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Types of Commercial Buildings That Modular Construction Contractors Can Build For You

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The modular construction industry provides as much customization and diversity of commercial building types as that of its traditional construction counterparts. To illustrate this, we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular buildings that modular companies provide.

For a complete list, all you need to do is contact your preferred commercial general contractor.

Below we’ve listed some of the most common types of commercial buildings that we and our partners in the modular construction industry have served clients across the U.S. and the globe.


Type #1) Commercial Modular Retail Stores

Modular retail storefronts include all sizes and types of commercial business spaces. Whether you need a smart looking, spacious environment to sell clothing, fishing equipment, cooking equipment, or a convenience store, there is a volumetric solution for you.

The best part is that you can incorporate every room type you need. That means ensuring your staff has a break room, restrooms, an office space, and a warehouse area for any backstock. And you can equip your new commercial building with handicap accessible entryways as well loading docs for convenient and efficient access.

Examples include:

  • Small local stores and shops
  • Big box department stores for corporate chains
  • Shopping centers such strip malls or outlet malls


Type #2) Modular Restaurant Buildings

Modular buildings serve as amazing restaurant spaces. The ability to customize the dining area, kitchens, restrooms, refrigeration spaces, storage and entryways is endless. And the ability to build and customize all the materials to be included in an offsite environment means that your commercial contractor can deliver your design build space faster than a traditional construction company would.

Add high ceilings, custom high-end flooring materials, full glass walls, garage door entryways, custom interior and exterior materials, and any other specifications you desire for your next trendy food venue.

Examples include:

  • Small-temporary restaurant spaces for your innovative start-up restaurant
  • Downtown, multi-use restaurant and retail buildings
  • Fine dining, upscale, and country club eateries


Type #3) Food Stores

Modular commercial buildings also include popular food selling businesses. The ability to simply create unique, well understood spaces within your grocery store, convenience store, food co-op, or butcher shop will give you a clean feel and help your customers understand the compartmentalized layout of your business.

Examples include:

  • Grocery stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Food co-ops
  • Butcher and specialty food stores
  • Natural health food stores
  • Storage and food warehouses


Type #4) Modular Offices

Easily one of the most requested commercial modular building spaces for companies, offices range in scale, use, and custom technological requirements. If you’re ready to move your corporate offices to a new location, need a temporary one on a construction site, or simply need to add an office addition to an already existing building, your options are virtually limitless.

You can add high-end features to give your permanent office buildings a branded, custom feel. Or go budget-friendly on onsite construction office trailers that are mobile, yet secure and enhance your ability to organize and meet a minimalistic set of requirements.

Examples include:

  • Mobile construction office trailers
  • Temporary retail offices
  • Multi-story administrative office buildings
  • Corporate headquarter offices
  • Dental and medical offices


Type #5) Industrial and Manufacturing Buildings

Whether fully modular or a combination of prefabricated components and ground-up construction, a commercial contractor that specializes in modular construction can assemble industrial complexes, modular manufacturing buildings and energy plants. 

These include open concepts to house large machinery and equipment, industrial factory assembly lines, and necessary power requirements. This includes accessory spaces and warehousing for storage.

Examples include:

  • In-building offices
  • Custom factory buildings
  • Energy facilities
  • Equipment shelters


Type #6) Modular Hotels and Motels

When you think about types of commercial buildings that modular construction has historically served, you might have thought about the housing industry first. The commercial lodging industry has also frequently benefited from modular construction. Since designs from room to room rarely vary in size or layout, modular building techniques allow for companies to quickly assemble identical rooms in an almost factory-like efficiency model.

And while the resulting speed is wonderful, you’ll also benefit from customizing your spaces materials and layouts to give your guests the best experience. Make sure your customers are prepared for their vacation getaway or their next important business trip.

Examples include:

  • Boutique Hotels and Motels
  • Multi-story hotels
  • Vacation villas
  • Resorts


Type #7 Medical Buildings

Given the extreme circumstances over recent events, modular healthcare and medical facilities have become increasingly popular across the globe. Their benefits include both their ability to serve a diverse array of medical building types and to be constructed or deployed quickly.

Whether for patient care facilities, private doctors’ offices, labs, or large-scale hospital buildings, modular has never been a better option than it is right now for the medical industry.

Examples include:

  • Family practice doctors offices
  • Dental offices
  • Optometrist offices
  • Hospitals
  • Labs
  • Temporary patient rooms and overflow spaces


Type #8) Multifamily Apartments, Townhomes, and Housing

Similar to motels and hotels, many developers and business owners in the real estate industry are taking advantage of modular multi-family housing developments. Their quick turnaround time, clean spaces, and customizable features give landlords and tenants exactly what they want in their next living spaces.

Plus, modular construction’s quick turnaround time means that investors and developers will begin to see a return on their investment sooner than if they had shopped with a traditional construction contractor.

Examples include:

  • Duplexes and Multi-plex Housing
  • Townhomes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Apartment complexes
  • Affordable housing communities
  • Homeless Shelters


Have a Commercial Building Type Not Listed Here?

We can’t overstate the fact that modular commercial construction is capable of the same customization and building types as that of traditional, site built construction techniques.

If, after reading this list of common types of commercial buildings, you didn’t see the building you had in mind, give one of our modular experts a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to get started. Contact us or select “Get a Quote” below.

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