We currently do not have a lease fleet in Hawaii, only considering large sold projects on a case by case basis

Hilo, Hawaii is the largest and oldest city in Hawaii and lies at the base of two volcanoes—Mauna Loa, which is active, and Mauna Kea, which is dormant. Mauna Kea hosts some of the world’s most important astronomical observatories and is also home to the world’s leading producers of macadamia nuts. Hilo’s residents can greatly benefit from VESTA Modular’s building offerings. We specialize in constructing and delivering Hilo, Hawaii’s clients with customized modular warehouses, dorms, office buildings, classrooms, and more, all of which can be tailored to each individual industry's needs. Whether you're looking for a prefabricated complex to lease or buy, our modular buildings are mobile and cost-effective, which is a huge advantage when facing the challenges of island life. VESTA Modular’s temporary or permanent custom modular buildings are suitable for any of Hilo’s leading industries, including agriculture, tourism, trade, and more. Give us a call and begin your next construction project with VESTA Modular.

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We lease and sell modular buildings, which means we can provide you with anything from a used rental unit to a full custom modular design. Take a look at our wide range of projects:


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