Modular Buildings for Various Industries in New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven, Connecticut is a coastal city and the second-largest city in the state. Home to the Ivy league institution, Yale University, this Connecticut town is brimming with innovations and advancements that make it an exciting place to be for industry leaders from all backgrounds. VESTA Modular is the number one modular building and installation company for developers looking for high quality, cost-effective construction projects. For temporary or modular complexes in the education, energy, construction, and disaster recovery industries, VESTA Modular is New Haven’s best choice for your next project. All of VESTA Modular’s offerings can be completely customized to fit our client’s needs, whether for lease or sale. We also serve the healthcare, biotechnology, financial, professional services, and retail industries of New Haven. Give us a call and get your modular project started with us, today.

Affordable modular building types in New Haven, Connecticut

We lease and sell modular buildings, which means we can provide you with anything from a used rental unit to a full custom modular design. Take a look at our wide range of projects:


Find your Modular Building Solution in New Haven, Connecticut

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