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How Much Does a Storage Container Rental Cost?

storage container rental cost

Leasing a storage container is a cost-effective solution to short-term storage needs. VESTA Modular’s portable storage containers will secure your items from the weather, wildlife, and theft. We offer flexible leasing options, so you won’t be locked into paying more than you need.

Should I Buy or Lease a Storage Container?

Leasing a storage container comes with a number of upfront advantages. While purchasing a storage container can cost thousands of dollars, VESTA has storage containers available for lease at less than $200 a month. Leasing requires a significantly smaller upfront investment and is the most cost-effective option unless you are planning to use your container continuously for several years.

Our crews will also complete the delivery and removal of your storage container, a service that may not be offered when purchasing a storage unit from another company.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Storage Container?

VESTA offers a range of options for both size and type of storage unit. Our 8’ x 20’ and 8’ x 40’ storage containers cost between $150–200 per month to rent, while our storage containers with on-ground offices are available in the same sizes for $350–575 per month.

In addition to the size of your storage container, the storage container rental price will depend on the features of the unit.

Available Leasing Options

VESTA works with clients in a wide range of industries that use our storage containers for a variety of purposes. That’s why we offer short- and long-term leasing options on our units. Flexible leases are available for uncertain timelines, and long-term leases can last up to two years and beyond.

Storage Uses


Stores that have a seasonal overflow of inventory can rent a storage container for several months to ensure their items are close by while remaining safe from theft and the elements. Major retailers use storage containers when one of their locations is undergoing a remodel or expansion. Shipping containers have also been used as seasonal pop-up shops or gift stores at entertainment venues.

Emergency Response

Crews working in the aftermath of a natural disaster or fire to clean up an area and start to rebuild need a place to store their equipment and take a break. Our storage containers are often utilized by businesses and organizations searching for a reliable solution during times of extreme and destructive weather, such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, forest fires, and other emergency situations.


Since mining operations typically take place in remote areas, it is difficult to easily build a temporary industrial storage building. VESTA Modular’s crews are highly experienced in delivering modular buildings to remote locations. An on-ground office can also provide a clean and climate-controlled space for field offices, control rooms, lockers, and equipment repair.


As organizations reassess their office situations in a post-pandemic, hybrid-work environment, many managers need places to temporarily store office equipment. Storage containers can provide that space during a transitional phase or when the current offices are undergoing construction or renovations. On-ground offices can be utilized by temporary events, particularly ones that take place outside. Fairs, concerts, fundraisers and other events can use the storage areas for instruments, electronics, and costumes, while logistical staff can benefit from the office space.


Temporary storage buildings are perfect for construction job sites. We can drop off the containers and leave them there for as long as your construction crews need them. Construction companies can use them to lock up valuable equipment, keep materials from getting damaged from severe wind and rain, or provide a space for staff to keep their personal belongings safe while they’re working. On-ground offices give construction companies the benefits of storage space and an area for employees to plan, meet, or take a break.


Having an on-site storage unit saves farmers precious travel time during planting and harvesting seasons. They can ensure that feed, produce, supplies, and equipment are kept safe from insects and wildlife. Farmers can keep tools, spare parts, fuel, and other materials on hand, so they don’t have to stop work and waste daylight trying to track down what they need.

Customized Storage Containers for Rent


In addition to storage units, we also offer on-ground offices that have been converted from storage containers. They’re an efficient way for construction crews, emergency response teams, or farmers to have affordable office spaces and combination storage areas near their worksites.

These spaces can also be used as break rooms for construction, mining, or other workers. VESTA Modular’s storage containers have 16 gauge steel walls, which act as a sound barrier to block out the sounds of nearby industrial work being performed.

These storage units have doors, windows, climate control, and finished flooring—just like an office. They can also be wired for electrical outlets and internet connectivity, and come with built-in lighting. Our clients often like to fill their office spaces with workstations, filing cabinets, TVs, and other amenities.

With Beyond the Box, VESTA customers can lease additional features and furnishings for their units, including desks, security features, beverage solutions, automotive hand sanitizer dispensers, and more.


The corrugated steel walls and ceiling of a storage container will protect your items from wind, water, and sun damage. Having an HVAC system in your office storage unit can also save items from mold, mildew, and other problems in particularly humid environments.

VESTA’s storage containers come with durable locks to prevent theft. If your unit contains an office, our Premium Security features are a great option to deter burglary. They include steel door bar sets, window security screens, adjustable window security bars, and tamper-resistant fasteners.

Temporary Storage Containers in Action

Freedom Church

When Freedom Church in Acworth, Georgia needed a temporary storage space for their annual entertainment event, they turned to VESTA Modular. Our 8’ x 40’ on-ground office and storage combination provided a staging area for their performers that served as a changing room, makeup area, and costume storage space. The unit was able to fit the needs of the church’s budget and available space—and the entertainers appreciated the air conditioning.

Cirque du Soleil

VESTA Modular was able to give Cirque du Soleil the space that they needed during a three-month show in Atlanta. We delivered seven modules in one day, including five office units and two storage containers with office spaces. The window screens and aluminum steps provided through Beyond the Box gave staff the security, privacy, and accessibility that they needed.

Delivery Estimates

The waiting period for storage containers for lease is significantly shorter than for new storage containers. Exact delivery estimates will depend on your location, but VESTA Modular will work to deliver the storage unit to your location as fast as possible.

Renting from VESTA Modular

Looking to rent shipping containers for storage at your location? Reach out to VESTA’s staff to find an affordable and flexible solution for your business.

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