Modular Buildings for Lease or Sale in Pennsylvania

Need additional space for your school, church, or office? VESTA Modular specializes in the development and installation of long-lasting modular buildings.

Our extensive fleet consists of thousands of new and used modular buildings available for lease throughout Pennsylvania. With custom sizes and styles, our modular buildings offer solutions for every space-based need your company has, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.

Benjamin Franklin parkway leading to the Philadelphia skyline.

Available Pennsylvania Inventory

  • Dorms/Workforce Housing

Custom Dorms & Workforce Housing

  • Dorms/Workforce Housing
  • Multi Unit

30 Bed VIP Dorm

  • Dorms/Workforce Housing
  • Multi Unit

Standard Double Occupancy Dorm

44 Bed Modular Dorm
  • Dorms/Workforce Housing
  • Double Wide

44 Bed Dorm

5 Bed/5 Bath Modular Dorm
  • Dorms/Workforce Housing
  • Single Wide

5 Bed / 5 Bath


Pennsylvania Modular Buildings for Every Industry

Modular Classrooms

The number of students enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade in Pennsylvania has fluctuated over the last ten years. When enrollment increases and more classrooms are needed, modular classrooms can offer a temporary solution in case enrollment decreases again the following year. By choosing to lease modular classrooms, schools can save money by not having to commit to a permanent structure.

Modular School Buildings

The majority of Pennsylvania schools were built before the 1970s. While these historic buildings offer rich history, they are more susceptible to needing repairs. When big repairs are needed at a school building, modular schools can offer space for students to keep learning during the process. Modular schools can include classrooms, cafeterias, teachers’ offices, libraries, and more.

Modular Buildings Made for Pennsylvania

We’re proud to offer services to cities throughout the state of Pennsylvania, including:

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19019
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15106
  • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17025
  • Allentown, Pennsylvania 18001
  • Erie, Pennsylvania 16501
  • Reading, Pennsylvania 19601

The state of Pennsylvania experiences a range of weather conditions, including flooding, heat waves, and snow storms. VESTA’s modular buildings use heavy-duty materials that are built to withstand any weather. They always include AC and heating to keep occupants comfortable all year round.

Get More with Beyond the Box

Fully furnish your new or used Pennsylvania modular building with Beyond the Box, VESTA's premier service for turnkey furniture solutions.

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