Vermont Modular Buildings for Lease or Sale

Need additional space for your school, church, or office? VESTA Modular specializes in the development and installation of long-lasting modular buildings. With custom sizes and styles, our modular buildings offer solutions for every space-based need your company has, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.


Available Vermont Inventory

24' Doublewide Office Trailer
  • Double Wide
  • Office

Doublewide Modular Office

24' Modular Double Classroom Building
  • Classroom
  • Double Wide

Double Classroom

44 Bed Modular Dorm
  • Dorms/Workforce Housing
  • Double Wide

44 Bed Dorm


Vermont Modular Buildings for Every Industry

Modular Classrooms

Vermont is one of the top states for public education, making it a great destination for families who want their children to receive high-quality schooling. If your district is experiencing an influx of students, modular classrooms are a great way to expand the school to accommodate the growing student body. Modular construction also takes less time than standard construction, so fast expansion is possible.

Modular School Buildings

Schools across the state of Vermont are experiencing a teacher shortage, with lower-income areas being hit the hardest. While Vermont ranks well in quality of education and graduation rates, there is much to be concerned about if the availability of teachers continues to decline.

Providing school staff with a dedicated office or a teacher’s lounge will encourage employee retention. Most teachers are on provisional licenses. A great environment would encourage them to obtain a permanent license and position at the school. Modular buildings are an affordable way to expand school buildings and provide staff with more amenities.

Modular Buildings Made for Vermont

Modular Buildings Made for Vermont

We’re proud to offer services to cities throughout the state of Vermont, including:

  • Montpelier, Vermont 05633
  • Burlington, Vermont 05401

Vermont winters are brutal during East Coast snow storms, especially near the mountains. Our next-level insulation technology protects your modular building from cold and moisture. Stay toasty inside your office, church, or storefront while the weather rages outside.

Get More with Beyond the Box

Fully furnish your new or used Vermont modular building with Beyond the Box, VESTA's premier service for turnkey furniture solutions.

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