Remote Modular Building Transport & Delivery

Near and far, VESTA is dedicated to providing on-time modular deliveries to our customers. No matter how remote your location may be, we’ll find a way to get there. From workforce housing for island construction sites to modular medical buildings in rural areas, we handle it all. Purchase or lease a premium modular building from our inventory and trust VESTA for reliable modular delivery services.

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Popular Modular Buildings for Remote Sites

There are a variety of buildings available for delivery to remote sites, including:

  • Single wide office: Single wide offices are a great solution for temporary projects in remote locations.
  • Double wide office: Double wide offices are perfect for teams requiring a bit more space in their remote location office.
  • Office complex: If your team or workforce needs plenty of space, consider an entire office complex.
  • Shipping container office: Shipping containers make fantastic temporary storage spaces, offices, and meeting rooms in any industry.
  • Schools & classrooms: VESTA can deliver modular school buildings and modular classrooms to islands and rural towns.
  • Dorms & workforce housing: Provide your remotely located team with comfortable modular dorms and workforce housing units.
  • Medical buildings: We can deliver modular medical buildings to cities on islands and towns in rural areas.
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    Types of Modular Buildings for Remote Transport


    If you intend to use your modular building for more than five years, we recommend choosing a permanent option. 


    For remote job sites and projects that will only last a short period of time, opt for our portable temporary modular buildings to save time and money.


    Choosing a new modular building means you can customize it with the latest and greatest in technology, furniture, and more. 


    Select a pre-owned modular building for a more cost-effective building solution. Used buildings are quicker to deploy since they’re already constructed and ready to be delivered to your site.

    Remote Office Buildings

    It doesn’t matter where your business is located, VESTA will deliver the modular office you need. We look to meet and exceed your expectations with on-time delivery to any site.

    Modular Workforce Housing

    If your team is working in a remote location, chances are you also need quality workforce housing. Wherever the job takes you, VESTA will get a modular workforce housing unit to you as quickly as possible.

    Island Construction

    A little water won’t stop us from delivering a high-quality modular office building to your island location. At VESTA, we offer remote site delivery for all industries.

    Rural Construction

    Working on a rural construction project? For construction sites in rural towns, we provide the same great modular delivery service we provide in cities and suburbs. We’re committed to your satisfaction and ensuring you get the remote site office you need.

    Arctic Construction

    We don’t let cold or snow deter us from getting our customers their modular building. From hotels for workforce housing to construction site offices, we’ll make sure you receive your building on time.

    Get Fully Furnished Modular Buildings with Beyond the Box

    Who Needs Modular Building Transport & Delivery?

    There are many businesses throughout multiple industries that can benefit from modular delivery to remote sites:

    • Island development projects: Expanding your business in a tropical locale? Interested in building a new admin office or permanent workforce housing? Get the buildings you need to start your business fast with VESTA.
    • Rural schools: Schools in rural areas can use modular buildings during renovations to the main building or as additional space to meet enrollment needs.
    • Rural healthcare providers: Modular healthcare buildings can be delivered to any location, allowing for testing and treatment in remote locations.
    • Remote military bases: No matter where your base is located, VESTA will deliver your modular building on time.
    • Remote construction sites: With VESTA, construction teams on islands have access to high-quality modular buildings to be used as site offices.
    • Missionary churches: VESTA can provide churches and other modular gathering spaces, such as dining halls or housing, for missionaries on the field.


    Why Remote Modular Construction?

    There’s a range of benefits to using modular buildings in remote areas. These benefits include:

    Remote Site Modular Buildings vs. Traditional Construction

    Choosing modular construction over traditional construction comes with a few perks. Modular buildings are more eco-friendly, being built off-site in factories. With traditional construction, there’s always the possibility for debris to pollute the air and run off into nearby water sources. 

    Choosing a modular building means all you have to do is choose the type you’re looking for and it will be delivered right to your site, no matter where you are. With traditional construction, it would take much more time to have a building built on site. Modular buildings can be used for temporary projects, while traditionally built buildings are permanent.

    The Modular Building Process

    VESTA offers a convenient four-step process for providing modular buildings in remote locations like rural areas and islands:

    1. Project Inquiry

    We’re committed to ensuring our customers get the right modular building solution for their remote building needs. VESTA’s team is here to help you make those decisions.

    2. Design & Permitting

    With the help of VESTA’s team, you can design a new building or choose a perfect design from our inventory of used buildings. We’ll also take care of securing the necessary permits.

    3. Fabrication

    The modules are constructed off site in a climate-controlled factory, protected from the elements.

    4. Transportation & Installation

    Remote locations are fair game in modular building delivery with VESTA. We’ll transport the building to your site and handle the installation. The building is then ready for use by your team.

    Remote Site Modular Building Costs


    At VESTA, we offer an operational lease. With an operational lease, you can essentially rent the building for us as long as you need. When your lease ends, the building will return to our inventory. Operational leases can last for years at a time, although they are typically more affordable if they only last for five years or less.


    If you’re searching for the most cost-effective solution long term, purchasing a building is the best choice.

    Other Cost Factors

    There are a few other factors that can affect the cost of your modular building, such as:

    • Building size: Choosing a larger building will be more costly than our smaller or single wide options.
    • New or used: Selecting a new building will cost more than choosing from our inventory of pre-owned options.
    • Permanent or temporary: Permanent modular buildings cost more than temporary ones up front, but remember to consider the removal fee of temporary modular structures when doing a side-by-side cost comparison.
    • Customization: The level of customization you choose for your modular building can alter the price.
    • Beyond the Box: Our Beyond the Box service brings incredible value for companies who need furnished buildings in remote locations, but it will add to the cost of your modular building.


    Quality Modular Construction Near You

    Get a free quote on the modular building transport you need to get a job done right. VESTA offers premium modular delivery services to locations across the nation. Contact us for details on the buildings we currently have available or to learn more about leasing a modular office for your temporary job site needs.

    Quick Facts

    Total number of remote modular projects completed by VESTA: 10

    Largest remote modular project by VESTA: 400,000 square feet

    Quickest turnaround: 30 days

    Shortest lease: 12 months

    Types of organizations using VESTA Modular remote modular buildings: Energy companies, hospitality industry, military

    What to look for in Modular Building Transport & Delivery Companies

    Choosing a company for your modular building transportation needs is easy when you know what to look for. When searching for a team you can trust, look for details like:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    VESTA Modular offers both new and used modular buildings for lease and purchase. In the modular construction industry, renting and leasing mean the same thing.

    If you would like to purchase a modular building, we recommend constructing a custom building to fit your specific needs. If you would like to lease a building, you can still build a new model, or you can choose from our thousands of used buildings in our inventory. 

    In general, we recommend leasing if you are going to be using your building for less than five years. Typically, it is more cost-effective to lease for short-term space needs and purchase for long-term ones. However, we offer leases for as long as needed, even offering indefinite leases for customers who may require it.

    Modular buildings must meet all safety requirements that help them to withstand the elements. While devastating flooding, tornadoes, and other natural disasters might be an exception (just like with any building), modular buildings can withstand strong winds, rain, and snow.

    VESTA primarily delivers throughout North America, Central America, and South America, with most deliveries occurring in the U.S. or the Caribbean. Reach out today to see if we can deliver a modular building to your desired location.

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