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VESTA is the premier supplier of modular medical clinics, exam rooms, and doctor’s offices. We have provided countless medical facilities with the necessary spaces that they required to serve their patients. As such, we are familiar with what it takes to create a suitable space for healthcare providers.

Regardless of what type of building or addition that you are looking for, VESTA can help you create it and have it up and running much more quickly than traditional construction.

prefabricated modular health clinics

Available Modular Medical Buildings

  • Medical Building

Clinic Building

  • Medical Building

Imaging Building


Types of Modular Medical Facilities

Permanent modular medical clinics are a perfect complement to any existing medical structure. Our permanent modular buildings are built to last and can be designed to match existing exteriors.

Modular Clinics

Is your community in need of an urgent care facility? Perhaps you’re interested in setting up a free clinic. Maybe you need a temporary clinic to handle an influx of COVID-19 cases, or you’re starting to build a federally funded rural health clinic for your community. Whatever your desire, VESTA can help you build a modular clinic that suits any medical purpose.

Modular Medical Office Buildings

A large part of the healthcare industry is administrative. From billing to scheduling to other operational tasks, doctors need offices as much as they need exam rooms, labs, and other medical spaces. VESTA’s modular medical office buildings are the perfect solution for the administrative side of providing healthcare.

Modular Exam Rooms

Every medical building needs a safe, clean space in which to see patients. Our modular exam rooms are the perfect spot for annual checkups and more. We can even outfit our exam rooms to handle specialty medical equipment, ensuring you have everything you need to provide quality care for your patients.

Get Fully Furnished Medical Facilities with Beyond the Box

Why Prefabricated Medical Clinics?

Prefabricated buildings work well for medical infrastructure because they provide significant benefits that not only assist medical staff in their day-to-day activities but also provide the patient with a higher-quality experience:

Factory construction means that buildings can be constructed quickly and delivered when they are completed instead of waiting on permits and other vendors at a construction site.

Our Process

Project Inquiry

The first step in our process is to meet with you to determine what medical building will best suit your facility. We will help guide you through our preowned options and talk to you about the possibility of constructing a new modular building. If you do decide to select a new building, we will discuss with you what customizations would enhance your building and provide you with what you need.

Design & Permitting

The next step is to design your medical building. We can design a brand new building that will then be fabricated offsite at our factory,or we can explore the possibility of adapting an existing modular medical clinic for your needs. We will also ensure that all necessary permits are secured prior to construction so that you have everything you need in place.


VESTA then constructs your modular health clinic offsite in our factory. This allows us to maintain the highest quality both in process and materials. It also expedites the process to help you receive your finished building sooner.

Transportation & Installation

Once the building is completed, we then transport it to your site for installation. As soon as it is installed, it is ready for you to use. We can also furnish your modular building so that it is completely ready to function as a working medical office as soon as we are done.

Cost of Prefab Medical Buildings


Leasing your medical building will likely be the most economical option for you. At VESTA, we can offer you short-term leasing options for temporary clinics, long-term leasing, or even indefinite leasing in the case of renovations or new construction projects. Our options allow you to pay for your building only as long as you need it.


Depending on the length of your use for the building, it may be more cost-effective to purchase it. This is traditionally only the case for customers that intend to make their buildings a permanent fixture or that intend to use their buildings for five years or longer.

Other Cost Factors

Other factors to consider include:

  • Building size: The size of the building that you select is going to impact how much you pay. Typically, the larger the building, the more it will cost.
  • New or used: New and preowned buildings each have their own benefits. In particular, used buildings are usually less expensive than new buildings.
  • Permanent or temporary: If you intend to purchase your building for a permanent installation, you will likely incur a higher cost. Temporary buildings can be leased and paid for as needed, but you will also have to factor in a removal fee.
  • Customization: Custom modular medical buildings are going to incur more costs depending on the number and type of customizations. 
  • Beyond the Box: If you are interested in receiving a fully furnished building, you can do so using our Beyond the Box program. These furnishings will increase the total cost of your modular building.

Find Prefabricated Modular Health Clinics Near You

When you are constructing a health clinic, quality is of the highest importance. The quality of materials used as well as the quality of construction, will reflect to patients the effort that you put into your care. That is why VESTA Modular is committed to providing our clients with an array of options to find the one that will best suit them. Contact us today for a free quote for your modular health clinic.

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