Modular Healthcare Buildings For Sale or Lease

VESTA has years of experience working with a wide variety of medical teams who require a high-quality space solution. Whether you are interested in constructing a new multi-story hospital wing or need a temporary office while your clinic is undergoing renovations, we are here to design, manage, construct, and deliver your modular building.


Popular Modular Healthcare Buildings

Is your organization in need of customized medical offices, hospital buildings, or medical labs? VESTA Modular supplies both new and used modular buildings to all kinds of medical professionals across the country.

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    Types of Modular Healthcare Buildings

    VESTA provides modular healthcare buildings and medical facilities for both temporary and permanent space needs. Whether you’re investing in a permanent expansion or need emergency overflow space, VESTA Modular can help. We offer new, custom facilities as well as pre-owned medical buildings.

    Modular Medical Offices

    All kinds of healthcare-related offices can customize and benefit from modular offices. An inviting office is key to productivity, and our offices can be customized to include everything from office furniture to coffee and water stations—we know medical professionals work long hours, and a comfortable work environment is incredibly important.

    Hospitals & Trauma Centers

    Is your community’s hospital or trauma center outdated and in need of replacement? With our multi-complex modular buildings, entire hospital wings can be created. Save money in the construction process and create a stunning, vibrant center that patients and staff appreciate with our custom modular buildings.

    Imaging & MRI Buildings

    VESTA has supplied modular imaging clinics. Modular imaging buildings can easily be customized to house CT or MRI equipment. These structures come complete with all of the necessary shielding and mechanical systems to accommodate specialized imaging equipment. 

    It is often more economical to add a modular imaging building addition to house new equipment than to retrofit existing space within a hospital, making our customizable process a cost-effective method of creating the ideal space for patients, staff, and equipment.

    Medical Clinics

    Many kinds of clinics can utilize cost-effective modular buildings, from dentists to urgent care facilities to physical therapists to on-site health clinics to vets. Our used modular buildings can provide a clean and durable space solution in the event your clinic is undergoing renovations.

    Medical Labs

    Medical labs can be created from modular buildings. Many hospitals and universities can save money through our modular construction process—customize a lab as simple or intricate as you require, and receive it in just a few months' time.

    Disaster Relief Emergency Medical Buildings

    Quickly deployable, portable, temporary buildings are essential for disaster relief. When an extreme weather event or natural disaster (like a pandemic) occurs, VESTA’s modular portable buildings are the best way to supply those in need with necessary medical aid. 

    COVID-19 Pandemic Response Facilities

    Portable, temporary buildings are perfect for isolation spaces. If there is a spike in cases in your community and you are quickly running out of space, VESTA can quickly deploy temporary modular buildings to your organization.

    Senior Centers

    Senior centers need clean, flexible spaces that allow them to take care of their residents. Whether you need a gathering space or a new administrative wing, modular buildings are an affordable, safe solution.


    Modular daycare buildings are often implemented at hospitals for the children of doctors, nurses, and medical staff—the long, atypical hours physicians work are often not conducive with many public daycares. VESTA has lots of experience in creating colorful, vibrant, joyful spaces for children and their caretakers to enjoy.

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    Who Needs Modular Healthcare Buildings?

    Many kinds of medical industries can benefit from modular healthcare buildings, including:

    Why Modular Healthcare Buildings?

    There are many benefits to using modular buildings in the medical industry, including:

    Modular Healthcare Buildings vs. Traditional Construction

    Modular healthcare buildings are just as customizable as traditional healthcare buildings, and they come with more benefits. Not only are they quicker to produce than traditionally built healthcare buildings, but they are also more affordable and mitigate all of the disruptions that come with on-site construction like excessive noise, traffic, dust, and machinery emissions.

    The Modular Healthcare Building Process

    Get your new or pre-owned modular classroom or school building in four simple steps.

    Project Inquiry

    Do you have an idea in mind for your modular medical building? Send us a message to get the process started.

    Design & Permitting

    During the design phase, our team will work with you in discussing your vision for your new modular healthcare facility. While every state has certain permit requirements for modular buildings, we are here to help simplify the process. Our team will be in touch with certified engineers and your local government agencies to obtain the necessary permits to begin site construction.


    During the fabrication phase, we will build your new medical modular building in a climate-controlled setting. If you’ve decided to choose a refurbished building, we will help you select from our inventory of used modular buildings, finding one that fits your space needs perfectly.

    Transportation & Installation

    The last step is to transport your modular building to your site where it will be temporarily or permanently installed. Once your building is hooked up to all the necessary utilities, it will be ready for use.

    Modular Healthcare Buildings Costs


    At VESTA, we offer two leasing options:

    • Operational lease: With an operational lease, you can essentially rent the building for us as long as you need. When your lease ends, the building will return to our inventory. Operational leases can last for years at a time, although they are typically more affordable if they only last for five years or less.
    • Financed lease: Financed leases allow you to lease a building with the intention of owning. At VESTA, we work with financing partners who are specifically trained to finance leases for modular buildings.


    Purchasing often comes with a larger purchase price, but it may be more cost effective in the long run, depending on how long you intend to use your modular healthcare building. However, VESTA also offers long leases, financed leases, and indefinite leases, making purchasing simply one of many affordable options.

    Other Cost Factors

    Other factors affect cost, including:

    • Building size: A large hospital campus will inevitably cost more than a single wide medical office.
    • New or used: Used medical buildings tend to be a more affordable option than new, custom builds.
    • Permanent or temporary: Permanent medical buildings may be slightly more costly to build, but temporary medical buildings also come with an eventual removal cost, making the prices more comparable.
    • Customization: Part of the advantage of choosing modular construction for medical buildings is that they are endlessly customizable. However, that customization may come at a slightly higher price than a standard modular medical building.
    • Beyond the Box: Our Beyond the Box service offers convenience at an affordable price.

    Modular Buildings for All Medical & Healthcare Needs

    Send us a message today to begin the process of finding a modular medical building that suits your organizations' needs.

    Quick Facts

    Total number of healthcare projects completed by VESTA: 20

    Largest healthcare project by VESTA: 12,684 sq. ft for University Hospital Cleveland

    Quickest turnaround: 7 days for Healthnet Temperature Check Station

    Shortest lease: 12 months

    Types of organizations using VESTA Modular healthcare buildings: Dentists, oncologists, radiologists, medical administrative teams, veterans affairs staff

    What to Look for in Modular Healthcare Building Companies

    When selecting a modular building company for your next medical clinic or healthcare facility, consider their:

    Frequenty Asked Questions

    30 people can comfortably fit inside one single wide modular building. However, medical single wide buildings typically have lower capacity. Social distancing guidelines, private consultation rooms, and other considerations may limit the number of people who can fit in a single wide modular healthcare building.

    4 people can fit comfortably in the smallest building we offer for medical use. Let our team know how much capacity you need, and we can recommend the best size for your medical building.

    The cost of a modular medical building is dependent on the condition and size of the building. A new, custom, multi-story building will be more expensive than a refurbished single wide model. We are happy to provide you with a project estimate.

    Our modular healthcare buildings can include a variety of customizations, including handicap-accessible ramps and decks. In the design phase, we will discuss everything from layouts to interior and exterior finishes to turnkey furniture services.

    VESTA Modular offers modular buildings for lease and purchase. In the modular construction industry, renting and leasing mean the same thing.

    If you would like to purchase a modular building, we recommend constructing a custom building to fit your specific needs. New builds are also eligible for a financed lease to ease initial costs, in which you lease to one day own the building. 

    If you would like to lease a building, you can still build a new model, or you can choose from our thousands of used buildings in our inventory. 

    In general, we recommend leasing if you are going to be using your building for less than five years. Typically, it is more cost-effective to lease for short-term space needs and purchase for long-term ones. However, we offer leases for as long as needed, even offering indefinite leases for customers who may require it.

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