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Shipping Container Buildings for Commercial and Public Works Projects: Why Developers Are Increasingly Interested in Container Buildings

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A decade ago, it wasn’t uncommon to see a shipping container office on a school campus or construction site. With improved quality, fast manufacturing and elite customization, shipping container buildings are increasingly used for commercial and public works projects, and developers are taking note of the immense potential they possess.


Shipping Container Construction: Trends and Innovations

Shipping container construction may relate to the actual manufacturing of modular buildings or their use for schools, offices or commercial spaces. Modular construction can be an affordable and efficient turnkey solution for businesses, and those that want to go this route have more options than ever.


Shipping Container Commercial Buildings

Commercial shipping containers can be mixed-use and represent endless possibilities. Shipping container restaurants, shipping container building blocks and shipping container retail spaces are a totally new way to reduce overhead and maximize profit. 

In one area of Phoenix, shipping containers from ports were converted into building blocks, which was an energy-efficient, upcycling solution to provide both residential and commercial space. 


Commercial Container

There are all types of ways that shipping containers are used in commercial contexts. Commercial recycling containers, commercial food storage containers and commercial shipping containers are all a regular part of businesses. 

In the past few years, though, large commercial containers are being used in totally different ways. When manufactured to a certain specification, commercial shipping containers can be converted into permanent or semi-permanent dwelling spaces. These commercial structures are becoming widely popular.


Commercial Structures

Quality commercial structures are popping up in major cities and rural areas. Everything from commercial greenhouses to shipping container buildings provide businesses with ample possibilities. 

The low cost and high return of structures like these is the initial appeal. In fact, experts project that the modular construction market size for commercial, education, healthcare and hospitality sectors could reach $106B by 2027.


Types of Container Buildings

As mentioned, shipping containers can be custom manufactured for commercial buildings, or existing units can be repurposed. Either way, business owners or investors can get hundreds of square feet of usable space from single or double container units at a very low cost. 

Here are a few ways savvy business owners are leveraging this option.


Storage Container Gym

Making a gym out of a storage container is fairly straightforward. The dimensions and open-plan of a modular building lends itself well for all types of gyms: from boutique or mat gyms to ones with circuit training equipment in or affixed to the gym container. Storage container gyms can be outfitted with air conditioners, windows and more to get all the benefit of a building at a fraction of the cost.

In the age of social-distancing, individual training pods are incredibly attractive to the fitness community. Bold, a new modular gym concept using shipping containers is offering private 360 sq. ft. pods that fitness enthusiasts can reserve and train in.


Shipping Container Hotel

Away-from-home accommodations have changed a lot in the last few years, and the hospitality industry is using shipping containers to appeal to new visitors. A hotel made from shipping containers can either be a single, multi-story building or have an individual structure setup. 

Some owners pitch these as shipping container tiny house hotels, which is a fun twist that attracts customers.


Shipping Container Apartment

Shipping container apartments provide custom floorplans and finishes, plus all the amenities of a traditional apartment building. A shipping container apartment complex can be constructed on almost any site, and capitalize on vertical space. 

Shipping container apartments have actually been around for a while. One of the earliest was called Cube Square, outside of Houston. It was originally designed for students by Jack Wagamon. The complex had 24 apartments that were constructed from 36 shipping containers. Each apartment was fully-equipped and about 540 square feet.


Shipping Container Restaurant

The next awesome coffee shop or falafel place near you may just show up as a shipping container restaurant. Fully wired and ready for a front-end and kitchen, shipping container restaurant plans can easily accommodate the full scope and structure for a working eatery.


Shipping Container Retail Spaces

Pop-up shops, franchise locations, specialty stores and more are realizing the potential of shipping container retail spaces. Shipping container stores are a way to mitigate the financial risk of traditional real estate and free up overhead costs for doing businesses. 

Modular retail buildings can be easily constructed in far less time than a standard building. They can also be installed anywhere: on land, in a city or in the suburbs. This opens the way for small, mid-size or large retailers to get the space they need to sell.


Building With Shipping Containers

Shipping container building for commercial structures is an economic, environmentally-friendly option. Whether modular construction like this is showing up as the next great place to eat or the coolest place to live, it’s a trend that’s likely to continue. 

Technology makes it possible to fabricate and build some truly beautiful and unique shipping container buildings for commercial use.


Shipping Container Architecture

An immediate perception of commercial shipping container construction may bring to mind giant rectangles stacked up, one on top of the other. While this is a reasonable choice that may work in some contexts, shipping container architecture can really push the envelope.

With sky’s the limit exterior and interior options and unique shipping container architecture projects all over the world, there is ample inspiration to create something truly unique.


VESTA Modular: Homeless Shelter With Shipping Container Construction in LA

In addition to facilitating commercial businesses, shipping container buildings can be used in public works and community development. For instance, VESTA Modular was part of a homeless shelter construction in LA that used modular buildings. This solution provided housing for people in need, well within the modest budget of local entities.


Shipping Container Builders

While there are plenty of shipping container suppliers, finding one that can provide the right accessories and custom finishes for a commercial building is a different process. If you are in business, you’ll want to find a modular construction company that specializes in commercial shipping container buildings. These will be uniquely designed to meet business needs.

VESTA Modular is one of the best shipping container companies in the world, supplying modular buildings and turnkey solutions for commercial and residential use. 


Buy a Commercial Storage Container 

If you are looking for more information or to buy a commercial storage container, contact VESTA Modular today. Our highly-skilled team can point you in the right direction, ensuring that you get all of the features and accessories you need to make your container commercial building a success.

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