Modular Medical Buildings for Sale or Lease

Modular medical buildings have continued to grow in popularity in recent years. VESTA is the premier supplier for modular medical and healthcare buildings to suit every client’s needs. We offer modular medical offices for healthcare professionals throughout the industry, including custom medical buildings.

At VESTA, we recognize the importance of genuine comfort and privacy within a medical space. Our modular healthcare buildings are all constructed with these factors in mind. From community clinics and urgent care centers to doctor’s offices and other industry professional environments, we’ll ensure every practice has access to the space they need for proper care of patients.


Available Medical Buildings

  • Medical Building

Clinic Building

  • Medical Building

Imaging Building


Types of Modular Healthcare Buildings

Each of our specialty and custom medical buildings falls into two of the four following categories:

Modular clinics are available on both a temporary and a permanent basis. VESTA is committed to making sure your clinic has the required space to go above and beyond for your patients. We carry an array of sizes and layouts to customize your building into the perfect space. Save time and money while gaining more flexibility than ever before.

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We offer portable imaging buildings for dozens of healthcare facilities across the nation. From start to finish, we’ll guide you through the process while keeping your patients’ best interest at the forefront of our mission. If you need a temporary or permanent space for your MRI machines and other imaging equipment, VESTA can help.

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If you need a new space to take your medical practice to the next level, consider VESTA’s custom modular medical buildings. We’ll implement up-to-date technology that allows you to best serve your patients with optimal care. Our custom medical buildings take into consideration comfort, privacy, and the unique nuances of the medical industry. We’ll customize your space to meet the needs and goals you bring to us.

Popular Products

  • Dental buildings: Often, dentists come to us in need of additional space for testing, staff breaks, and even equipment storage. If you’re looking for a permanent solution, we can customize your entire practice with a custom dental office.
  • Vets: Veterinarians are another client that comes to us for both temporary and permanent medical buildings. From operation rooms to entire veterinary clinics, VESTA does it all.
  • Pharmacies: Find a temporary or permanent solution to your pharmacy needs. VESTA has options available to meet any size requirements.

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Get Fully Furnished Medical Buildings with Beyond the Box

Why Use Modular Healthcare Facilities?

When it comes to considering modular construction over traditional, stick-built construction, it is a no-brainer—modular is better. With modular construction, you can look forward to:

Our Process

VESTA’s four-step process makes your modular healthcare journey simple:

Project Inquiry

The team at VESTA brings modular expertise to the table when helping our clients determine which product will best fit their needs. We’ll help you select a style, layout, and size based on your current and future goals. Depending on whether the structure will be temporary or permanent, new or used, we’ll move forward with a design that makes the most sense. Get started today with an inquiry.

Design & Permitting

If you’re going with a new building for your modular medical office, VESTA’s team will create the perfect design to fulfill your needs. Looking for a more cost-effective option? No problem. We can help you choose the right design in our used modular building inventory. After drafting the design, we’ll begin discussing materials, foundation, and permits.

Both new and used modular buildings require permits. VESTA will help you secure any necessary permits before moving forward with the site of the building placement or foundation creation.


We build your modular project offsite in a climate-controlled environment. Using the plans we’ve agreed upon, we’ll handle each part of the structure. Each door, pipe, and stroke of paint will be handled with care and precision before the building ever leaves our warehouse. This process keeps everything on time and protected from the elements.

Transportation & Installation

The last step is transportation and installation. Our warehouse team will load up the building and transport it to your selected site. Our delivery team takes great caution with your project. It will be placed upon the foundation via crane before utilities are turned on. Now, you can enter and enjoy your new medical space.

Modular Medical Building Costs


VESTA’s options for leasing include short-term, long-term, lease to purchase, and financed lease. A short-term lease lasts anywhere from a few months to a couple of years. Long-term leases generally last between two and five years. For buildings needed for more than five years, it is usually recommended to opt for purchasing. Finally, we offer financed leases in which you lease to own your building. This cuts back on initial investment costs.


Purchasing a modular facility may be a more cost-effective solution. For permanent options being used for more than five years, VESTA recommends purchasing.

Other Cost Factors

Other factors that affect costs include:

  • Building size: More complex buildings will cost more than smaller options. It’s important to choose the best size option now to save money long-term. Don’t cut yourself short now if you might need even more space in the future.
  • New or used: New modular buildings are more expensive than our used or refurbished models. Consider buying a pre-owned option if you’re on a limited budget.
  • Permanent or temporary: It’s slightly more costly to build a long-lasting, permanent structure than a temporary one. However, once you factor in the eventual removal cost of a temporary modular building, the prices essentially even out.
  • Customization: Depending on how much customization your modular medical facility requires, the price tag can go a bit higher. If you want to be involved in the design process by choosing the best layout, technology, and style, modular construction still costs less than traditional construction.
  • Beyond the Box: VESTA’s Beyond the Box furnishing solutions are ideal for anyone looking for start-to-finish assistance. We’ll install everything from equipment, and water stations to furniture including desks for staff, chairs for waiting areas, and even beds for exam rooms.

Find Quality Modular Medical Buildings

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Frequenty Asked Questions

VESTA Modular offers modular buildings for lease and purchase. In the modular construction industry, renting and leasing mean the same thing.

If you would like to purchase a modular building, we recommend constructing a custom building to fit your specific needs. New builds are also eligible for a financed lease to ease initial costs, in which you lease to one day own the building. 

If you would like to lease a building, you can still build a new model, or you can choose from our thousands of used buildings in our inventory. 

In general, we recommend leasing if you are going to be using your building for less than five years. Typically, it is more cost-effective to lease for short-term space needs and purchase for long-term ones. However, we offer leases for as long as needed, even offering indefinite leases for customers who may require it.

The options are endless when it comes to the types of medical buildings that can be created with modular construction, including: 

  • Urgent care centers
  • Community clinics
  • Testing sites
  • Imaging centers
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Hospital add-ons
  • Veterinarian offices
  • Pharmacies
  • On-site health clinics
  • Custom medical buildings

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