Modular Buildings for Lease or Sale in Tennessee

Need additional space for your school, church, or office? VESTA Modular specializes in the development and installation of long-lasting modular buildings.

Our extensive fleet consists of hundreds of new and used modular buildings available for lease throughout Tennessee. With custom sizes and styles, our modular buildings offer solutions for every space-based need your company has, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.


Available Tennessee Inventory

Tennessee Modular Buildings for Every Industry

Modular Classrooms

Did you know that Tennessee school enrollment increased nearly 13% from 1993 to 2013? Student enrollment can change quickly in either direction, from steady statewide population growth increasing student numbers to COVID-19 causing drops in enrollment.

VESTA Modular offers portable classroom trailers to help solve temporary capacity problems. Whether you need one or two extra classrooms to accommodate higher levels of enrollment or need a temporary space solution due to a construction project, VESTA has you covered with classroom trailers available to lease or purchase.

Modular School Buildings

In 1996, the U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO) estimated that more than half of Tennessee schools had at least one unsatisfactory building feature. Two-thirds had at least one unsatisfactory environmental condition, such as lack of air conditioning or broken boilers.

Public schools, private schools, charter schools, special purpose schools, religious schools, and more in Tennessee need to have safe, clean, custom classrooms to meet and learn in. However, cost is an important factor. In 2013, Tennessee schools districts paid for building upgrades and replacements entirely from local funds. The state did not contribute at all, well below the 18% national average of state contributions for school capital construction.

VESTA Modular offers a wide array of customizable, refurbished, affordable multi-classroom configurations. We can even create an entire modular school complete with bathrooms and hallways. With flexible leasing and financing options, Tennessee schools can get the buildings they need at the right price.

Modular Buildings Made for Tennessee

We’re proud to offer services to cities throughout the state of Tennessee, including:

  • Nashville, Tennessee 37201
  • Knoxville, Tennessee 37901
  • Memphis, Tennessee 38103
  • Clarksville, Tennessee 37040
  • Franklin, Tennessee 37027
  • Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37127
  • Columbia, Tennessee 38401

VESTA Modular Branches in Tennessee

Check out our local branches in Tennessee:

Tennessee is uniquely situated to get almost every kind of weather event imaginable. Placed right in the middle of Tornado Alley, it gets the cold, snowy winters of the north as well as the severe thunderstorms and floods of the south. With climate change increasing the severity of weather events, Tennessee buildings have to be built to last.

Our modular buildings are equipped to withstand severe weather, just like traditional builds. Choose between steel, wood, and concrete frames for your modular building. Our permanent modular structures are built to last at least 50 years; many have lasted for generations.

Get More with Beyond the Box

Fully furnish your new or used Tennessee modular building with Beyond the Box, VESTA's premier service for turnkey furniture solutions.

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