New & Used Modular Buildings For Sale or Lease In Kansas City, Missouri

VESTA Modular has a large inventory of high-quality, cost-effective modular buildings to meet the needs of Missouri businesses.


Available Kansas City, Missouri

24' Doublewide Office Trailer
  • Double Wide
  • Office

Doublewide Modular Office

24' Modular Double Classroom Building
  • Classroom
  • Double Wide

Double Classroom

44 Bed Modular Dorm
  • Dorms/Workforce Housing
  • Double Wide

44 Bed Dorm


Modular Buildings for Various Industries in Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City is the largest city in the state of Missouri and its historic center; rich in culture, jazz music, and theater. With more than 146 federal agencies there, including the IRS, the Social Security Administration, two federal research labs, and car manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, transportation, and professional and technical services, VESTA Modular’s cost-effective, smarter, and greener way to build is perfect for Kansas City, Missouri. We have temporary or permanent modular buildings that can be completely customized to fit each project’s needs. Whether you’re looking to rent or purchase a modular construction unit, the seasoned design, transportation, and installation teams at VESTA Modular are ready to facilitate the next construction project for any of Kansas City’s leading businesses.

Kansas City, Missouri Inventory

Find multiple sizes and styles to suit your needs:

Whether you’re looking to create a new multi-story modular development or need a single temporary structure fast, VESTA Modular can help with permitting, planning, management, and construction.

Find Your Modular Building Solution In Kansas City, Missouri

Call our experts and get a quote today! Our industry professionals will help you find the right solution, no matter the distance. See the tables below for Missouri location details by zip code and city.

Kansas City Buildings By Zip Code

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Kansas City Buildings By City

Lincoln, NE Omaha, NE Wichita, KS Tulsa, OK Saint Louis, MO Oklahoma City, OK Memphis, TN Madison, WI