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There are a number of features that a medical building must have for doctors and staff to be able to care for their patients properly. You may think you have to sacrifice these features when you choose a modular medical building, but this is not the case at all. At VESTA Modular, we can create custom modular medical buildings for any purpose.

VESTA is the premier supplier for custom modular medical buildings. With our experience and expertise, we can work with you to craft the perfect custom modular building or select a preowned building to adapt to your needs.

custom modular medical buildings

Available Custom Modular Medical Buildings

  • Dorms/Workforce Housing

Custom Dorms & Workforce Housing

  • Classroom


  • Specialty Building

Locker Room

  • Specialty Building

Dining Hall

  • Specialty Building

Pro Shop

  • Medical Building

Clinic Building

  • Medical Building

Imaging Building

On Ground Office units in Houston
  • Office
  • Shipping Container

Shipping Containers & On-Ground Offices

8' Singlewide Office Trailer
  • Single Wide
  • Office

8′ Singlewide Office

10' Singlewide Office Trailer
  • Single Wide
  • Office

10′ Singlewide Office

12' Singlewide Office Trailer
  • Single Wide
  • Office

12′ Singlewide Office

14' Singlewide Office Trailer
  • Single Wide
  • Office

14′ Singlewide Office


Types of Custom Modular Medical Buildings

Permanent custom modular medical buildings can be used to add new departments to existing hospitals or to offer new services at existing clinics. These modular buildings can be crafted to match the architecture of the building to which they will be added, and they are constructed offsite to prevent the interruption of regular services.

Custom Modular Clinic Buildings

Modular medical buildings can be customized to suit clinics from a range of specialties. Whether you own a veterinary clinic or a dental clinic, we can create the custom building that’s best for you.

Custom Modular Medical Office Buildings

At VESTA Modular, we can create all sorts of medical offices. From offices for nursing homes to veteran’s affairs offices, we can make sure that your custom building has all the features you need to suit your patients.

Custom Modular Hospital Buildings

Our modular medical buildings can also be customized to create entire hospitals, add a new wing, or serve as overflow in the event of a medical emergency. That is the benefit of the versatility of our buildings.

Custom Modular Disaster Relief Buildings

When disaster strikes, the last thing that you want is to be unprepared or lacking the resources to treat your patients. With our custom modular medical buildings, we can customize your space to address patients during or after a disaster. 

Get Fully Furnished Custom Modular Medical Buildings with Beyond the Box

Why Custom Modular Medical Buildings?

There are many benefits to selecting a custom modular medical building:

Modular buildings can be constructed much more quickly than traditionally constructed buildings because they are constructed offsite in a factory. This means that there are no construction site and permitting delays, and the moment that your building is delivered, it is ready to be used. For the healthcare industry, this means that you keep serving your patients without interruptions.

Our Process

VESTA’s four-step process ensures the highest quality results every time. We take our time and rely on transparency throughout the process so that our customers are satisfied with their modular medical buildings.

Project Inquiry

Our first step is to determine what custom modular medical building would be best for you. We will work with you to see what customizations would suit your requirements and ensure that we know what the ultimate purpose of your building will be so that we can construct it with that use in mind.

Design & Permitting

Once we have determined what it is that you need from your custom modular building, we will then begin the designing process. This may mean that we design an entirely new building, or we may suggest a used building that can be adapted to meet your needs. We will also make sure that we secure all necessary permits.


After the design is decided upon, we then begin the construction process. This part of our process takes place offsite at our factory where we construct each of our modular buildings in our controlled environment to ensure consistency and quality.

Transportation & Installation

When construction is completed and your building is ready, we will transport your custom modular medical building to your location and install it right away. This will allow you to use it the moment that it is installed without delay.

Custom Modular Medical Buildings Costs


Like our buildings, leasing options at VESTA are completely customizable. Whether you are leasing for a short-term project such as for a disaster relief building or you are looking for something more long-term such as for a temporary building during a renovation, VESTA can accommodate you. We even offer indefinite leasing options in the event that you unsure how long you would need your building. 


Purchasing can be the right choice if you intend to use your building for five years or more. In those cases, you may find that it will cost you less in the long run to purchase your building outright. 

Other Cost Factors

Other factors will also impact the final cost of your modular medical building, so make sure to keep these in mind:

  • Building size: Larger buildings may provide you with more space for your patients, but they are going to incur a bigger cost than smaller buildings.
  • New or used: Used buildings can be more cost effective than new buildings, because they do not need to be constructed from scratch and can be customized as needed.
  • Permanent or temporary: Permanent buildings are going to be more expensive upfront than temporary buildings, but temporary buildings may have a removal fee when you are finished using them.
  • Beyond the Box: Our Beyond the Box program allows you to get your custom building furnished without any additional work on your part. This service will tack on an additional fee to your total cost.


Get High-Quality, Affordable Medical Buildings

VESTA Modular prides itself on innovation, quality, versatility, and sustainability. That is why we offer a variety of purchasing and leasing options for custom new or preowned buildings. If you are interested in learning more about what we can do for you, contact us today and get your free quote.

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