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Modular lab buildings have a variety of benefits for building owners who are limited on space, time, or budget. These buildings can serve temporary or permanent purposes and house medical equipment just as well as traditionally constructed buildings.

VESTA is the premier supplier for modular lab buildings. We offer custom modular lab buildings to serve our customers regardless of their needs. Whether you require a new building or you would like to purchase a preowned building, we have the solution for you.

modular lab buildings

Available Healthcare Imaging Buildings

  • Medical Building

Clinic Building

  • Medical Building

Imaging Building


Types of Healthcare Imaging Buildings

Permanent modular healthcare imaging buildings are built to last, just like more traditionally constructed buildings. You can add a healthcare imaging building or modular lab to an existing healthcare facility and match the exterior so it appears as a cohesive medical campus.

Modular MRI Building

Given the importance of MRI imaging in patient healthcare, it is important that the buildings that house them are not afterthoughts. That is why VESTA works with our customers to design a modular building that will appear seamless and intentional. 

Modular imaging buildings include a scan room, control room, and equipment room, including all of the necessary shieldings for the MRI magnet. Modular MRI buildings are a more permanent alternative to mobile imaging trailers, helping hospitals save money over time.

Modular CT Scanner Facility

Modular buildings can readily house CT scanners. VESTA can adapt the design of your building to handle the size and voltage of a CT scanner while still comfortably fitting your patients and matching your existing architecture.

Specialty Medical Modular Building

Because our modular buildings can house multiple rooms and can be adapted to handle an array of equipment, it can easily be used as a specialty medical building. We can design a new modular lab or customize any one of our used buildings to serve your needs.

Get Fully Furnished Modular Labs with Beyond the Box

Why Modular Lab Buildings?

Modular lab buildings have a number of benefits that traditionally constructed buildings cannot offer. These benefits include: 

Our modular buildings are built offsite in our factory, which allows us to begin construction without any delays associated with a construction site. 

Our Process

Project Inquiry

Our first step will be to discuss with you what it is that you are envisioning and what your needs are. With this, we can make suggestions about what type of building will best suit you, whether that is a preowned building or a newly-built, custom building.

Design & Permitting

VESTA’s team can design a new modular lab building based on your specifications, or we can help you choose the right design for a used building. We will also help you secure the necessary permits so that nothing is delayed.


Once the design is finalized and permits are secured, we can then begin constructing the building offsite at our factory. Offsite construction allows us to maintain the highest quality and speed up timelines so that you can receive your completed building sooner.

Transportation & Installation

After construction is completed, we can then transport your building to your location.

Modular Laboratory Costs


VESTA provides several leasing options for the ultimate flexibility for our customers. We can offer you long-term leasing options for those that are looking to use their buildings for a set period of time. For those customers who require their buildings for a longer or more unpredictable period of time, we also offer leasing options with an indefinite timeline. 


There are certain instances when purchasing your modular building may be more cost-effective. Typically, this is only the case when you intend to use your building for more than five years. If you would like to add a permanent wing to an existing building, for example, it may make more sense to purchase instead of lease.

Other Cost Factors

There are several other factors that may affect the cost of your modular building, such as:

  • Building size: If you select a larger building size for bigger equipment, you may incur a higher cost. 
  • New or used: While new buildings may allow you more precise customization, they are typically going to be more costly than preowned buildings.
  • Permanent or temporary: Permanent buildings have a larger upfront cost than temporary buildings, but they can be cost-effective if you intend on having your building for five years or longer.
  • Customization: If you would like to customize your modular laboratory, you will have to account for an added cost depending on the customization.
  • Beyond the Box: VESTA Modular can provide custom furnishings for your modular building, but this will raise the total cost of your building.


Lease Modular MRI Buildings & More with VESTA

Leasing a modular MRI building can be a perfect solution for institutions that need a temporary space while another, more permanent building is being built or renovated. With VESTA Modular, you can get the exact building that you need down to the finishing details. Contact VESTA today to get your free quote.

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