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VESTA Modular Continues to Provide Universities With Essential Modular Student Housing


The University of Richmond is another post-secondary institution taking advantage of modular student housing as a means of safely returning students to campus during the continuing COVID-19 outbreak.



The University of Richmond is another post-secondary institution taking advantage of modular student housing as a means of safely returning students to campus during the continuing COVID-19 outbreak.

“What we were looking to do was to provide spaces that were not in our residential areas where students were living. We landed on the idea of bringing in these modular units. And we were lucky to get in contact with a great company (That’s us!) to get them in here in advance of the students coming,” explained Patrick Benner, Director of Residence Life and Housing at the University of Richmond.

If we’ve learned anything so far, it’s that when universities need housing, they tend to need a lot of modular units and they need them promptly.


Check out the post in which we provided modular dorms at Tufts University.


“We were the only university in the state that was able to secure them,” Benner later stated.


Our Goals When Delivering Modular Dormitories

Simply put, we know that our clients demand several key things from our temporary housing options:

  • Comfortable Living Spaces
  • Quick Delivery and Installation
  • Customer Service and Responsiveness


Comfortable, Temporary Student Housing

At VESTA, we work with the university staff to help provide the living conditions that ensure students have a quiet place to study, rest, and maintain their college living standards as close to their traditional dormitories as possible. 

This isn’t particularly challenging for a company as experienced as ours as we’ve worked on many large-scale modular housing projects. We’ve constructed custom villas in the carribean, a temporary workforce hotel in Alaska, an entire affordable housing project in the city of Atlanta, as well as other modular dorm construction for students.

Due to the quantity and types of materials we use, we are able to ensure noise between rooms is minimized. This is essential for someone who might be feeling ill, is stressed, and still trying to find the energy to study.

Additionally, building and assembling using prefabricated building components gives us the ability to optimize the floor plans in any custom layout that a school and medical professionals might recommend. And we can do that quickly.

And the housing units come with bathrooms, HVAC systems, additional windows, electrical accommodations, as well as convenient network connectivity for internet access.

Dare we say, students might even prefer our modular dorm rooms.


Quick Delivery and Installation

We have 1000s of portable buildings all over the country. With a large inventory ready for immediate deployment, we are able to add any necessary adjustments and deliver buildings quickly. 

Depending on the availability of our modular units and proximity to your location, we’ve fully installed units in weeks, sometimes even quicker.


Customer Service and Responsiveness

Our modular experts are there to assist you and keep you informed every step of the way. We understand the seriousness of the situation that we’re all facing given the pandemic. You’ll be impressed with our professionalism, responsiveness, and our knowledge.

And we’ll work with any representative from your school as well as medical professionals to ensure everyone is comfortable with their modular building experience.


To learn more about our student housing options, check out our overview of modular dorms.


Modular Student Housing and Classrooms Have a Role To Play in This Fight

As more and more universities, k-12 schools, colleges, and charter schools attempt to return to school, the versatility of modular student housing and classrooms continues to play a big part in helping districts with social distancing guidelines.

Our staff continues to watch the latest CDC recommendations to ensure we’re informed about the most updated best practices. 


To see some of our classroom layouts for social distancing, check our guide to modular classrooms.


Contact us, today about arranging temporary student housing or custom modular construction for your next dorms or school facilities. Trust us, you and your students will love them. Select request a quote below or at the top of the screen and one of our experts will get in contact with you.

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