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How to Donate or Sell Modular Buildings: VESTA Modular Can Help!

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Industry Leader in Buying Used Modular and Portable Buildings

Do you have a modular building your company is no longer utilizing? VESTA Modular accepts used building donations from all industries when organizations no longer need the extra space. 

We are happy to remove and transport the used building from your site. In some specific cases, we will buy back used modular buildings, though it is dependent on the building type and its condition. 

Types of Used Modular Buildings We Buy

Modular buildings are an affordable and quickly deployable option for temporary space needs. When your company no longer requires that additional space, reach out to VESTA. We are interested in receiving all kinds and sizes of modular buildings.

Used Modular Office Buildings

Often, companies require temporary space for their employees to work while undergoing a building renovation or if their team has quickly expanded. Used modular offices are an easy, reliable method of providing that space. Once you are no longer in need of your modular building, you will need help removing or moving your unused portable office building. We can help with that.

Used Modular Classrooms

Schools and universities utilize temporary modular classrooms for many purposes. If your school district has received an influx of students or if you are working on expanding your campus, used portable classrooms are the perfect temporary solution. VESTA can remove your building when you no longer need it, making the process hassle-free for you. 

Used Construction Office Trailers

Construction companies often require temporary, portable buildings to serve as offices on site while the building is being constructed. Modular buildings are ideal for this purpose, as they are easy to remove upon project completion. 

Used Modular Church Buildings

Temporary modular buildings can serve many purposes for religious organizations, from worship halls to administrative offices to youth group meeting spaces. Once your new church is finalized and you no longer need your portable modular facility, VESTA can remove it from your site. 

Used Modular Healthcare Buildings

Modular buildings are incredibly useful in many sectors of healthcare, from clinics to dentist offices to temporary hospital administrative buildings to COVID isolation centers. When your office is finished with your used modular medical building, contact VESTA Modular to inquire about removal. 

Used Modular Disaster Relief Buildings

When a natural disaster or a medical emergency (like a pandemic) occurs, temporary space is crucial for disaster relief respondents to offer aid. Whether your community requires that hub for a few weeks or a few months, VESTA can work with you on the eventual modular building removal. 

Used Modular Housing Buildings

Temporary, portable housing is incredibly helpful for certain industries that require quickly deployable buildings for the on-site staff. Once your project is completed, no need to stress out trying to find someone to take over your building—VESTA works with all industries looking to sell modular buildings.

Used Portable Buildings 

No matter what you require a temporary space solution for, VESTA is interested in learning more about your used modular building and helping you find a new home for it. 

Why Do Modular Buildings Hold Their Value?

Modular buildings are built to last—they are incredibly durable and hold up well over time. Modular buildings, including the ones constructed through VESTA Modular, are held to the same building codes as site-built projects. However, modular, prefabricated buildings regularly exceed these standards. Climate-controlled construction better maintains the integrity of materials, ensuring your final building is incredibly sturdy, sealed, and long-lasting. 

Modular buildings can easily last up to 50 years, even after being transported and reused multiple times. 

Donate or Sell VESTA Your Used Modular Building

The Process

If your organization is no longer using your modular building, fill out our used modular building removal form. Any available interior and exterior photos would be very helpful as well—they can be emailed to We will be in contact with you shortly. 

The condition and age of your building, the type of building, your location, and the documentation available for your building all factor into our decision of whether or not we can acquire your modular building. 

If we determine your building would be a good fit for our fleet, we will arrange to transport it ourselves—we pride ourselves in making every situation simpler for our clients.

Benefits of Donating or Selling Your Used Modular Building

There are many good reasons to donate or even sell your modular building after you’re finished using it. Donating or reselling modular buildings is:

  • Eco-friendly: Not only are modular buildings environmentally friendly in terms of their construction, but they’re also a green option because of their ability to be reused. Instead of investing in traditional construction  that’ll need to be knocked down, modular buildings allow you the benefits of a permanent building with the environmental impact of a temporary structure. 
  • Cost-effective: Don’t let a temporary building sit on your books long after you’re finished using it. By selling your building, you can recoup some of the money you initially invested in installing the structure.
  • Good for property values: An empty building can easy fall into disrepair and become an eyesore or even a liability, decreasing property values. Getting rid of an unused building by selling or donating it is good for your property as well as your neighbors’.
  • Simple: Experienced companies like VESTA Modular will ensure that the removal of your used modular building is hassle-free.
  • Good for the community: Because modular buildings are so versatile, they can easily be donated across industries for a variety of uses. Donating rather than selling is always a great option to help benefit nonprofits and other worthy organizations in your community.

Why VESTA Modular?

VESTA Modular has decades of experience in buying, reusing, and selling modular buildings. We will ensure you get a fair value for your used modular building while taking care of the logistics of removal. 

Our team can quickly determine whether or not a used modular building can be refurbished to the quality level necessary to join our fleet. Whether we can buy your used modular building or need to pass on the opportunity, we will ensure that your experience with VESTA is clear, simple, and speedy, avoiding unnecessary headaches on your end.

Sell Modular Buildings to VESTA

Looking to sell or donate your modular building? VESTA Modular makes the process easy as can be, so your site can get back to its usual state. Send us a message today.

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