Custom Modular Workforce and Dormitory Housing for Lease or Sale

VESTA prides itself on the quality of its custom modular workforce housing buildings. That is why we offer a wide array of options for our customers to choose from so that they always find exactly what they need. Whether you need a temporary unit or something more permanent, we have the right modular unit for you.

You can also rest assured that your custom modular workforce housing unit will be sustainable and more efficiently manufactured than traditional construction methods. Regardless of whether your unit is new or pre-owned, you can be certain that you are receiving a custom modular workforce housing unit of the highest quality.

Custom modular workforce housing

Available Custom Modular Workforce and Dormitory Housing

  • Dorms/Workforce Housing

Custom Dorms & Workforce Housing

  • Dorms/Workforce Housing
  • Multi Unit

30 Bed VIP Dorm

  • Dorms/Workforce Housing
  • Multi Unit

Standard Double Occupancy Dorm

44 Bed Modular Dorm
  • Dorms/Workforce Housing
  • Double Wide

44 Bed Dorm

5 Bed/5 Bath Modular Dorm
  • Dorms/Workforce Housing
  • Single Wide

5 Bed / 5 Bath


Types of Custom Modular Workforce Housing and Dormitories

Permanent custom modular workforce or dormitory housing buildings serve those who will be using their unit for five years of more. These are typically buildings that will remain in one place indefinitely and will serve a more permanent purpose, such as a new addition of modular student dormitories to a university campus or modular workforce housing for a long-term construction project.

Custom Modular Dormitories

Does your school or university need a custom dormitory that is as unique as your students? VESTA Modular can provide custom modular dormitories that match your existing campus structures and provide a comfortable living space for your student body.

Modular Workforce Housing

Each industry has its own unique needs, and we can work with you to create a custom modular workforce housing unit that will suit your exact specifications. Whether you would like built-in WiFi, ramps for accessibility, or even fully furnished spaces, we can tailor your space to accommodate your entire workforce.

Custom Modular Government/Municipal Housing

With VESTA’s custom modular dormitory buildings, you can supply high-quality shelter to municipalities in need of affordable housing without the added cost of traditional construction methods. Our unique offsite factory construction allows you to stay under budget without compromising on quality.

Get Fully Furnished Custom Modular Workforce Housing with Beyond the Box

Why Custom Modular Dormitories?

Enjoy the benefits of a customized modular workforce housing building when you:

Because our modular units are constructed in a factory, it means that we can begin constructing your space regardless of progress made at a construction site. In fact, when compared with traditional onsite construction, offsite modular construction is twice as fast.

Our Process

VESTA’s four-step process ensures that you are always aware of the progress made on your modular workforce housing unit:

Project Inquiry

Before we can begin the process of creating your custom modular unit, we must first determine what it is that you want. VESTA works with you to discuss your requirements for features and functionality. Then, we present you with a quote for you to look over.

Design & Permitting

Once you’ve reached a decision about your modular workforce housing unit, we will begin the design process for all your customizations. Because VESTA is committed to your satisfaction, we can also suggest an adequate design for a pre-owned building that may suit your needs just as well as a custom unit. We will also make sure that we secure the necessary permits before any work begins.


After designs are complete and permitting is secured, we can then begin the fabrication process offsite. This not only provides a speedier turnaround time, but it also helps to keep construction costs low.

Transportation & Installation

Following the completion of the construction process, VESTA will then transport your modular workforce housing unit to your location and install it for your convenience. As soon as the unit has been installed, it is ready for use.

Custom Modular Dormitories Costs


Leasing with VESTA gives you the ultimate flexibility for long-term use. Even if you don’t have a definitive idea of your length of use, we offer an indefinite leasing option to make sure you have your unit for as long as you need.


Purchasing a modular workforce housing unit may be the right choice for you if you intend to use it for a long period of time. For example, if you plan on utilizing your modular workforce housing for more than five years, purchasing may better suit your budget when you account for the cost of the unit and the period of use.

Other Cost Factors

All of our units have unique advantages and disadvantages. These features will have an impact on cost:

  • Building size: VESTA offers a variety of sizes depending on your needs, and larger units may be more costly than smaller modular units. 
  • New or used: New modular workforce housing units tend to be more expensive because they provide the convenience of newer technologies and features. However, you could save quite a bit of money by selecting a pre-owned unit and still enjoy some more limited customization options.
  • Permanent or temporary: Permanent modular workforce housing units are typically more expensive at the time of purchase. That said, while temporary housing units may be less costly at first, you may have to factor in a removal fee into your total cost to get an accurate comparison between the two options.
  • Customization: Customization will provide you the exact modular unit that you envision, but it can come at a higher cost depending on the extent of your customizations.
  • Beyond the Box: If you are looking to customize your modular workforce housing even further, you can select our Beyond the Box program. With Beyond the Box, we can furnish your custom modular unit to save you time and hassle for an added cost.

Create Beautiful, Custom Workforce Housing

To get the best custom modular workforce housing, you have to be selective about the company you choose. At VESTA, we provide the highest level of service and finest attention to detail so your custom modular workforce housing is perfectly suited for your needs. Contact us today to find out more about what a difference custom modular workforce housing can make.

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