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Advantages of Using VESTA Modular Buildings for Student Housing

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As the need for education rises, so does the need for educational facilities and student housing. That’s part of the reason VESTA works hard to create a single point of contact for all modular needs. Whether your VESTA Modular buildings need to be permanent or temporary, we can create your student housing solution, with a variety of units: single, double, multi, and custom school complexes.

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Time Constraints

When it comes to construction, time constraints tend to be an unwelcome guest. Thanks to modular systems, however, that is no longer a problem. On average, a modular building can be constructed ~50% quicker than buildings made using more traditional forms of construction. With traditional construction, foundations are laid, walls are built, roofs are added, and then construction on the interior of the building begins. This process can be long and daunting at times.

Modular design is a bit different. Instead of being fully constructed on site, the units are already being constructed in an offsite factory while the foundation is being laid onsite. To make things even better, the offsite construction includes interior and exterior finishes, before it’s even delivered to the site. This eliminates the time it takes to completely remodel the interior. 

During the 2018-2019 school year, Ann Arbor Public Schools expected another growth spurt in students. The increase in students caused the school system some concern, as there was no longer sufficient room in its current facilities. To help alleviate the problem, the school system turned to VESTA for a modular system that helped it complete the project on time and within budget. 

Potential for Cost Reduction and Extra Revenue

Another reason modular buildings are great for student housing is because they tend to be more affordable than buildings made using more conventional forms of construction. This is due to the ability to work simultaneously offsite and onsite, which makes modular solutions quicker than traditional construction. It’s also because a few costs are cut out during the process, thanks to assembly-line efficiency. Not to mention, waiting for extra materials is no longer a problem. 

Due to these cost reductions, and the ability to house the same number of students as a more traditionally constructed building, clients save money during the construction process.

Turnkey Solutions and Customization 

VESTA Modular buildings are ready for use the moment they leave the facility. VESTA can build any type of structure you need — including hotels, apartments, offices, classrooms, and schools — using its seamless process. 

Having the ability to create customizable facilities that fit each individual’s needs is important. That’s why VESTA offers modular-specific Design-Build services. Some of our customers are committed to the process from the beginning, thus giving the VESTA team the opportunity to work with them and craft a design that both parties will love. 

Remote Locations 

Modular buildings are great due to their ability to be constructed in obscure and challenging locations, and VESTA has a reputation for constructing beautiful units offsite and bringing them to some of the most remote places on Earth. This eliminates many location barriers, i.e. cold temperatures or snow getting in the way. If you are dealing with any challenging site logistics or timelines, consider partnering with VESTA to create the ideal modular solution.

Interested in learning more about the building solutions we have to offer? Visit our website or give us a call today for a quote!

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