Utilize mirrors where possible. Mirrors make spaces feel larger as the reflection makes us feel like there is additional space beyond the mirrored wall.
  • Layout the classroom in compartmentalized spaces to give the room a versatile feel. By giving the room a clear entry way, casual spaces, and designating structured learning spaces, the room opens up.
  • Optimize storage and wall space by utilizing slot shelving.  
  • Eliminate bulky furniture

Portable Classrooms Come in Many Different Layouts and Sizes

Portable classrooms or modular classrooms come in all shapes and sizes. You might only be interested in a single classroom unit that’s a 24’ x 36’ wide classroom trailer. But perhaps you’re looking for a modular classroom building with 2 or more classrooms that includes an office and foyer space.

Most Common School Portable Sizes:

In addition to these standard sizes, modular classrooms come in many more sizes that can be built to accommodate your school campus layout.

School Portable Furniture and Technical Specifications

Modular school building suppliers are often able to help you and your school acquire furniture. This ranges from desks, chairs, and lounge furniture that can be positioned to create separate spaces while utilizing your new space efficiently.

Additionally, portables can be conveniently modified to include full data wiring and connections, projectors with screens, and full HVAC systems. This gives staff environmental controls over the heating and cooling of the classroom for increased comfort and student focus.

School Portable Classroom Types:

You don’t have to settle for one single classroom type when buying or renting a school portable classroom. VESTA Modular services such a wide array of industries that we have modular classroom solution adjacent buildings for most class types. Our work with government agencies for security buildings and medical clinics for labs are just a couple examples of how we’re equipped to distribute the following classroom types:

  • Standard single elementary, middle school, or high school classrooms
  • Chemistry Labs
  • Computer Labs
  • Reading Rooms
  • Multi-purpose classrooms

How Much Does A School Portable Cost?

The cost of a school portable requires knowing a number of important variables about your project. 

  • It is important to know whether or not you want to rent a portable classroom or purchase one. 
  • Do you need just one classroom or multiple?
  • Will your classroom need any customizations to accommodate the type of classroom or lab that it will be serving as?
  • Will your building require a specialty floor plan, plumbing hookups for restrooms or lab sinks, or other types of rooms such as administrative offices or cafeteria space.

The best way to determine the cost of a portable classroom or any other modular school building is to call your modular construction company and talk to a local expert.

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