Modular Buildings for Every Industry

The flexibility, affordability, and customization options of modular buildings make them a great fit for a wide range of industries. Below are just a few of the industries where our modular buildings have provided the perfect space solution for our customers. If you don’t see your industry represented below, reach out to our staff to find out how VESTA Modular can help your business.

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Construction and Job Sites

Our portable modular offices are a great option for construction job sites because they provide a comfortable, convenient space for employees to work. There is a range of floor plans available for our modular construction offices, including those with bathrooms, break rooms, conference rooms, filing cabinets, office cubicles, and more.

In addition to our office trailers, VESTA’s storage containers are also popular at job sites. They provide a safe, secure place for employees to store their materials and equipment when they’re not in use. Our portable storage solutions are ideal for protecting items from theft and inclement weather.

Commercial, Industrial, and Manufacturing

VESTA Modular’s selection of buildings can serve as affordable, effective solutions for businesses in the commercial, industrial, and manufacturing sectors. While our portable offices are popular with industrial operations such as mines and oil refineries, we also have permanent structures that are popular as front offices for factories. 

The size and complexity of our offices are also flexible. VESTA can create entire office complexes quickly and affordably.

Some of our other options that would be great for these industries include break rooms, restrooms, showers, locker rooms, in-plant offices, and shipping and receiving facilities. We can also provide a range of workforce housing options.


Temporary modular classrooms are often used by school districts to respond to changes in student enrollment. Our customization options allow districts to purchase new classrooms that can be designed as chemistry labs, music rooms, and other specialized classes.

Schools commonly use VESTA’s modular buildings as administrative offices, cafeterias, computer labs, student dormitories, and daycares. We also offer modular school buildings that are great for athletic complexes, such as concession stands, locker rooms, showers, restrooms, and storage units.

Disaster and Emergency Relief

VESTA Modular’s buildings have often been used in the wake of disasters and emergency situations such as hurricanes and fires. Our portable offices, showers, restrooms, dining halls, storage units, and other buildings are ideal for crews looking to clean up and rebuild. They can also serve as temporary classrooms, medical buildings, offices, and other swing spaces while construction and renovation work is ongoing.

Government and Military

Our security and customization options make VESTA Modular the top choice for government modular buildings. These can include government offices, fire and police stations, and municipal buildings such as post offices, meeting halls, and libraries. They can also serve as excellent modular military buildings like barracks, dining halls, and offices.


VESTA Modular works with many organizations in the healthcare industry that prefer our buildings for their comfort, cleanliness, and convenience. Our modular healthcare buildings have been used as imaging rooms, labs, clinics, trauma centers, and expansions to existing facilities. 

Portable modular buildings are ideal for temporarily expanding space to deal with unpredictable pandemic spikes or particularly challenging cold and flu seasons. The flexibility of VESTA’s modular healthcare buildings allows them to also serve as veterinarian clinics, dental offices, administrative offices, and more.

Church and Religion

We frequently build and supply both temporary and permanent religious buildings. Our modular church buildings can serve as permanent, affordable houses of worship or as temporary swing spaces while existing buildings are being renovated or repaired. They are also popular as administrative offices, classrooms, daycares, meeting rooms, and dining halls.

Remote Locations and Islands

One of the best features of modular buildings is their ability to be easily installed in remote areas. Unlike traditional buildings, which must be assembled on site where tools and equipment are more difficult to obtain, our buildings can be delivered ready to go. We have delivered modular buildings to sites in the Arctic Circle and the Caribbean.

Our modular buildings are available to ship to remote locations, including workforce housing, offices, medical buildings, and disaster relief and emergency buildings.

Why VESTA Modular?

VESTA creates high-quality, sustainable, durable modular buildings. We love giving our customers a range of options over their designs, floor plans, and financing options. 

VESTA also offers your modular buildings to be move-in ready on day one with our Beyond the Box service. With Beyond the Box, your buildings will have the furniture, accessibility features, technology, sanitation solutions, security, and concierge services that they need to get up and running in no time.

Wondering How Modular Buildings Can Help Your Industry?

The flexibility and affordability of modular buildings make them great choices for a broad range of industries. Find out how they can help your organization.