Our 24'X36' Modular Classroom

As your school system grows, new technologies are purchased, and your education space adapts to meet your growing demands, our singular modular classrooms provide you with a cost effective, high quality space solution..

Vesta’s singular classroom structure includes 475 square feet of additional space plus a handicap accessible bathroom. For educational institutions, public and private, k-12, colleges and universities experiencing a need for more student and faculty space, contact our team to learn more about our temporary or permanent modular classrooms.

VESTA offers temporary modular classrooms that can be delivered quickly to meet your tightest deadlines. Once you no longer need the modular buildings, our team will promptly remove it for you. For schools that work together with neighboring school districts that might also be searching for a modular classroom solution, our team can easily transport temporary units to a nearby school, hassle-free.

We also provide permanent modular classroom solutions. Our team can work side-by-side with an already existing contractor or act as your licensed general contractor to complete the project.

Optional Features for your Singular Modular Classrooms

  • Standard bathrooms and handicap-accessible bathrooms available
  • Desks available for students or instructors
  • Comfortable chairs and furniture for lounging
  • Wired for full data connectivity
  • Access stairs or ramps for easy accessibility
  • Outer canopies for protection against the weather
  • You can choose between carpeted flooring or vinyl composition tile
  • A/V equipment for lectures and presentations

Our team has years of experience in both manufacturing and site completion which allows us to truly understand the full modular building process. VESTA brings a professional approach and unique perspective to its projects utilizing a greener, faster, and smarter way of building. THINKING BEYOND THE BOX is the motto we live by – see how VESTA can complete your project faster than you ever thought possible.

Standard Classroom Layout

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