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VESTA Modular’s “Best Dressed” Classroom Contest

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Our modular school buildings and classrooms create dynamic space solutions that provide safe, clean learning environments for students and staff alike. For our "BEST DRESSED" Classroom contest, we reached out to all of our customers who have purchased/leased our modular classrooms and asked the teachers to submit photos of their space along with a brief description describing how they decorated their space. We want to showcase their modular classroom as an engaging learning environment.

We received several submissions and want to thank all that participated. We are very pleased and humbled by the various ideas and effort these educators put into their learning spaces, every year. We want to congratulate this year's winner, runner-up and honorable mentions!

2022 Winner-Doniphan-Trumbull Public School

Teacher: Cecilee Huelsnitz

Grade:  SPED Teacher- Pre-K

Describe how you decorated your space:

At Doniphan-Trumbull we have put into place a new preschool with a new modular. This modular has 2 rooms with 2 bathrooms and houses 2 preschool classes. The north side of the building houses one of our 4-year-old classes and the south side of the building houses one of our 3-year-old classes. The north side is where the students do their seat work, calendar, and snack. The southside is where the students have center time. Centers we have on that side are dramatic play, art, toys and games, blocks, and discovery. The students love playing with all the toys and enjoy learning about our different studies. On the north side, students are learning to trace, cut, count, color, and write. We also use this side to do fine motor skills like puzzles, legos, and play-do. The students love the new building and the way that it is colored like a rainbow.

Runner-UP: E Center Head Start Programs

Teacher: Jodie Keller

Grade: Ages 0 – 5

Describe how you decorated your space:

We have an infant classroom and a toddler classroom designed to accommodate this age group with child size furniture and child size restrooms. We tend to use more natural tones in our environments supporting the natural stages of child development.

Honorable Mention: Detroit Leadership Academy

Teacher:  LaToya Williams

Grade: K-8 Technology

Describe how you decorated your space:

I think all students deserve an inviting classroom to work in. I decorated my room with lots of vivid colors. I also put things that are specifically important for our class on the walls such as a large keyboard and shortcuts.

Honorable Mention: Pine Harbor Christian Academy

Teacher: Bronwyn Wucherpfennig

Grade: 5th Grade Teacher

Describe how you decorated your space:

I used 80's style READ posters to decorate a reading corner

Honorable Mention: Pine Harbor Christian Academy

Teacher: Elcy Padmanabhan

Grade: Middle School ELA & S.S

Describe how you decorated your space:

I love my large, brightly, lit classroom. My color scheme is black and white with colorful accents on my bulletin boards. It is a reader friendly classroom with an extensive classroom library, surrounded by soft rugs and comfy seats. My students love to scrawl out and dive into a good book. I also have lot of maps and black and white posters that reflect the social studies themes. Above one set of maps i have mounted five black and white clocks that show the time in different parts of the world. This is often used as a talking point in my social studies class. I love to see my students comfortable and excited to learn each day we spend in this room.

Honorable Mention: Yulee Middle School

Teacher:Christine Loomis

Grade:  6-8 all subjects

Describe how you decorated your space:

A “best dressed classroom” for our students in Nassau County started with a portable which became the creation of The Tiny House Project. This project was created for all students across our county to visit and learn important life skills. Students learn life and social skills in the classroom as part of their curriculum, but there is also a need for them to learn how to transfer those skills to a real-life situation. This is where the Tiny House Project comes in! We received donations from our student’s families and our community to create a real home for our students to learn in. The students themselves took part in decorating, organizing cabinets with dishes and utensils, and helping to create task boxes that will be used in the Tiny House. We hope you enjoy our powerpoint tour of our Tiny House Project!

Honorable Mention: Los Caminos

Teacher: Stephanie Spinner

Grade:  Volunteer Pre-K

Describe how you decorated your space:

We decorated are space as a traditional pre-school room with varies areas for activities and learning.

Honorable Mention: Los Caminos

Teacher: Catherine Tisdale

Grade:  Pre-school 3s

Describe how you decorated your space:

Decorated our space with the beginning of the school year in mind!

Honorable Mention: Montessori Radmoor School

Teacher: Sara Franklin, Ben Bellamy, Christine Russell

Grade: AMI Montessori Lower Elementary Guide

Describe how you decorated your space:

My space is prepared according to AMI Montessori standards for Lower Elementary environment (grades 1 through 3)

Honorable Mention: Kalamazoo Christian Elementary

Teacher: Vanessa Sussmann

Grade: Spanish Immersion Program Lead Teacher

Describe how you decorated your space:

Tried to be effective and efficient in organizing my materials and shelves so it was conducive to learning. Tried to maximize each space!

Honorable Mention: Valley Christian School

Teacher: Crystal Woehlecke

Grade: Administrator-Principal/Pre K-8

Describe how you decorated your space:

The teachers have decorated each room to fit their needs for their classrooms. In the Modular we have our middle school classroom, 4th/5th Class, music/art classroom and the Lego league classroom.

Thank you all who participated!

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