We currently do not have a lease fleet in Hawaii, only considering large sold projects on a case by case basis

As the largest city in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Honolulu, Hawaii, is the home to over a million people and is the capital of the state. The city is a major point of international trade and military defense, and is also a place of great diversity in which eastern and western cultures merge. Honolulu is the most remote major city in the world and acts as a gateway to the United States from the Pacific. This positioning makes Honolulu prime for VESTA Modular’s customizable modular construction and remote logistics solutions. We have the expertise and resources to deliver exactly what you need in a timely manner, for lease or sale. Choosing VESTA Modular will make your construction projects greener, mobile, cost-effective, and overall smarter for your business. Our temporary or permanent modular buildings can cater to Honolulu’s trade market or prominent tourism industry.

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We lease and sell modular buildings, which means we can provide you with anything from a used rental unit to a full custom modular design. Take a look at our wide range of projects:


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